ONBON: Top 14 LED Display Software

The LED display software solution industry has been a direct beneficiary to various innovations. While many companies exist, ONBON is a standout contender, delivering innovative tools that redefine the art of visual storytelling. As one of the gems in this top-tier LED display board software listicle, ONBON has two remarkable products: Ledshow Suite and BxSetPro software.

The latest version of the Ledshow Suite supports font card 5th generation/6th generation, single and double color 5th generation/6th generation, multimedia player Y series, multimedia player C series, video processor, sending card, receiving card (5XX program).

The BxSetPro software, on the other hand, supports intelligent scanning of large modules—the total number of points exceeds 255 points after the module is folded and straightened—and also supports column scanning parallel and serial regular modules, special-shaped modules for new versions of 5XX Program.

ONBON, under the banner of Yangbang Technology, has grown over the years to offer result-driven LED display software in China and beyond. Here are ONBON’s LED screen display software and their features:

Ledshow Suite

Elevate your LED display experiences with Ledshow Suite, a comprehensive four-in-one software solution that redefines how you manage and present your content. Here’s a glimpse into its array of great features:

  • Streamlined User Interface with an optimized home page layout, enhancing usability by concealing the vertical menu while introducing the convenience of adding programs via the bottom menu
  • Enhanced Card Compatibility support for OVP-Y5E c version card, ensuring seamless integration and maximized functionality.
  • Versatile Card Support with added support for JTW cards, with voice configuration, IO configuration, and z-type wiring capabilities
  • Radar Sensor Configuration: The 6EXP series welcomes radar sensor configuration, empowering dynamic displays with motion-sensing capabilities and bolstering security through strong password configuration.
  • Network Configuration Enhancements: Ledshow Suite introduces advanced network configuration capabilities, including DNS and MAC configurations, ensuring effortless and efficient connectivity.

BxSetPro Software

Delve into the world of pixel-perfect visuals with BxSetPro software, a feature-packed solution designed to amplify your LED display management. Explore the remarkable features that set BxSetPro apart:

  • Intelligent Scanning for large modules, even after folding and straightening, pushing the boundaries of display possibilities with over 255 points.
  • Versatile Module Support for column scanning parallel and serial regular modules and special-shaped modules, enabling dynamic and versatile displays.
  • Expanded Chip Compatibility: BxSetPro accommodates single-bus chip modules, creating an avenue for seamless integration with advanced LED panel display software configurations.
  • Enhanced Function Setting for processing your video with comprehensive basic function settings designed for first and second-generation video processors, guaranteeing precision control.
  • Model Compatibility: With support for OVP-G16 Rev.C, BX-L1A Rev.B, and BX-L1A Rev.C models, BxSetPro ensures compatibility across a range of ONBON devices.
  • Automated Parameter Saving: Streamline your workflow with automatic parameter saving, preserving your settings effortlessly for optimized efficiency.
  • Network Tools: BxSetPro offers a suite of network tools, including gigabit network screenshot tools and test tools, simplifying diagnostics and optimization.


ONBON is definitely the manufacturer of one of the best software for LED display software. With Ledshow Suite and BxSetPro software, ONBON delivers solutions that empower creators, designers, and display enthusiasts to forge displays that captivate, inform, and inspire.

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