NSE shipped perimeter led display to Canada

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  • perimeter-led display shipped to Canada project

In March 2022, we have an indoor P5 stadium LED display project, with 50 square meters, using IP65 protection level, high refresh, and high image quality, 960*960 LED display box, slim and lightweight design, Fast and easy to assemble, energy saving, high stability, waterproof, dustproof and rustproof.

  • Do you test all goods before delivery?

Yes, we will do 100% testing 72 hours before delivery to guarantee that the LED display is 100% safe before shipment.

  • How long is your warranty period?

We have a 2-year warranty. Structural design, installation problems, screen programming, and how to use the LED display on the screen, don’t worry, we have a professional after-sales team to solve any problems after you place an order.

  • How long does it take for NSE to ship the perimeter led display to Canada?

Shipping methods include water (sea), land and sea, and air. Of these, sea freight is the cheapest way, but it also takes the longest to ship. It takes about two to three months to ship from domestic to Canada; air freight is the fastest shipping method, it can arrive in about 5-7 days, and the price is also the most expensive.

Perimeter-led display use


  • With the development of society and the renovation and innovation of stadiums, Perimeter LED displays have been used in stadiums to replace traditional lighting and CRT displays. The LED display content is also very perfect. For example, it can clearly display text, video, and pictures, and has a larger field of view. The audience can see it more clearly and can truly reflect the real situation and real-time status of the athletes. As we all know, sports events will have many sponsors, so the LED display can broadcast and rotate sponsor advertisements around the stadium. And sports stadium LED display screens can be divided into scoring screens, fence screens, stadiums, etc. according to their functions and usage occasions.
  • The Perimeter LED display is used for advertisements around indoor badminton courts, basketball courts, and other sports venues. While enjoying the exciting games, the advertisement information is played in a loop. It is a perfect combination of modern sports and commercial operation, and at the same time, the humanized appearance design not only protects the personal safety of athletes but also plays a role in planning the stadium. The Perimeter LED display screen is divided into two categories according to its function and use: one is the scoring Perimeter LED display screen: the LED scoring screen is generally used in basketball, table tennis, volleyball, and other competition venues. The LED electronic display screen is connected with the live timing and scoring system of the game and can play and display the latest scores and information at any time. Five years ago, single-color and two-color LED displays were more popular. With the development and demand of society, full-color LED displays are now popular. The other is the fence Perimeter LED display: the fence LED display has LED displays in all corners of the stadium to play wonderful pictures, and broadcast and carousel of sponsor advertisements around the stadium. At present, stadiums basically use Indoor P5 Perimeter LED Display, because the best viewing distance of a P5 LED display is about 5 meters. It does not affect the viewing experience. The information about sports competitions can be displayed in a timely and accurate manner. The display screen with graphic and video display functions should have a video interface, which can receive video signals of various formats.
  • The Perimeter LED display is used for advertisements around football fields, basketball courts, and other stadiums. While enjoying the exciting games, the advertisement information is played in a loop. It is a perfect combination of modern sports and commercial operations. At the same time, the humanized design not only protects the personal safety of athletes and plays a role in planning the stadium.

Features of the perimeter-led display

With the development of society, people like sports events, and more and more countries will hold sports events, such as basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, etc. The number of people watching is increasing, so there are many Spectators at a distance who cannot clearly see the state of the game, so many stadiums have LED displays for live broadcasts.

  • Safety of perimeter-led display

Devices containing polymer materials in-stadium display screens (including LED module shells, LED module fillers, PCB boards,
Power cord sheath, etc.) shall be flame retardant material. The display screen of the stadium should have the functions of smoke detection, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm, and automatic screen shut down, and the power distribution cabinet should have the function of overload protection, leakage protection, and step-by-step power-on function.

  • Diversity of display control of perimeter-led display

1. The rolling timing of the game can be displayed in real-time.
2. The results of the game can be scrolled.
3. You can turn pages to display the game results.
4. The displayed text content can be switched between automatic and manual.
5. For display screens with graphic and video display functions, text and pictures, animations, and live broadcast images should be able to automatically switch between each other and manually.

Customize Solution

led perimeter display

Comparison of perimeter led display and outdoor led display.

  • Perimeter-led display: Stadiums have high requirements for clarity, refresh rate, and brightness. LED displays like stadiums need to be installed with cameras and video processors, requiring high brightness, wide viewing angles, high security, long life, easy installation, and windproof. , waterproof and other functions, you can play advertisements at any time and playback videos in real-time on the spot. You can clearly see the sports status of the athletes. The perimeter-led display adopts IP65 protection level, high refresh, and high image quality, 960*960 LED display box, with waterproof, dustproof, and rust-proof functions.
  • outdoor led display: outdoor led display is basically used in large shopping malls, without adding a camera function, outdoor requirements for waterproofing will be relatively high, due to changes in temperature difference, sometimes there will be thunder, rain, and snow, so do a good job Waterproof measures. Outdoor LED displays are not required to be as clear and high as gymnasiums, and they are all installed in simple cabinets.

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