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With the diversity of advertising led displays coming out, it’s a struggle for the end-users to choose the most suitable led display for their project. Outdoor LED Poster Display is a simple device to make your advertising eye-catching, it’s widely installed in chain stores, shopping centers, hotels, event management, trade fairs, etc. Portable & moveable design makes it easy to place, which would be an ideal choice.

What is LED Poster Display?

LED posters are urban devices for displaying information outdoors and indoors. There is more flexibility in ad campaigns based on displaying videos and dynamic content compared to the traditional outdoor advertising media player.

To help you get the best out of your equipment, NSELED has created an outdoor poster display to showcase high-definition video and image advertising. It has a built-in control system you just only through the power cable and network cable, plug and play, no need for other controllers to constantly change contents like traditional paper formats. You’ll be able to replace your content with a fresh new one in just a few clicks with our simple software system.

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What are the features of NSE Outdoor LED Poster?

In many areas, installing a fixed LED display is not possible. However, setting up an outdoor LED poster is much easier and more practical. Some of the features of an outdoor LED poster screen are followed:

1.Portable & movable design for different applications

NSE LED poster is designed to be portable, ultra-thin & lightweight design, wheel base makes it unnecessary to build a truss when in use, much labor and time-saving, perfect for event applications. The LED poster supports multiple splicing, allowing 2-18 units to be joined together to make one large video wall to display any video, with flexible sizes to meet the requirements of different events.

2.High brightness & high definition for excellent visual effects

The LED module consists of an outdoor high-brightness LED lamp that can reach 5500nits, 5 times more than conventional roll-up LED displays. With a high refresh rate of up to 1920Hz (3840Hz), the image or video on the screen is clearly visible no matter it’s a sunny day or a cloudy day. LED poster hardly requires software commissioning, it’s essentially a plug-and-play device. you can upload programs via WIFI, USB, Lan cable, or HDMI, it is very user-friendly.

3.Waterproof & dustproof

As an LED poster for outdoor advertising, waterproofing is a key point for most customers. NSE as a professional manufacturer of led displays, already working in this industry for over 7 years, all outdoor posters have got an IP65 waterproof rating.

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What are the applications for outdoor LED posters?

LED screens that are placed outdoors are indispensable tools for large-scale advertising in high-traffic environments, especially in shopping malls, retail shops, events, trade shows, etc. They can be used to enhance brand identity, broadcast promotional advertising and sales, or advertise in-store.

LED posters are generally used for small and medium-sized ceremonial events. It’s a good option for planners who don’t know how to operate the software and do not want to set up complicated trusses at the ceremony site. The LED Poster has its own control system, plug & play, simple to operate, and easy to use. Sometimes LED posters can also be used as signage and sponsor advertisements at large ceremonies.

The LED display is an essential element in large conferences. It can help the audience sitting in the back row to better listen to the content of the meeting. Also can be used to show videos and achieve broadcast, which will bring more vivid elements to the meeting itself and increase the engagement of the participants.

3.Event Management
Creating a dynamic event is not easy, although you have a great vision most importantly, you need to find the right tools to achieve it. There are many different types of digital LED posters and the excellent nature of them ensures that they can be adapted to different venue designs to make your fantasy a reality.

These are some basic information about the NSE outdoor LED posters, for further information, please leave your contact details below, our sales will contact you shortly and provide you with the best solution.

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