NSELED Launch Super Slim Taxi LED Display for Outdoor Advertsing

What is Taxi LED Display ?

  • The LED car screen is a taxi top LED display mounted on cars, also known as taxi top LED display or taxi top LED sign, is a new type of dynamic LED display for OOH advertising, displaying advertisements in a simple, clear and attractive appearance.
  • The taxi top LED display is mainly installed on top of vehicles such as net cars, taxis and private cars as a terminal carrier. Compare with traditional LED displays, our taxi roof LED display is a combination of 4G/5G technology and GPS geolocation. And with low power consumption, IP65 waterproof protection and easy installation and maintenance, it can be used completely for a long time.

taxi led display

  • NSELED’s new slimline roof-mounted display is the perfect mobile advertising and information distribution platform, displaying all kinds of advertising and news and other information. And with the built-in GPS module, our car roof LED displays are able to intelligently switch ads based on location and traffic information.
  • NSE Cluster control system offer all the LED roof displays can be operated via the cloud platform on mobile phones, computers and ipads. The advertising displays are influenced by traffic and location and when a car enters a specific area of the taxi roof LED display, the display will automatically show the message that needs to be shown at that location.
  • Our newly designed car-top LED displays are available in 960* 320mm and in sizes 1.86, P2, P2.5, P3.33 and P5.

Current Application for Taxi LED Display


  • NSE’s slimline LED roof panels are used for advertising, brand promotion, public service, performances, etc., mainly to broadcast video, pictures, and other information. It is used for public affairs, highway administration, police patrol, and administrative law enforcement vehicles. Not only does it add flashing lights, but it can also display information, and the content of the information can be changed at any time.
  • Taxi Top LED Displays play an important role, you can get timely news, weather forecast advertising, and other information through the wireless way, and can synchronize the display of station information and other comprehensive information. Not only provides a higher level of service for passengers, but also can bring significant revenue for operators.
  • Not only does it play the role of a taxi light box, but it also displays advertisements. Let the mobile media run all over the city. Mostly used for displaying text information, promotional videos or pictures.
  • The main users are Firefly, Uber Media, LYFT Media, and other companies in New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C, Los Anges, San Francisco, and many more. The number of in-car screens used worldwide has exceeded 20,000+, generating a significant amount of revenue for their investors on a daily basis.

Current Application for Taxi LED Display

2022 New Type of Super Slim Taxi LED Display


  • The roof-mounted LED display is a mobile advertising display with strong communication power, wide coverage, and remarkable display effect. Compared to other LED displays or LCD displays, the car top LED display is always in motion, which means the advertising information can be played at any time as the car moves, with strong communication ability and wide coverage than fixed advertising platforms.
  • High brightness, adaptability, and all-weather broadcasting. Adopting ultra-high brightness LEDs, it is still clearly visible from a distance in the sunlight, and the color point-by-point correction function makes the LED display richer.
  • Simple operation, easy to use. Whether you are using a computer or a mobile phone, you can change information and play videos very easily. Ultra-thin design, easy to dismantle and install.
  • High refresh rate and high greyscale for a more realistic LED display that meets the high visual quality required for commercial use.
  • Waterproof with IP65 protection rating, suitable for use in outdoor environments.

Why Choose NSE Taxi LED Display

Why Choose NSE Taxi LED Display

  • With the improvement of people’s living standards, our material life has changed a lot, even cultural life is also constantly enriched. Outdoor LED roof displays can be found everywhere, through which you can see not only many advertisements, but also many kinds of creativity.
  • In the field of taxi screens, NSELED displays have been plowing deep for 8 years, constantly innovating and developing our own taxi screens. We have more than ten invention patents and certificates to prove that we are one of the leading manufacturers of roof-mounted displays in China.
  • We have our own product laboratory, which can give all our displays a very serious factory test before shipment. With a production capacity of 700 units a month, we are able to provide our customers with enough goods in a short period of time.
  • To have a LED display is not a hammer and sale thing, after this also contains the follow-up function training service as well as after-sales service, good after-sales service is also very important.
  • Good products coupled with trustworthy service have led us to stand tall throughout the Chinese market. Even in the bad international environment and under the influence of COVID-19, NSE displays are still relied upon and recognized by customers in many countries around the world. In the future, NSE will also continue to provide trustworthy products and services to you from all over the world clients.


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