America Church

Product: Indoor rental led display
Location: America

America church

The NSELED taxi roof LED display consumes an average of only 120W of power and has a built-in brightness sensor that intelligently adjusts the brightness. As a result, NSELED taxi roof LED displays consume 50% less power than conventional LED displays.

All displays can be controlled by the same terminal 4G for mobile phones, computers and iPads. Commercial contents are triggered by traffic and location. When a vehicle enters certain specific areas, the NSELED taxi roof LED display is targeted to automatically display advertising messages for that area.

Our taxi roof LED display cabinets are lightweight and thin, weighing just 23kg. The thinnest part of the cabinet is only 5 cm, with low wind loads.

The LED display is fixed to the vehicle by means of rails and the position of the display can be slid, making the display more flexible and the content more readable.

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