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  • NSE Electronics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in the research and development of various LED display products. We have more than 11 years of experience in LED display manufacturing.
  • The founders of the company and key departments such as the Purchasing Department, Technology Department, and Production Department, all relevant departments have more than 15 years of industry experience.
  • Our LED displays and services have been highly recognized by many customers around the world. Sales offices are located in China, the USA, Italy, and other places.
  • We have established complete quality control and environmental quality system, and our products have passed FCC, CE, ROHS, ETL, UL, and other quality and safety certifications carried out by professional organizations to ensure their stability, reliability, and environmental protection.
  • LED display has formed a core value of high quality, technological innovation, providing added value and service, and has been committed to providing cooperation, dedication, innovation, and win-win solutions for our customers, partners, and employees for 15 years.
    Why choose to establish a company in the USA?

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  • In 2022, NSE will establish a branch in Iowa City, USA. Why NSE chooses Iowa City, the USA, not only because of improving its popularity but also to make customers more confident to buy LED display screens, so that they can see the products more realistically.
  • The quality and the aesthetic effect of the products make the enterprise more standardized management and make NSE have a stronger brand. Establishing a branch in the United States can improve the international reputation of NSE enterprises, and it is necessary to balance and allocate global resources in the process of development and growth.
  • The U.S. market is relatively more mature, and the establishment of USA companies is an important choice for a company’s global strategic layout, which is conducive to improving the company’s international reputation and expanding its international influence.
  • The export journey of the NSE LED display industry has been going on for more than ten years. It is a very creative and designed LED display company. In 2022, it will establish a US branch in Iowa, USA, so that everyone can clearly see NSE A strength and professional ability as an LED display company.
    What are the benefits of setting up a company in the USA?
  • Owning an international brand, enhancing corporate image, and improving corporate efficiency Nowadays, the global economy is integrated, and business is increasingly showing a trend of cross-border development.
  • Registering and establishing an overseas offshore company is a way for enterprises to go global, carry out transnational business, and enhance their international image. shortcut. And American companies have a strong, high-quality, advanced technology and honest image in markets around the world.
  • Therefore, establishing the brand image of the NSE LED display screen by registering a US company also brings immeasurable convenience and success potential to daily business marketing activities, and it is also very smooth and reassuring to carry out foreign trade business.
  • Set up a company in the United States, have an international brand, enhance corporate image and improve corporate efficiency.
  • The establishment of a US company is convenient for international trade. If the company has an overseas offshore company, the company exports products to the offshore company, and then the offshore company exports to the United States, which can save the trouble of going through relevant procedures and save a lot of money.
  • Your time indirectly means saving your costs, and you can also bypass the customs barriers, get tax-free treatment, and successfully bypass the export quota restrictions. Greatly increase the amount of trade.

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What are the main products of NSE LED displays in American companies?


  • Digital LED Poster
  • Taxi Top LED Display
  • Flexible LED Display
  • Transparent Car Rear Window LED Display
  • Circle Led Display
  • The most important LED display screen is that it can be customized products. Establishing a company in the United States can provide customers with product solutions at any time, and can consult face-to-face, which not only improves the details of the product but also improves the understanding of the product.
  • Customized led display is more diversified, more visual, and more characteristic; diversity is different from the conventional, there are more choices: three-dimensional, naked-eye experience, interaction, image is more imitation shapes, and appearance is diverse: water drop shape, mask shape, flower shape, spiral shape, ring shape, column shape, honeycomb shape… all kinds of imitation shapes, the specialization is compared with conventional led display products, whether it is user experience, or shape In terms of appearance, customized LED display can bring about qualitative changes.
  • When all the screens you see are square curtain walls, you will definitely feel some strange experience, and you will spend more time paying attention and watching, which is very important for advertising. In terms of display, passersby are willing to spend a little more time watching the display material, the advertising display can be more publicized, and the product impression will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

What are the advantages of an NSE LED display?


  • We are a high-tech enterprise established in 2011, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and service. We specialize in providing the highest quality digital LED posters and commercial LED displays to our global customers.
  • We have 16 product design patents and 6 product invention patents, one of the LED display designers, the first LED display supplier in China, we have ISO 9001:2000, FCC, CE, RoHS, ETL, UL certification, hot-selling products have sufficient inventory, NSE LED display professional R & D team, to maintain product innovation and optimization.
  • NSE LED display features: plug-and-play design, zero-configuration, as simple as a TV, delivery time: 3 days. We have LED posters in stock, software: easy control via WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI, and a mobile phone APP.

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NSE USA after-sales service


  • The construction of NSE LED displays in the United States has improved the convenience of after-sales service of LED displays and the concerns of customers when purchasing products.
  • After-sales service is the most important link. After-sales service has become an important factor for enterprises to maintain or expand the market and can affect consumers. satisfaction level.
  • At the time of purchase, the relevant provisions of the warranty and after-sales service of the product can make the customer get rid of doubts and sway, and make up his mind to buy the product.
  • High-quality after-sales service can be regarded as a product of the brand economy. In a society with fierce market competition, with the improvement of consumers’ awareness of rights protection and changes in consumption concepts, consumers no longer only pay attention to the product itself.
  • Under similar circumstances, they are more willing to choose these companies with high-quality after-sales service.
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