NSE LED Poster Now Available In IKEA Singapore

Shenzhen, China – November 13, 2022 – NSELED, the leading global manufacturer of LED displays, announced today that its next generation of P3 Digital LED Poster Displays are now available in IKEA Singapore. The NSE P3 LED Poster is a window display specially designed for the main entrance.

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IKEA Singapore

NSE LED Poster Now Available In IKEA Singapore (2)

“NSE P3 LED Poster display provides an ultimate and reliable solution for indoor and outdoor advertising,” said Lei Sun, NSELED Marketing Manager. “Our high resolution, LED poster display with wide viewing angle makes your adverts stand out while allowing for flexibility in programming and installation.”

About NSE LED Poster

NSE P3 Digital LED Poster Display is a new generation of advertising platform with the following features:

  • High brightness with adjustable contrast
  • LED technology for low power consumption and wide viewing angle
  • Easy to operate and control with remote
  • Play and plug functionality
  • Supporting many file formats including GIF, JPG, and MP4 with USB and HDMI cable port
  • Supporting WIFI
  • Seamless splicing
  • Compliant with safety standards and certifications such as UL IP, CE, RoHS

Going forward, NSELED clients in Singapore can buy the P3 Digital LED Poster Display directly from IKEA. With LED posters available in IKEA Singapore, NSELED strives to offer differentiated solutions when advertising on LED posters.


For over 10 years, NSELED has been designing and manufacturing innovative LED posters and other digital advertising platforms. Known for its patented Taxi Top LED display, NSELED continues to bring modern, practical, and affordable solutions to the visual communication industry.
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Tel: +86 755 2823 7438
Email: sales@nseled.com
Contact Person: Simon Lan

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