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Outdoor LED Screen Supplier in China

NSE is a reliable outdoor LED screen manufacturer in China. These reliable screens are perfect in outdoor media, staging, rental, and commercial applications.

  • Custom screen sizes and thicknesses
  • Energy-saving construction
  • Synchorous and Asychorous controlled
  • High brightness, perfect performance

NSE Outdoor LED Screen

NSE outdoor LED screens can provide more than just static traditional advertising, it can also provide a wealth of effective information. As an experienced manufacturer, we can customise the form and size of LED screens. Bespoke outdoor LED screens are available in slim and large sizes. We can customise the shape of your LED screen to suit your expectations, including pillar screens, spherical irregularities, and circular screens.

Here at NSE you can find these outdoor LED screens, all of which have passed FCC, CE, RoHS and other standards. They are more effective than traditional print media such as static boards, newspapers, magazines, etc.
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NSE Outdoor LED Screen Series

Super Thin LED Facade Screen

Thin outdoor LED screen provide stunning brightness, full color, double colors, or single color pixel style. It also has a secured cabinet made of aluminum/titanium iron.

Column Screen

3D outdoor LED screen guarantee a versatile and cost-effective outdoor solution. It can be customized based on the site and your requirements. We can customize the video, text, and other info playbacks.

Transparent Indoor LED Screen

Transparent outdoor LED screen is installed indoors with outdoor viewing. Mostly applied in hotels, banks, retail, and so on. Offer ultra-transparency, thin and light, and energy-saving.

Rental Outdoor LED Screen

Rental outdoor LED screens offer excellent mobility, easily connected and installed. It is designed to withstand bad weather conditions. High-brightness, energy-saving, and high refresh rate.

P16 DIP Full Color LED Display

DIP outdoor LED screen accessible in 10mm, 13.33, 16mm, and 20mm pixel pitches. Low power consumption, high-strength, and stable solution for outdoor led displays.

DIP Front access LED Facade Screen

Front service outdoor LED Screen with front maintenance, available in P3.9, P4, P4.8, P5.33, P6, P8, and P10. Excellent performance widely applied in outdoor exhibitions, retail, hotel, enterprises, etc.

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Outdoor LED Screen Benefits

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

We offer easy-to-install outdoor LED screens. We shipped them to you provided with complete, easy-to-follow installation guides.

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

NSE manufactures energy-saving yet inexpensive LED display units, including outdoor LED screens. 100% excellent quality.


Our outdoor LED screen offers great clarity at a long distance. They are available in slim, small, big, or thick screen constructions.

High Resistance
High Resistance

We assure you all custom LED screens here have high resistance against damaging sunrays, rain, and scratches during installation.

Choose the Right Outdoor LED Screens for You

If you need outdoor LED screen, asking yourself these questions helps you decide the most appropriate screens for you.

  • Where am I going to install it?
  • What is its use in my business?
  • What is my target viewing distance?

Your answers to these questions will help you finalize your picking decision. It also saves you from overspending on useless screens, which can’t benefit your purpose.

Block 1-The Right Outdoor LED Screens for You
Learn More About NSE Outdoor LED Screen Production

Assembling Process

Trying to assemble an outdoor screen requires some special considerations. On the one side, if the digital billboard will be installed outside, you may need a permit from the local authority. If it is to be installed in a common space, you may need all owners’ consent forms. Lastly, if the billboard will only be located on your property, no need for a permit. However, it is always a good idea to check state ordinances.

These screens are also simple to install. You will just need to use appropriate gear and a handyman to make the installation process go as smoothly as possible. You won’t need any foreknowledge or special skills because the assembly process is detailed in the manual.

How to Control Outdoor LED Screen?

Since installed outdoors – particularly in high places or hard-to-reach areas, controlling them from afar is necessary. This is controlled through the use of a wireless network.

Our outdoor LED screens are managed by unique and user-friendly software, which can be programmed in a variety of functions (e.g. on/off time settings, controlling contrasts and brightness, etc).

You will be able to transfer contents wirelessly. Everything’s remotely submitted, arranged, and demonstrated. The monitor is also programmable to visualize certain ads or contents at set times.

