Outdoor Large LED Screen for advertising

Product: Outdoor LED Display
Application: Outdoor large buildings

Now there are led screens everywhere in every city because more and more businesses realize that in order to better promote their products, traditional marketing methods alone are not enough for their own brands. Outdoor-led screen is a subtle marketing method, which can improve its popularity and achieve advertising effect by continuously appearing in people’s field of vision. This is a long-term effective and low-cost marketing method.

Outdoor Large LED Screen for advertising (2)
Outdoor LED screens are a popular technology for digital outdoor advertising and allow for dynamic and engaging ads with bright, high-contrast images and video. And because the waterproof performance of the Outdoor led screen is extremely strong, the resistant construction like a solid or perforated metal cabinet allows outdoor LED screens to withstand rain, snow, heat, and direct sunlight. They are brighter than LCD screens which makes them visible in daylight.

Outdoor Large LED Screen for advertising (1)
In order to better meet the various needs of customers for outdoor LED displays, NSE has launched a new outdoor OTV series. This series of Outdoor led screens, whether in terms of product appearance, performance, brightness, or customer installation and maintenance, etc. They have all been greatly improved. Of course, some customers may worry about the price of such products. The size and cost of outdoor LED displays vary greatly. Larger screens are more expensive, but at the same time, they can provide advertisers with greater visibility and influence. Production costs also depend on factors such as resolution and cabinet construction. If you want to buy an Outdoor led Screen for outdoor advertising, please contact us to customize a plan that meets your budget.

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