NSELED’s participation in ISE 2024 was a great success!

ISE 2024 concluded with a bang! Congratulations to NSELED for a very successful ISE Barcelona 2024! Below you will find specific information about ISE Barcelona 2024:

Special features of the ISE 20th Anniversary Special Edition

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 presents the world’s largest audiovisual and systems integration show at the level of the largest ever, with eight halls. The scope of the International Science and Technology Exhibition 2024 will increase by thirty percent compared to last year. At the same time, expectations are growing for the largest number of visitors in ISE’s history, further cementing its reputation in the industry as the event of choice for industry professionals.

NSELED's participation in ISE 2024 was a great success (1)

The event, which concluded on 2 February, offered the most comprehensive content program to date during the show, including nine conferences covering a wide range of topics critical to the audiovisual and integration industry. Free technical talks were delivered in both English and Spanish, enabling an even larger audience to attend, and ISE 2024 boasted the largest exhibition hall ever, with 66,000 square meters of stand space spanning eight halls on the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via.

In addition to more than 1,300 exhibitors (of which more than 80 are featured at ISE 2024), ISE’s special edition this year brings a host of eye-catching surprises, including:

  • 700 square metres of drone arena
  • ISE Audio Museum
  • The New Zealand America’s Cup Yacht Pavilion
  • ISE Time Tunnel, showcasing ISE’s technology and journey over the past 20 years
  • ISE Technology Tour, which takes visitors behind the scenes of the construction of ISE Barcelona 2024
  • ISE Treasure Hunt, unlocking surprise prizes on the show floor
  • Barcelona’s Banquet.ISE Barcelona 2024 not only showcases cutting-edge technology to visitors but also offers a new experience combining business and entertainment in a vibrant Barcelona environment.

NSELED’s Journey and Takeaways at ISE 2024

NSELED’s presence at ISE Barcelona 2024 can be considered a great success! We would like to thank all the people who came to our show to support and interact with us, and we are glad that the products NSELED displayed were well received by the exhibitors. It was the mutual efforts of both parties that made for a good exhibiting experience.

NSE received many business cards and information from customers during the four days, and the turnover rate reached a new high. During the exhibition, some old customers came to the show to see our new products, customers who wanted to see and experience our products and quality in person on the spot, and new customers who were attracted by our latest products. Our sales team had a great time, strengthened the relationship with old customers, built up the trust with customers, and made many new friends, expanding the influence of NSELED in the European market. This is our third time participating in ISE, every time we show the latest and best products, I believe that in the future will continue to come to the ISE site to meet with you, and continue to improve our technology, and strive to show the best products to customers.

So in this ISE 2024, what kind of wonderful performance do NSELED’s products have?

NSELED promoted and warmed up this new product before the show started, so our latest RF-series foldable rental screen received a lot of attention as soon as it was unveiled. Our booth was located at one of the entrances, and the foldable rental screen captured the attention of the exhibitors with its creative shape, beautiful curved arc, and large ultra-high-definition video wall display with excellent 3D effects.

  1. RF-Series Flexible Rental LED Screen
  2. Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm, 500x500mm per LED Cabinet
  3. ±15° Concave-convex shapes
  4. Quick installation and maintenance
  5. Widely used for advertising, stage background, exhibitions, Galleries, etc.
  • Creative 3D LED Screen

The outdoor 3D advertising LED screen with corner is a combination of an OVT series outdoor screen and a flexible screen. The combination of flexible LED screens, shows the client the possibilities of NSELED for outdoor large-screen projects and the ability of the screen to show excellent 3D visual effects. Plus the screen has a wireless hard connection and can be before and after dual maintenance, easy maintenance, and simple operation.

  1. Outdoor P6.67 Outdoor LED Screen
  2. Can support size customization
  3. Adopt common shade energy-saving technology, low energy consumption
  4. High brightness, good outdoor display effect
  • Indoor Digital LED Poster Screen

NSELED demonstrated the effect of 6 sets of indoor P3 poster screens, also particularly favored by the customer, who said our poster screen is very suitable for events and exhibition sites, the poster screen is very highly evaluated, and there are constantly customers inquiring for quotations.

  1. Indoor P3 LED Poster Screen
  2. Screen size: 576*1920mm / a support size customization
  3. P2 and P2.5 dot spacing available
  4. Plug and play, high mobility
  5. Can be used alone, can also be spliced, and adaptability is very strong
  • Ultra-thin wall-mounted LED screen

Ultra-thin wall-mounted LED screen is also our latest product, its thickness is only 25mm, the thickness of a single module is less than 5mm, and the thickness of its ultra-thin brought shock, coupled with a small dot pitch makes the screen effect very delicate. The magnetic front maintenance design is easy to install and repair, and our team also showed the features of the magnetic front maintenance to our customers, which was loved by them.

  1. Ultra Slim LED Videowall
  2. 56mm Fine Pixel Pitch
  3. High Refresh Brightness, 3840Hz
  4. Quick installation and maintenance
  5. Wireless hardwired, less internal wiring, safer to use
  • Outdoor Taxi LED Screen

NSELED’s ultra-thin taxi roof LED screens showcase mobile advertising and art carriers in a unique and ultra-attractive design. Recently the taxi screen mobile LED screen has also popular, there are many customers come to see the reality of the ultra-thin model taxi screen display and operation.

  1. Ultra-thin LED taxi roof screen
  2. 960*320mm per unit
  3. Ultra-slim & and lightweight design
  4. Supports WIFI/USB/4G/GPS function
  5. Mobile Advertising LED Display

We are glad to meet you all at ISE Barcelona 2024 this year, if you want to know more about the products we are exhibiting, you can leave your personal information on our website or email us at sales@nesled.com, we look forward to seeing you at ISE next year!

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