NSELED is exhibiting at Drupa in Germany

Drupa 2024 Information

Drupa 2024 Dates: May 28 – June 7, 2024
Location: Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Düsseldorf, Germany
NSELED is exhibiting at Drupa in GermanyEvent Focus:
Drupa is the world’s largest trade fair for printing technologies, bringing together industry professionals from various sectors. The event showcases innovations in print media, packaging production, industrial and functional printing, and 3D printing.

In this era of rapid technological change, Drupa 2024 is a timely exhibition. The hot theme of this year’s exhibition focuses on the impact of sustainability and digitization trends on products, business models and the future of the industry. There is no doubt that in this information age, digital display technology is entering the public eye. Therefore, the application of LED display is more and more extensive.
The NSE LED team is honored to participate in this exhibition and have the opportunity to discuss the latest technology and future development of the industry with friends from all over the world.

The Brief Introduction of NSE LED

NSE LED is a company dedicated to providing motion LED displays and commercial LED display solutions. We are committed to serving our customers and providing them with the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. Nine years of hard work and perseverance have made NSE LED a leading supplier of motion LED displays and commercial LED displays.

The Introduction of Products

In Drupa 2024, We exhibited our most popular and hot-selling products – digital LED posters. This product has indoor and outdoor versions, can adapt to a variety of environmental conditions; It has a streamlined design and is thin and light, which is very popular with customers. Many of our customers use the digital led poster for stores, churches, events, exhibitions, shopping malls, clubs, 4S car shops, restaurants, etc.
Besides, We also exhibit rental led displays, which can be customized in different sizes and shapes to meet the different needs of customers; Designed for events and exhibitions, it can bring people a very shocking visual effect, so it has been favored by many customers.
We also have many kinds of LED displays, such as taxi top LED display, ultra slim LED TV wall, 3D LED display, sphere LED display, cube LED display and so on.

Why NSELED can be Favored by the Majority of Customers?

1. Our factory, spanning about 6,000 square meters and registered with 26 patents, is equipped with the most advanced SMT line and automatic assembly line, for manufacturing and testing under a strict quality check system. NSE offers diverse and comprehensive LED display products of the best quality.
2. Our all products have passed FCC, CE, ROHS, ETL, UL, and other quality and safety certifications conducted by professional organizations to ensure their stability, reliability, and environmental protection.
3. NSELED Team offers free installation training courses as well as the long-time after-sale service to clients.

Exhibition Situation and Customer Feedback

We are very happy and grateful to use this exhibition to showcase our products, which not only allows customers to see the operating effect of our products and the structure of our products, but also allows us to communicate with customers face to face, better understand their needs and answer their questions.
These days the exhibition has achieved good results. Many customers have shown great interest in our LED displays. In particular, the flexible rental LED display wall we displayed this time attracted the attention of a large number of exhibitors. Even though they did not have the demand for LED display at present, they were very amazed by this product. We are also very honored to introduce our products to them and discuss the future development of the industry with them.

Future Expectations

We are very grateful for the feedback we receive from our customers at the exhibition, which not only enables us to identify shortcomings, so as to improve innovate, and enhance the user experience, but also allows us to better understand market needs and trends so that we can formulate more targeted market strategies.
NSE LED’s footsteps do not stop there, and we will also participate in exhibitions around the world in the future. We aim to bring our products, our services and our ideas to every customer. The trust and support of our customers is our driving force.

Drupa 2024 provides an excellent platform for companies to showcase innovative technologies, expand markets, and build international partnerships. Through full preparation and active participation, enterprises can obtain rich returns and long-term development opportunities at the exhibition.
This exhibition not only shows our products to customers but also gives us an updated understanding of the development of the industry. NSE will continue to strengthen our technological innovation capabilities and develop more competitive products to meet market demand. At the same time, we will use the resources and contacts gained at the show to develop new international markets and strengthen brand awareness.

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