NSELED officially opens its Japan office—offers local LED Screen Installation

Here, I am honored to share a good news with you. NSE’s Japan global office has been established! Our address is located in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. We will develop the Japan LED display business in bustling Tokyo. At the same time, the establishment of this Japan office also brings NSE one step closer to globalization.

NSELED officially opens its Japan office—offers local LED Screen Installation (2)What are the advantages of setting up an office in Japan?

1. Compared with the rapidly developing economy, Japan’s digital development process is relatively slow. In all walks of life, most of them still use traditional means such as paper media, telephone, and fax. In addition, with the decline in the birth rate, the labor shortage situation has not improved, so the Japanese government supports and advocates a gradual transformation to digitalization. In the future, Japan’s digital development will have a qualitative change with the support of the government.
2. Judging from the feedback from the three-day Japan International Advertising and Signage Exhibition from June 12th to 14th, LED displays have great room for development in the Japanese market. Japan’s business is very developed, but billboards are traditional signs rather than LED digital displays, so the number of signs that need to be replaced is huge. This also reflects that the demand for LED digital displays in Japan is also huge.
3. Japan has developed a lot of entertainment activities, with many performance venues, such as theaters and stadiums, which provide huge demand for stage LED screen rental and fixed installation. At the same time, Japan has many sports events and exhibitions, which also provide a lot of opportunities for LED display companies. In addition, the World Expo will be held in Osaka in 2025, which will also drive the market demand for LED displays to a certain extent.
4. Based on the above three points, it is shown that Japan has a large demand for LED digital displays. The role of NSE in setting up an office locally is to provide customers with local pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. Local language, local service, and local time will play a positive role in the development of NSE’s LED display in Japan.

NSELED officially opens its Japan office—offers local LED Screen Installation (1)What is the most popular product in the Japanese office?

As we all know, there are many small shops in Japan, such as taverns, sushi restaurants, snack bars, etc. These places need LED displays to advertise themselves the most. Their stores are not very big, and the revenue of small businesses is limited. They hope to be seen by more people and that the investment in LED displays will not be too high. Therefore, the most popular products for these small shops are LED Cube Display and LED Digital Poster.
The main reason why LED Cube Display is popular is that it has a 3D stereoscopic playback effect. It is usually hung on the outdoor wall. In addition, it has a dynamic playback effect, which can play a good role in promoting the store. It can not only be used outdoors, but most customers still choose to hang it on the wall indoors to create an atmosphere.
LED digital poster is NSE’s ace product. Since it was developed in 2019, it has been ranked first in NSE product sales. It is a digital product that is extremely suitable for advertising in stores.
It is very convenient to use. The plug and play design allows you to control the LED digital poster with your mobile phone. Whether you are a professional or not, you can quickly get started. The ultra-light and ultra-thin design of the screen body and the wheels at the bottom can change the placement at any time according to the flow of customers. There is not only standing as the installation method but also hanging and wall-mounted. You can also flexibly choose the installation method according to the situation of the store.
At the same time, the application of LED digital posters can be but not limited to stores. Thanks to the development of Japan’s entertainment industry, the product’s multiple interfaces (HDMI, Audio, USB, LAN), and the characteristics of being able to connect screens, this product is also well-known because it appears in different events.

As NSELED continues to grow, we have offices in Japan and global offices in the United States, Italy, Ecuador, and many other places. As the Chinese old saying goes, “Hearing is false, seeing is believing”, no matter how wonderful your text description is, it is not as good as seeing the real product in person. We also agree with this saying and try to have local offices in the customer’s local area to provide convenience for customers. At the same time, providing convenience for customers is also providing convenience for ourselves.

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