NSE High Transparent P2.8 Car Rear Window Display in Sunshine testing

LED rear window screen as an outdoor mobile advertising display. Whether the content can still be clearly displayed in the glare of the sun has become a key factor for customers to choose this product. There are two points that are very important, one is the pixel pitch and another one is brightness.

LED rear window display pixel pitch is 2.8mm, and the recommended viewing distance is greater than three meters. Because the daily driving distance between vehicles will exceed three meters, the pixels of the product meet the requirements.

Regarding brightness, It meets requirements the content needs to be clearly displayed on sunny days. So that the screen will not look dark even when the sun is bright. Generally, the brightness tested on a sunny day is about 5000nits, and the brightness of the LED rear window screen exceeds 5000nits. The brightness of the two is similar, so this product is suitable for use in a sunny environment.

Nowadays, as one of the products in the mobile advertising series, the LED car rear window display has become the main product of NSE. For the product of car rear window LED displays, In recent years, the technical team of NSE has been continuously improving the brightness of this product. Now we can easily Confidently speaking, our P2.8 rear window screen can achieve ultra-clear display effect under direct sunlight without affecting the driving line of sight. Of course, NSE will not stop here and bring more high-quality products to customers.

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