NSELED invites you to Fespa 2024

We are very excited to tell all our new and old customers that we will be participating in the FESPA Global Printing Expo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from March 19th to 22nd. Therefore, we look forward to gathering together with industry elites from all over the world at FESPA Global Printing Expo to discuss the future trends and development of the sign industry. This exhibition will be an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest products, technologies and services. We will also take this opportunity to understand market needs and industry trends to better meet the needs of our customers.

NSELED invites you to Fespa 2024
2024 FESPA Global Printing Expo Definition

FESPA Global Printing Expo is Europe’s leading signage and visual communication exhibition, attracting the industry’s world leaders to showcase their latest technologies and developments. The personalized experience will bring together thousands of stakeholders including retailers, brands, agencies, printers and distribution companies, connecting them with software providers and OEMs to explore sports apparel, packaging, products, loyalty and personalization potential in terms of bespoke interiors. But starting in 2017, FESPA has allowed more advertisers to participate, such as advertising machines, LED advertising products, etc. Therefore, NSELED has participated in several Fespas in a row and is honored to participate in FESPA 2024.

Officially scheduled events include:
  • European World Detour Masters 2024 and World Detour Masters 2024 Finals
    The event will include training workshops, presentations from industry experts and competitions.
  • Sustainability focus
    Events will provide useful, informative and actionable advice to meet the needs of people, planet and profit.
  • FESPA Party
    FESPA Party Night is not to be missed! This is the ultimate industry networking opportunity surrounded by live entertainment, music, drinks and great company!
So what products will we bring to Fespa 2024?
  • RF Series Rental LED Display
    NSELED will bring our main product for 2024 – RF Series Rental LED Display. The main advantage of this product is that the LED box can be bent up and down 15°, which can flexibly form LED displays of different shapes. Such as wave display screen, cylindrical display screen, etc. In addition, we also professionally designed the installation, with some stacked trusses on the ground as supports so that the product can be used upright. This makes the screen stable enough and also saves a lot of maintenance and installation costs. Since last showing this newly launched product at the ISE exhibition, RF Series Rental LED Display has received a lot of inquiries and attention from customers. Many customers expressed their desire to see more details and design of this product up close. Therefore, at Fespa2024, the NSELED team will also bring this product to the exhibition to discuss the development and innovation of LED displays with more customers.
    Rental rf LED Display
  • Digital LED Poster
    Digital LED posters have always been a shining star at every NSELED exhibition. Poster displays offer vivid visuals, dynamic content, and the flexibility to easily update and customize the message that has made it our company’s flagship product. Compared with similar products on the market, the digital LED poster’s stylish design and energy-saving operation make it a more ideal choice for a variety of applications such as retail stores, transportation hubs, and corporate environments.
  • Outdoor LED display series-3D curve OTV
    Outdoor LED display series-3D curve OTV is characterized by high brightness and energy saving. The measured lowest brightness is 6500nits and the highest brightness is 10000nits, but this product uses a common cathode energy-saving power supply, so this unique power supply method can reduce energy consumption by 40-50%. In addition, it is easy to install and greatly saves labor costs. The curved surface design makes the final display appear 3D.
  • NSE Slim type taxi LED display
    NSE slim type taxi LED display is very suitable for brand promotion, public services, performances, etc., and mainly plays videos, pictures and other information. In addition, it has high brightness, strong adaptability, and can be broadcast around the clock. It is also waterproof and has an IP65 protection rating, making it suitable for outdoor use.In the field of taxi screens, NSELED displays have been deeply involved in the field for more than 10 years and continue to innovate and develop their own taxi screens. We have more than ten invention patents and certificates, proving that we are one of the leading roof-mounted display manufacturers in China.

In general, we would like to thank all our new and old customers for their continued support and trust in us. We will continue to uphold the concepts of professionalism, innovation and service first to provide customers with high-quality products and services. We believe that the exhibition will provide participants with a platform for interactive communication and learning, which will help promote cooperation and win-win results within the industry. Let us look forward to creating more wonderful moments at FESPA Global Printing Expo!We look forward to meeting you

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