NSELED transparent led display has been installed in Dubai

With the continuous development of the digital age, the types of LED dispays are becoming more and more diverse. Now LED displays can achieve many effects that previous LED displays could not achieve.

For example, the popular transparent LED display in the market can play advertising videos to attract pedestrians without affecting the see-through effect of the glass wall.

transparent led display

Case From Dubai

With the popularization of urbanization, glass curtain wall, a high-end and high-grade building material, has gradually become popular. With its light and thin, no need for steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability, transparent screens are compatible with glass curtain walls. It can be said to be a perfect match, not only does it have no sense of disobedience when applied to glass curtain walls, but also because of its fashion, beauty, modernity and technological atmosphere, it adds a special aesthetic feeling to urban buildings.

Therefore, the LED transparent screen has won the unanimous approval of everyone in the market, and has received widespread attention and popularity.

What is the transparent led display?

Transparent LED display is a kind of LED display with light transmission. The LED transparent screen is an innovative processing based on the light bar screen. The hollow design can perfectly reduce the obstruction of the parts to the line of sight so as to achieve the perspective effect required by the user. Transparent LED display can be customized according to the size of the glass wall, so that it can be perfectly integrated with the glass wall to achieve the advertising effect you need.

What is the features of transparent led display?

(1) Perspective: One of the most important features of Transparent led display is that it has a good perspective effect. This feature can ensure that when it is installed on the glass curtain wall, it will not have a great impact on the lighting and perspective functions of the glass curtain wall.
(2) Small size and light weight. Generally speaking, the thickness of transparent led display will not exceed 12mm, and the weight will be as low as 10kg/㎡. This feature brings great convenience to the installation, and it can be directly fixed and installed without changing the original building structure.
(3) Simple installation: As mentioned above, the transparent led display has the characteristics of being very lightweight. It does not need to change the structure of the exterior wall of the building during installation, and it can be directly fixed and installed, which can help users save a lot of cost.
(4) Artistry: Because of the perspective of the transparent led display, its display effect is perfectly integrated with the glass curtain wall, which brings a good advertising effect and adds an artistry to the building itself.
(5) Energy saving and environmental protection: it has its own heat dissipation system, which can be used for a long time, at the same time, it is more energy-saving than ordinary LED displays.
(6) Easy maintenance: The transparent led display can be easily maintained indoors. In addition, NSE provides a 2-year warranty. During the second period, we will unconditionally solve any product problems you encounter.

transparent led screen

What is the applications of transparent led display?
  • Shipping mall: Many large shopping malls now have glass walls, so everyone will not miss the opportunity to advertise in this way. Transparent led display can help different brands display their products and promote them.
  • Exterior walls of large buildings: Nowadays, many high-rise buildings also use glass curtain walls, such as office buildings, group buildings, and so on. Many companies will also choose to install a transparent led display on the glass wall of their own area for a long-term free and efficient publicity of their company’s products and services.
  • Airports: Now many large airports will also install transparent led displays on the glass curtain walls. Most of them are used to broadcast some public information or advertise for some large brands to earn advertising fees.
In conclusion:

With the continuous updating and iteration of buildings, more and more glass curtain walls have replaced traditional exterior walls. Therefore, the market demand for transparent led display will also increase. Although the transparent led display has a very good display effect, it can bring a very good advertising effect to users. However, transparent led display is an innovative product, and there are still many technical issues that need to be improved. NSE is equipped with a dedicated R&D team dedicated to continuously improving our transparent led display, striving to bring the ultimate user experience to users.
To sum up, with the continuous improvement of human beauty aesthetics and the continuous pursuit of fashion, transparent led display has also been favored by more and more users, catering to the needs of contemporary consumers. If transparent led display can break through technical problems such as water resistance, then the commercial value of transparent led display in the display market in the future will be immeasurable.

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