NSELED Welcome in Milan Viscom 2023

To get closer to our customers, to solve their needs face to face, and to present our products to them, NSELED will be present at Viscom Italia, 2023, in Milan, at the Rossignol Fairgrounds, from 4 to 6 October. The exhibition hall is located at Hall 12, Booth C19/D12.

With the end of the epidemic, the world economy has entered a phase of recovery. The trend is to start trade fairs in all sectors.

NSELED Welcome in Milan viscom 2023

Participating in exhibitions is a good opportunity for both companies and professional customers. So what does it mean for companies and professional customers to participate in exhibitions at this stage?

  • More accurate analysis of the industry situation
    Demand is always the market pointer, and demand is from the customer’s applications and needs. In previous years, only online through the customer’s inquiry to understand the market trend, but in the exhibition, the company can communicate with customers face to face, the content of its communication is not limited to the current project, but will be expanded to the plan, for the company will be able to have a more direct and clear understanding of the market demand and the industry trend. And for the exhibitors, they can see more diverse products and solutions at the exhibition, and as customers see more and more, will continue to open up new applications, to lead the new market trend.
  • Understanding of company strength
    The strength of the company refers not only to their own company’s strength, but also to peers, competitors’ strengths, for the company this is a good opportunity to check and fill the gaps, you can learn from the strengths of others, to make up for their shortcomings, but also to show their own company’s strength, to attract more customers. Customers can also visit various booths, understand the different companies in the product, design differences, and their applications to choose to meet their requirements well give solutions to the company, looking for the right partner.
So what kind of exhibition is Viscom Italia that NSELED participated in this time?

Viscom Italia is the largest and oldest visual communication and advertising signage exhibition in Italy. Viscom Italia is the largest and oldest visual communication advertising and signage exhibition in Italy. It is also a brand of the world’s largest Reed Exhibitions Group and is one of the few professional exhibitions in the advertising media and signage industry in the world that has been certified by the Union of International Fairs (UFI).

Viscom Italia has always been famous for its innovative products and high-quality exhibition services. Every year, more than 80% of the visitors come to Viscom Italia in search of new products, new technologies, and new services as the first purpose of the exhibition. The exhibition attracts specialists from the vision industry, providing a platform to learn about the latest industry news and marketing strategies. It can be regarded as a high-level international trade show for the industry to conduct business negotiations and learn about new technologies and industry trends.

NSELED has participated in a total of 12 exhibitions, and with the upcoming Viscom Italia 2023, it is already thirteen exhibitions. This is even the third time that NSELED has been an exhibitor at Viscom Italia.
So what products will we present to our customers at the show? And what product solutions will we offer?

  1. Digital LED Poster
    This is the hottest selling product of our company, it is the main character of the exhibition every year, many customers come to our booth to see our posters with their own eyes and from a close distance, and it has been praised by our customers. Here you can see the different ways to install the posters, and we are constantly improving the design.
  2. LED Video Wall
    Wall-mounted LED Display and outdoor 3D billboard is also a very popular project recently, such as in supermarkets, hotels, retail shops, etc. There are a lot of applications, but the general wall-mounted screen is very far away from us, because it hangs on the wall out of reach, and can not be appreciated up close. So in our exhibition, customers can directly contact this product and even personally touch our screen surface, and feel the quality of each lamp bead.
  3. Transparent LED Display
    Transparent LED Display is also a very mysterious product. Many customers are curious about how our transparent display has such a high degree of transparency and at the same time has a perfect display effect. If you are also curious, you can come to our exhibition to find out the truth and principles for yourself.
  4. Rental LED Display
    Our Rental LED Display is developed and designed by our company and has its own advantages in terms of packaging, structure, and user-friendly design. It is unique, very easy to install, and of high quality. Come and experience it for yourself at the trade fair.

Of course, our sales staff will be waiting for you at the booth. Even if your application is not on display at the show, you can talk to our sales staff face-to-face and we will be sure to provide you with a good solution for your application.

That’s all about Viscom Italia. We look forward to a professional and pleasant encounter with you at the show. See you in Milan from 4th to 6th October!

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