NSE LED Poster Screen for Agleria Exhibition

With the progress of the times, LED displays have been used in various fields, especially events and exhibitions. In addition, LED displays are often used in various stores to attract customers. This article shares a case of NSE and Algeria applying NSE digital LED posters to the exhibition, and by the way, introduces the characteristics and uses of LED screens.

NSE LED Poster Screen for Agleria Exhibition


Introduction of Algeria LED screen case.

This producer used an NSE LED screen in an exhibition, for more details please refer to the below FAQ.

  • What products are in this project?

    Item: P3 indoor digital LED poster
    Size: 576*1920mm
    Quantity: 5pcs

  • How does it install?

    From the picture you can see that this customer uses 2 different installation methods, one is wall-mounted, and the other is base mounted. You may also wonder if you can choose two different installation methods at the same time. You can communicate with us when you place an order, and we can provide you with two different installation accessories. You can choose different installation methods according to different occasions.

  • What are the customers say?

    LED posters are delivered properly to our valuable customers from the Algerian desert. Thanks to my partner NSE SHENZHEN for the qualitative products received.

NSE LED Poster Screen for Agleria Exhibition2


Why do exhibitions need LED displays?

  • Decorating trade fairs with LED displays has become a trend in this digital age. Facts have proved that the effect of displaying companies or products with LED displays is far better than that of ordinary banners, which can attract more customers to customers and maximize the benefits of the exhibition.
  • Generally, the LED display screen will be used in the concurrent activities and conferences of the exhibition. In addition, placing the LED display screen in the exhibition hall will have a stronger visual impact on the exhibitors than ordinary banners, and the LED display screen can play dynamic videos and show promotional videos. , Exhibitor promotional video, the exhibition publicity effect will be better.
  • LED display has high commercial value, not only can be used in the exhibition, but you can also use it infinitely after participating in the exhibition, for example, for some company activities, or at the company entrance to display some company or product information.

Do you have some LED display solutions for exhibitions?


How to choose the right LED displays solutions for you when attending a trade fair depends on many factors. You can tell us your expected effect and your specific requirements, we will suggest a LED displays solution for you according to your needs. Generally speaking, the factors that affect your choice of an LED displays solution are as follows:

  1. Booth size: Booth size determines what size LED display you should use, and also determines the number of LED displays you need. Because if the booth space is not enough, too many LED displays will make the booth crowded and not beautiful enough.
  2. Display products: The products or services you want to display will also have a certain impact on the choice of LED display. For example: if the products you display are relatively high-value things such as jewelry, we will recommend that you choose small pixel pitch LED display.
  3. Decoration effect: If you just want LED display to help you display your company information or product information to attract customers, you can generally use a conventional LED display to achieve the effect you want. But at the same time, if you also want your booth to look more beautiful and atmospheric, you can also choose some Creative LED displays to decorate your booth, such as cube screens, spherical screens, etc. to attract customers.
  4. Budget: Your budget also determines how we recommend the most suitable LED displays solution for you, which will help you decorate with the best effect with the least money.
  5. Estimated time of receipt: If your delivery time is urgent, we will recommend some of our regular LED displays for you. For regular non-custom LED displays, we will keep stock for a long time, so that you can get the LED displays in the shortest time.

In a word, if you want to buy some led displays for your exhibition, you can contact us and tell us all your ideas and requirements, NSE will use our accumulated more than ten years of industry experience to design the most suitable for you LED display solution.

What are the advantages of LED displays for exhibitions?


  1. Good performance: LED displays can not only help you display your company information and products and services well, but also make
  2. Simple operation: It is very convenient to install or disassemble, and does not require special technicians to install, which saves time and effort. In addition, the NSE LED poster is plug-and-play, you can play the content you need without many operations.
  3. Reusable: In general, LED displays can be used normally for 5-10 years, which means that you not only use it in the annual exhibition, but you can also use it in some events at ordinary times, and even you can rent your LED displays to other customers for profit while your LED
  4. Customizable products: LED displays of different sizes or shapes can be customized according to your ideas to make your booth look more unique and eye-catching.


NSE LED Poster Screen for Agleria Exhibition3

In conclusion:

In the past ten years, NSE has been committed to continuously improving our product quality, and better customer service, and has been constantly developing new products to enrich our product range. After continuous efforts, our products have been exported to most countries in the world, and we also have a group of loyal customers in many countries. At the same time, NSE also visits many exhibitions every year, so we have a lot of experience in booth design and how to make LED displays get the most out of the exhibition. If you have any questions about LED displays, we are happy to provide you with professional help with LED displays.

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