NSELED team in Phoenix Mountain Forest Park group building

Now is a good time for spring and flowers to bloom. The spring breeze is not dry and the sun is just right. Therefore, NSE chose a sunny Saturday and led all the staff in the Shenzhen office to conduct a team-building activity. The main purpose is to take the slow from the fast in the fast-paced life in Shenzhen, relax and embrace nature. In the activities, the teamwork ability of the employees is exercised, and the good mental outlook of the employees is displayed.

Team building location: Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Forest Park
Participants: All NSE employees in Shenzhen
Theme: play to the fullest, safety first

NSELED team in Phoenix Mountain Forest Park group building

From 7:50 to 9:30 activity arrangement:
The gathering time is 7:50 in the morning. All employees gather in front of the company. After counting the number of people, take the car arranged by the company and go to the first destination – Phoenix Mountain Farm Fun Valley. The total area of Phoenix Mountain Farm Fun Valley covers more than 400 mu. It is a comprehensive agricultural complex based on the principle of promoting traditional farming civilization, including more than 50 natural landscapes, more than ten recreational projects, various farming experience projects, melon and fruit picking, fishing and horseback riding, picnic and barbecue, and agricultural science popularization area.
The first meaningful thing to do after getting off the car is to take a picture of cooperation with all employees as a commemoration. There are many play items in Phoenix Mountain Farm Fun Valley for everyone to visit and play with. After the group photo is over, everyone can follow their own plans to play and understand.


From 9:30 to 13:30 activity arrangement:
After the self-guided tour, start to experience the characteristic project of Phoenix Mountain Farm Fun Valley – picnic. The employees are divided into two groups. There are fresh vegetables to pick in the vegetable garden. Each group is responsible for arranging the lunch for the group members. This link is mainly to cultivate cooperation between the teams. Someone needs to cook, someone to wash the vegetables, someone to set the dishes, and so on. If you want to have a table of delicious meals, you need the cooperation of every team member.
Team members can also arrange their own specialty dishes or delicacies with their own hometown characteristics, and the team members chat with each other to introduce their own dishes and special features. In the process of this kind of communication, it may be a process of promoting mutual understanding. What’s more, the company’s employees come from different provinces in China. It’s such a joy to let your colleagues taste your own special dishes or home-cooked dishes!
After eating, you can choose to rest nearby to prepare for the next project or arrange some fruits for yourself while taking a walk. There are small tomatoes, dragon fruits, watermelons, grapes, etc. in the orchard, and you can pick them freely.

From14:00 to 16:30 activity arrangement:
There is only one thing to do during this time period, and that is to climb to the top of Phoenix Mountain. Phoenix Mountain is one of the eight key forest parks planned and constructed in Shenzhen. Its goal is to build the most attractive country forest park in Shenzhen.
Although its altitude is only 376M, It seems that it is easy to climb to the top without any effort, but it is not an easy task for people who have been sitting in the office for a long time and do not exercise much. We need to remind the team members to bring the necessary water and emphasize safety first. During the climbing process, everyone climbed while chatting, and climbed to the top gradually in a relaxed and pleasant environment.
Mountain climbing is a kind of physical and mental activity, which enhances the trust and mutual understanding among team members, and also increases physical exercise and happiness.

After going down the mountain, gather at the front ping of Phoenix Mountain and take a short rest. The time to gather back to the company is 17:30. After counting the number of people, take the vehicle arranged by the company to return.

The team building of NSE went very smoothly this time, the schedule was full but it was a combination of work and rest. This team building activity is mainly to enhance team cohesion and a sense of belonging and also to allow everyone to better integrate into the company culture and the team. Let us know how to be a team player; how to communicate with others; how to express our ideas and so on. Everyone is equal, we should respect each other’s ideas and viewpoints, and learn from each other’s strengths so that we can do our jobs better. With the progress of the team, the strength of NSE is also constantly improving.

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