Rental LED Display in America School

Product: Outdoor Rental LED Display 
Location: America

America School

Our roof displays are simple and easy to install, just fix them to the roof bracket. The whole screen set weighs only 19kg and can be installed in one go.

It is also verified by FCE, CE and RoHS certificates. Taxi roof displays are proven in reliability and can be sold worldwide, including Europe, the US, Africa, South East Asia, and more.
Remote control and bulk changes to screen content are supported. Content on the screen can be easily changed and managed in a timely and efficient manner through a remote control system installed on a terminal device such as a mobile phone or server.

The product uses high-quality branded lamps and ICs to ensure its performance and high refresh rate greater than 1920Hz; it is also equipped with an intelligent lighting control system that automatically adjusts the screen brightness to provide a comfortable viewing experience for the audience.

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