What is the taxi LED display?


A taxi screen is a kind of display screen installed on the car roof, which is often installed on the roof of taxis to help taxi companies get advertising revenue. In recent years, with the popularity of outdoor advertising, taxi LED displays can be seen everywhere, and many companies’ cars will be equipped with taxi screens to promote their company’s products and services. As the leader in taxi LED displays, NSE has developed a taxi display with stable performance. The product adopts high brightness and low power consumption to achieve the best display effect. It has become one of the most popular low-cost and high-efficiency outdoor LED displays. At present, our products have been sold to more than 50 countries overseas and have cooperated with many taxi companies.

What are the features of a taxi-led display?


  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light design: Our regular taxi LED display has a bottom thickness of 16.4cm and a top thickness of 9.9cm, and the weight is as low as 11kg. This ultra-light and ultra-thin design will not only make the appearance of the taxi screen more beautiful. At the same time, it will greatly reduce transportation costs and make it more convenient for customers to use and install. In addition, this year NSE developed a new P2.5 ultra-thin taxi screen, which is thinner, lighter, and more beautiful on the basis of the original.
  • Easy maintenance: NSE taxi screens will be tested many times before shipment, such as waterproof tests, aging tests, etc. Ensuring the best performance in all aspects of the product before shipment greatly reduces the possibility of customer maintenance. In case your product needs maintenance, its operation is also very simple and does not require specialized technicians to operate. NSE will provide maintenance videos for guidance.
  • Low power consumption: The average power consumption of the taxi LED display is only 120W, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and will not bring load pressure to the car’s onboard battery.
  • Multiple control and installation methods: NSE taxi screen can be controlled by Wifi, 4G, and GPS. You can control the play content at any time from your phone. In addition, the installation of the taxi screen is very simple, which will be described in detail below.
  • High brightness: The brightness of the taxi screen is 5500nits so that your display content can be clearly seen by pedestrians within 0-30m. At the same time, the 5500nits brightness will not greatly affect the visibility of the displayed content, whether on rainy days or in direct sunlight.
How to install a taxi led display?


The installation of the taxi LED display is very simple. The first step you should equip your car with a frame for installing the taxi LED display, if you need us to equip it for you, you can tell us when you place an order. The next step is to install the taxi led display on the frame. The taxi screen has two cables in total. The first wire is the switch cable, which is directly connected to the cab door from the roof so that you can control the switch of the taxi screen. The second cable is the power cable, which goes through the positive and negative ends of the onboard battery inside the hood of the car. This completes the installation of the taxi screen. NSE has a special installation video to guide you operate it.

Who are the main user groups of taxi screens?
  • Taxi services company-The main purpose of the appearance of taxi-led screen is to increase advertising revenue for some taxi companies. Taxi companies can increase their revenue by receiving outdoor advertising.
  •  Travel companies – The application of taxi screens in travel companies generally has two purposes. The first is to show their company services to attract more customers. The second is to play your own logo so that tourists can easily find the company’s car when picking up people at the airport.
  •  Enterprises – Now many enterprises have installed taxi screens on their cars to promote their company’s services and products. This low-cost long-term publicity method is also favored by more and more enterprises.
    4. Drivers – Now some individual drivers are also starting to pick up some advertisements through the taxi screen to increase their income.
What are the advantages of taxi LED screen advertising?
  • High mobility and high coverage
    The high liquidity of taxi advertising is its greatest advantage and one of the main reasons why customers buy it. Taxis are super mobile so the advertisements it displays can be spread all over the city’s streets and alleys, so the number of passengers and pedestrians it touches every day is staggering. And relative to peculiar advertising, the value of taxi advertising is balanced, and there is no so-called prime location or non-prime location.
  • Cost-effective
    Using taxi screens for taxi advertising is a long-term investment. The average service life of a taxi screen is 10 years. However, the advertising effect of taxi advertising is very significant in terms of reaching out to people and maintaining brand memory. This means that you spent a decade of efficient outdoor advertising for one time.
  • High compulsion
    Taxi screen advertisements cannot be flipped through like other magazines, nor can you change channels like TV. The advertised product can be monopolized for time, creating and deepening the impression of the displayed ad content when the audience’s eyes cannot be avoided. In addition, according to psychology, people are most concerned about the objects in front and moving, especially taxis, when they are walking and riding.
  • Agility
    Taxi advertisements can be spread all over the streets in a short period and are called “living” media. It is not restricted by the region and can carry advertising information to every corner of the town.
  • Effectively reach people
    Taxi screen advertisements not only have direct audiences such as the people behind the taxi or the people in the car. There are also indirect audiences such as local permanent residents, foreign tourists, and business personnel.

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In a word, taxi advertising is more and more popular now, if you want to start a business in this area, please contact us to get a taxi-led display solution for you. NSE, an ISO, CE, and RoHS-certified European Quality Standards factory will be your best choice!


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