NSELED invites you to The Namm Show 2024!

NSELED Team cordially invites you to attend the Namm Show 2024. As the world’s premier music event, Namm Show will provide you with a unique opportunity to interact with the world’s leading musicians, manufacturers and retailers, and experience the latest in music technology and innovative products.

At Namm Show, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of music performances, workshops and educational programmes. In addition, you will be able to network with industry experts and peers to share experiences and insights. This is a great opportunity to showcase your brand and products and expand your business network.

We have put together an exciting programme of activities and a dedicated customer service team to ensure you enjoy the best possible experience throughout the event.

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What products will we show at this Namm Show?
  • LED Poster Screen:
    LED poster screens play an important role in the performance industry, enhancing stage performances, providing audiences with a richer and more intuitive visual experience, and conveying the artist’s image and programme information.
    LED poster screens are LED displays that mimic the look of traditional posters or signage, but with the ability to display high-resolution images, videos and animations.One of the main advantages of LED poster screens is their versatility and flexibility. They can be easily connected and controlled to display a variety of content, including performer information, programme information, event information and more.
    With LED poster screens, concert organisers can not only display lyrics, artist introductions, special messages or interactive text content with the audience on stage, but also help the audience to better understand the songs and connect with the artists. It also helps the audience to better understand the songs and connect with the artists. The interaction between the artists and the audience is better mobilised.
    The continuous development of display technologies has made their use in concerts more innovative and diverse. Whether it’s conveying information, enhancing visuals or creating an interactive experience with the audience, displays have become one of the indispensable elements of the modern concert.
What preparations do we need to make in advance before going to view Namm Show 2024?

Determine the information of the exhibition: Know the information of the exhibition in advance, including the name of the exhibition, the theme, the time, the location and the exhibiting company. You can get the information you want through the official website of the exhibition, social media and other channels.

Plan your itinerary: according to the time and place of the exhibition, determine the date and time you want to visit and make sure you have enough time to visit the whole exhibition or pay attention to the parts of interest.

Research the content of the exhibition: Before your visit, find out about the theme of the exhibition, or the background and products of the exhibiting companies. This will help to better understand and appreciate the artefacts or displays in the exhibition.

Purchase tickets or register: Some exhibitions may require tickets or advance registration. Make sure you purchase your ticket or registration in advance and have your ticket or registration confirmation ready to present upon entry.

Dress appropriately: Choose appropriate clothing and shoes according to the nature of the exhibition and the requirements of the venue.

Prepare a guided map or guide: At the exhibition site, a guided map or guide is usually provided for navigation and understanding the layout of the exhibition. If you get a map or guide of the exhibition in advance, you can better plan your route and focus on the parts you are most interested in.

Prepare note-taking tools: If you want to record information such as opinions and product feelings at the exhibition, you can prepare a notepad, pen or other portable recording tools.

Charging equipment and spare batteries: If you plan to use a mobile phone or camera to take photos or record the exhibition, make sure the device is charged and consider bringing a spare battery or charger in case the device runs low.

Comfort and convenience: You can bring essentials such as water bottles, umbrellas, lightweight backpacks, comfortable shoes, etc. as needed to ensure comfort and convenience during the exhibition.

NSELED invites you to The Namm Show 2024 (1)

The Namm Show 2024 is important opportunity for NSELED to interact with its target audience and expand our market. In this show, we will also show our 2023 best-selling product – LED Poster Screen. We believe this event will give you a deeper understanding and communication about our products and company.
Not only members of NSELED USA office will attend, but also some members of our China headquarters will attend the Namm Show 2024. If you are interested in our products or would like to have a short meeting with our colleagues at the show, please contact your sales or email us at sales@nseled.com. We will be looking forward to your visit.

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