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Why Choose NSE Outdoor LED Screen

Why Choose NSE Outdoor LED Screen1
Why Choose NSE Outdoor LED Screen

As a leading visual display supplier, NSE provides complete series of outdoor LED screens. We have the people, future technologies, and knowledge to create, manage, and generate every aspect of LED display projects. We bring world-class installations and service, and we live by the value we place on our partnering.

We are consisting of a skilled R&D team and major core members with over 15 years of experience in the design process and development. We also have independent product testing, such as corrosion test, waterproof test, UV-proofing test, and more reliability testing.

With NSE, you are sure to get the best, great quality outdoor LED screens!

NSE Outdoor LED Screen


NSE provides outdoor LED screen with weather-resistant and long lifespan features. These screens are made with windproof, dust-free, and waterproof properties.

Higher IP rate LED screens to ensure protection against critical weather conditions. IP rate must be at least IP65 or higher than that. The higher the IP rate, the higher its resistance level.

In addition, the lifespan of these customised screens ranges from 80,000 hours to 120,000 hours (approximately 9-13 years). Its lifespan depends on the state of use of the screen, which means that the better they are protected the longer they will last.

NSE Custom Services

LED screens are widely used in outdoor shopping malls, public institutions, corporations & businesses, and more.

These custom screens can be beneficial to almost any industry. Engagement is essential for attracting new customers, especially in an excessively loud and crowded environment. And our outdoor LED screen is an excellent way to get your company’s name into the customers’ minds.

If you work in advertising, a massive outdoor LED screen is a must-have. Any establishment or business with an unoccupied façade/wall can insert LED screens, and transform the area into the best way to market your brands, services, your products.

Custom LED Screen to Meet Your Needs

Alphabet Screen

Fine pixel pitch outdoor LED screen is available in hanging and stacking installation methods. NSE outdoor fine pixel pitch availability: P1.2mm, P1.5mm, P1.8mm, and P2mm. It offers:

  • ultra-high display and resolution
  • guaranteed playback effect
  • high color reproduction and HDR technology, etc.
P2.5 Thin LED Screen

P2.5 Outdoor LED Screen is ideal for outdoor fixed installation. Guaranteed to provide high resolution images and long lasting use.

  • IP65 standards weatherproof features
  • Provide a wide viewing angle
  • Custom to various size and aspect ratios
Outdoor LED Poster

P3 Outdoor LED Screen yields higher quality images, consumes lesser power, and has a long life expectancy.

  • Certified to CE, RoHS, FCC
  • Waterproof features
  • Color uniformity and high brightness
DIP Front access LED Facade Screen

P4 Outdoor LED Screen is a durable screen with a pixel pitch of 4.0mm. Ideal for various applications including traffic management and digital billboard. Offer excellent features:

  • Flexible sizes can be customized
  • Quick maintenance, easy to install
  • Support different media playback formats
Outdoor P5 Fixed Installation LED Display Panel

P5 Outdoor LED Screens are cost-effective, reliable, offer optimal viewing, lifetime color unity, weatherproof and more. It can help your business:

  • achieve the highest profitability
  • effective advertise or display customer’s product
  • efficient and stable return on investment.
P10 DIP Full Color LED Display

P10 Outdoor LED screen withstands outdoor weather conditions. Can install in airports, tourist attractions, advertising agencies, shopping malls, etc. Effectively display multimedia types, videos, pictures, and text. It is used to:

  • display useful information
  • illuminate walkways
  • reflect sensor information on air quality, etc.
LED Backdrop Screen Manufacturer in China – NSE
Leading Outdoor LED Screen Manufacturer

NSE provides a 2-year warranty, OEM and ODM services, stringent quality control monitoring, installation guidance, and outstanding services. Please allow us serve your next outdoor LED screen requirements!

  • “I was impressed with NSE outdoor LED screen customization services.” The LED screens are exactly the right size and shape for me.  It is also appropriate for the installation site.”

  • “I’d like to thank NSE for the superb customized LED screens. You assisted me in selecting the best display solutions for my outdoor purpose.”

  • “NSE is would have been my first choice for my custom-shaped LED screen needs.” They never let me down when it came to providing me with high-quality outdoor LED screens for my project.”

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