Outdoor Curve LED Display with 3D performance

  • In the past two years, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s pursuit of a better life has become more urgent, and the demand for special displays in the 3D LED Display industry has gradually increased.
  • The application of 3D LED Display is very strong, and 3D LED Display has also appeared in front of people with a new look through the integration of interactive technology. To enhance interaction, enhance communication efficiency, and promote the ultra-high-definition video industry, many large cities in China have 3D LED Displays.
  • The 3D LED Displays local culture and metaverse virtual elements to bring people a shocking visual experience. With the local characteristics, it not only implements the high-definition development of the video industry. but also points out a new development direction for 3D LED Display.
What is 3D LED Display?


  1. 3D LED Display refers to an electronic LED advertising screen that can be designed to be very flexible and creative, with unique shapes to suit the surrounding environment. And the most important advantage is that it has a unique, beautiful appearance and can be made into various shapes according to the environment.
  2. 3D LED Display is tailor-made. The large and small screen size of the 3D LED Display combined with the virtual and real visual effects, as well as the simulated sound of ocean waves, will make people worry that the waves will really break through the glass and drown the city. It can also be spliced into various irregular shapes at will to display some very creative content, which can not only attract the attention of the audience the first time, achieve better publicity effects, but also better expand the application of LED display splicing.
  3. 3D LED Display is a display system that can watch 3D video effects without external equipment. Compared with traditional LED screens, 3D visual effects are better. Facts have proved that the construction business district equipped with 3D LED Display can attract people to watch and actively share it on social platforms, bringing wider dissemination.
What are the key points of 3D LED Display?
  • The larger the display position and the higher the pixels, the richer the details of the content, and of course the better the naked-eye 3D effect. At present, the display screens of shopping malls in general business districts have enough pixels, which are very suitable for realizing naked-eye 3D effects.
  • The parameter quality and contrast of the HDR display of the 3D LED Display directly determine the effect of the displayed picture. A High refresh rate, high grayscale, and high contrast ratio can clearly see the effect of darkness and brightness, and can also easily display 3D real content. The effect allows the audience to feel the experience of the real effect.
  • The best viewing distance and range 3D LED Display is usually built in the center of business districts, intersections, squares, etc., not only because people often come and go, but also because of the large location, the viewing effect is better than All other places are fine. Especially at the corners, the screen is made into an arc, and increasing the span of the screen can ensure that pedestrians are always in the best viewing area.
  • The display module is lightweight and easy to maintain. Since the display needs to be externally hung on the wall through the steel structure, the load-bearing capacity of the building needs to be considered, so try to choose an ultra-light display module to ensure safety and security. Stability after installation. Modular display modules are easier to maintain, greatly reducing maintenance costs and time in the later period, and improving the return on investment.
  • Low energy consumption. Displays in business districts are generally turned on for a long time or even 24 hours, so power consumption is also a problem to be considered.
  • Environmental integration, as an outdoor public artwork, the display also needs to consider the style. Consistent with the overall design style of the building and well integrated into the environment are necessary conditions for construction considerations.
  • Video material, in addition to the above hardware parts, the content played is also very important, it directly affects people’s visual experience. Excellent video content can bring unexpected effects. At the same time, the video content should also consider the integration and matching of the surrounding environment.

3D LED Display

3D LED Display Case


Where is the value of 3D LED Display mainly reflected?
  • Create landmark buildings and transform buildings into landmark buildings that combine technology and aesthetics. Now major cities are making 3D LED Displays, such as business district centers, park squares, renovation of old buildings, and flat media.
  • Provide value for brand owners. This new form of advertising can not only spread the brand. but also use video content to establish a brand image and increase brand value.
  • The new development direction of the industry, all walks of life are making progress, and the display screen is no exception. It is a new breakthrough in the field of outdoor display. There may be interactive screens in the future, and people may interact with the big screen through sounds, gestures, etc…
  • Creativity is interesting. People are always looking forward to beautiful and creative things. It is precisely. because of the continuous pursuit of visual experience that the industry will continue to develop. The outdoor 3D LED Display, which is full of technology and a futuristic sense, continuously brings people a novel and shocking visual experience by virtue of the three-dimensional and realistic screen display effect. commercial value.
The advantages of 3D LED Display over traditional outdoor LED display
  1. 3D LED Displays will be more commercialized than traditional outdoor advertising screens in the future, so brands and shopping malls are paying more attention to 3D LED Displays.
  2. The 3D LED Display presents a more convincing and realistic 3D image than the ordinary LED display. because the 3D LED Display has a larger area, a clearer pixel density, and does not make the image look unreal.
  3. Therefore, with 3D LED Display, the brand image and product display of the merchant will become a very novel visual experience. So let customers spend more time exploring your brand and products. 3D LED Display adds color to your product content and makes your advertising more impactful.
3D LED Display
3D LED Display technical requirements
  1. 3D LED Display Technical Requirements Compared with traditional LED display, 3D LED Display has very high requirements for software and hardware configuration in order to show the best 3D LED Display effect.
  2. In terms of hardware, it is difficult for a traditional LED display to show a 3D effect, because the image cannot enter the left and right eyes of a person through the optical structure, resulting in parallax. Therefore, 3D LED Display requires a flexible LED display that can be installed at a right angle of 90° or with an arc.
  3. In addition, 3D LED Display technology pays more attention to the details of the image. In order to achieve a better display effect, the display hardware needs to achieve a better contrast ratio and HDR technology, so the technology used for 3D LED Display should have high brightness and high refresh rate.
  4. In terms of software, 3D LED Display should support high-definition, high-color, and deep video encoding, and be able to adapt to a variety of video import and playback software.
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