NSELED is about to participate in ISE 2023

What is ISE?

Integrated Systems Europe, commonly known as ISE, is the world’s largest AV systems integration exhibition. ISE Europe is the most successful audiovisual and systems integration exhibition in Europe to date. In fact, ISE is the audiovisual exhibition with the largest number of visitors.

Co-sponsored by infocomm international and the custom electronic design & installation association, ISE represents the highest level of audiovisual technology in the commercial sector and is the most influential industry organisation in the industry. ISE is held annually and has been held in Europe for over 17 years. In 2021, the show moved from Amsterdam to Barcelona, Spain.

ISE 2023

In previous years, the range of exhibits has included display equipment and technology, 3D technology/audio products/amplifiers and consoles, audio technology, audiovisual technology, audio/video and data exchange conferencing equipment and technology and so on.

NSE will be present at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, where we will be exhibiting all our hot products and newly developed displays. We at NSE are keenly aware that the integration of LED lighting and display is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry, and we have identified seven typical application scenarios for light display and proposed an integrated solution of hardware + system + software + content + interactive light display. We will attract a large number of visitors with our new technical solutions and innovative development concepts. Our booth is 3A130, AND CS548. We will be present at JAN.31-FEB.3, 2023.

What products we will to show in ISE 2023?

NSELED will present a series of LED display products, creative contents and multi-scene solutions at booths 3A130 and CS548, creating a wonderful audio-visual feast for the audience.

The following are the main products we will be showcasing:
  • Digital LED Poster Screen: LED smart poster screen is suitable for various occasions such as exhibition centre, shopping centre, conference hall, wedding, performance, airport, station, supermarket, restaurant, brand chain, studio, etc. It can be used as an advertising broadcast platform, emergency notice, instant information release, shopping guide information, supporting service information release, propaganda platform, brand demonstration window, and can replace the traditional easy to pull up.

  • Front Service LED Display: With the continuous development of the economy, the application field of front service LED display in our life is getting wider and wider. They can be seen in door-to-door advertising, building advertising, exhibition displays, radio and television, sports stadiums and other places. The front maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display structure, which can be well integrated with the surrounding architectural environment, but also to ensure the effect of saving space at the same time.

Front Access Wall Mounted led display

  • Outdoor LED Display: Wide coverage and large audience. Outdoor LED display is generally installed in a relatively high place, the screen is relatively large, the viewing angle is also large, in general, the horizontal direction from 140 degrees angle to watch the video, the picture is still clearly visible, which makes the LED screen display content can cover a wider range, reaching more audiences.

Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screen (Fixed Installation)

  • Rental LED Display: LED rental screen display since its birth, before the display function, after the demand for highlighting art. LED rental display has been favored by various fields, whether it is an event performance, or to change people’s aesthetic fatigue creative display, or in order to present the audience with a visual feast of stage screen, LED rental display are indispensable.

indoor rental led display

What should you look for before and while attending a trade show?

Befrore the exhibition:

  • Apply for tickets to the exhibition in advance via the official website to avoid waiting too long at the door. ISE: www.iseurope.org
  • It’s important to keep an eye on the weather for exhibitions abroad. Before you go, get a good idea of the weather conditions for the next few days, such as how much clothing to bring, whether it will be dry, and whether you should bring sunscreen. If so, bring plenty of warm clothes and rain gear.
  • Always remember to have chewing gum on hand. During a plane flight, there is a rising sensation in your ears, a feeling that your eardrums are being pushed against something, and sometimes it can cause a headache. Chewing gum helps to relieve this.
  • There is a problem of jet lag when attending exhibitions abroad. You can prepare some melatonin, which is used by airline stewardesses on planes for jet lag, and is also good for sleep. If you feel really sleepy during the day, you can have some coffee to refresh yourself.
  • It is normal to take some electronic products such as mobile phones, cameras and dvds with you when you go abroad, but remember to declare them properly.
  • Common medicines, cold and flu medication, anti-diarrhoea medication, allergy medication, etc.

During the exhibition:

  • Carry basic protective supplies such as masks, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes with you.
  • Protect your belongings, as there are many and varied people attending the show and important finances may be lost during this time. Especially passports, cash, etc.
  • A folding trolley or large capacity backpack. Throughout the exhibition, you will receive many brochures or small gifts from different suppliers and having a trolley or small backpack with you will save a lot of energy.
More shows nse will participate in 2023

Euro Shop: (FEB.26-MAR.2, 2023 BOOTH: 3C77)
EuroShop Germany was founded in 1966 and is held every three years.

More shows nse will participate in 2023

2,300 exhibitors from more than 60 countries will come together to present their professional services and equipment to more than 114,000 professional buyers from all over the world.

NSELED, a well-known company in the field of professional LED display at home and abroad, is also participating. NSELED will share its current situation, quality products, professional services and development trends at its well-built booth.

Fespa 2023: (MAY.23-26, 2023 BOOTH: A2-B61)
The Global Print Expo in Munich, Germany, is currently the most influential and largest professional printing showcase in Europe, showcasing technological innovation trends from around the world

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