Where To Use a Smart City Information LED Screen?

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Intelligent Cloud Control System for LED Signage

  •  In all the environments in which human beings live, the demand for intelligent signage system signs is everywhere. The perfection of a smart signage system marks the level of a city’s business philosophy, service status, and management awareness.
  • The combination of static identification and dynamic identification system with intelligent identification system can also assist the manager to manage the identification of the entire area. The smart sign system plays a finishing touch in the operation of the sign.
  • The user can log in on a browser via mobile phone, tablet or PC and achieve centralised remote control in the cloud system. The following functions can be implemented for single or multiple control devices: project management, content management (effect updates, time control lists), security management (locking, unlocking). The controls will provide real-time feedback.

What can the intelligent cloud control system do?

  • It contains a Programmer, which is an interface that allows you to mix your content into a timeline and calendar. This feature will let you foresee what each screen will broadcast, so you will be able to modify your content in a simple and fast way.
  • The content library allows you to upload digital files, videos, photos or sounds in many formats. By using a web browser on any Internet-connected device, you can program your content on one or more LED signage.
  • Multi-screen control is specifically designed to control one or more LED screens. You will be able to create individual or shared content schedules for your LED screens. Public web will allow you to easily manage all your LED screens from a single control panel.
  • A good power control system is one that should allow you to set the operating hours and turn your screen on at the most profitable schedule. Will allow you to program your screen to turn off/on so you will be able to reduce your energy consumption, extend the life of your screen and in turn save money.
  • Sometimes it will be necessary to create new content for LED screens. Makes it easier to mix text and graphic resources from our extensive multimedia library to create effects and dynamic transitions.
  • In addition to the advertising content and videos that can be uploaded and played, you can also choose to include live content from remote dynamic sources. This feature allows you to automatically stream news and other contents live and update it via the web.
  • You can check what is being broadcast live on each of your screens. The Live View system will allow you to check that your content looks perfect, clear and correctly adapted to each screen resolution.


About introduction taxi LED display

  • Compared with the traditional advertising media, the taxi led display has the characteristics of strong fluidity, wide publishing area, the high effective transmission rate of information, and freedom from time and space constraints.
  • You can play text, image, videos and other format advertisements to make the advertisements more attractive, so as to bring a strong impact, and let the car advertisements fully appreciate.
  • Mobile broadcasting: Taxi routes are not fixed, and the places of entry and exit include major commercial districts, commercial and financial districts, residential areas, stations, and other areas. Travel, home, business, and shopping have the opportunity to be exposed to high-frequency advertising shocks.
  • Low advertising cost: Taxi LED advertising is accurately aimed at the target market of the enterprise. It has large liquidity, wide range, flexible and accurate dissemination of brand information. Taxi LED advertising corresponds to the most active and large consumer groups in the city. Compared with traditional mass media, its audience is more targeted and the price-performance ratio is more prominent.
  • Effective promotion time: 24 hours a day, uninterrupted repetition, nearly 720 hours of effective promotion time per vehicle per month.
  • The group-by-group nature of advertising: Taxi has the characteristic of “chasing the crowd” than any other media does not have, that is, it is usually in downtown areas and gathers a large number of people. The people or vehicles around the taxi will become the people most frequently exposed to advertising information.
  • High credibility: taxis are closely related to citizens’ lives, and the advertising channels are unblocked and the recognition is high.

About introduction of Street Pole LED display

  • LED street pole screen is a kind of LED display screen that acts on street light poles, which is specially designed for street light scene applications.
  • The LED light pole screen can not only realize remote management and content switching and playback but also use the product’s own intelligent monitoringenvironmental monitoring, intelligent display, and other functions to monitor traffic, security, human flow, temperature and humidity, PM2.5 value and other data in real time. And through the background integration, it will broadcast in real time on the screen.
  • The wide layout of LED light pole display in the city can not only realize the comprehensive utilization of street light poles, so that the road is no longer monotonous, but also can display colorful advertising ideas according to different festivals.
  • In terms of the mode of transmission, the LED light pole screen can not only achieve a variety of dynamic or static playback effects. Moreover, it can also display multi-color pictures and story-telling video playback, which brings a visual impact and attracts more pedestrians’ attention.
  • The LED light pole screen has thus further consolidated its dominant position in the advertising industry, interpreting the latest trend of advertising presentation art.

introduction of Outdoor Advertisement LED display

About introduction of Outdoor Advertisement LED display

  • Outdoor LED display: the area is generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger, high brightness, large viewing angle, can work in the sun, with certain wind, rain, and waterproof functions. Mainly used in outdoor advertisingstations, squaresshopping malls, etc.
  • Outdoor LED displays usually appear in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the media for advertising information set up on the roofs of major buildings and in front of commercial areas, roadsides, and other outdoor venues. The main forms include road LED displaysLED electronic displays, and LED full-color screens.
  • Outdoor LED electronic screen media is the development trend of the advertising industry in the 21st century. It is an indoor and outdoor advertising display device with audio and video functions. It is an internationally leading high-tech product.

The appearance of this type of equipment is novel and unique, and its area can be adjusted at will. It can not only play audio and video advertising programs, but also can be equipped with fixed light box advertising spaces on all sides.

Outdoor LED screen is an ideal substitute for canvas advertising and light box advertising. LED electronic screen media is divided into graphic display media and video display media, both of which are composed of LED matrix blocks.

The graphic display media can display Chinese characters, English text, and graphics synchronously with the computer.

The video display media is controlled by a microcomputer, with both graphics, text, and images. It broadcasts various information in a real-time, synchronized, and clear information dissemination mode. It can also display two-dimensional and three-dimensional animationvideoTVVCD programs, and on-site live events.

The LED electronic screen media display pictures with bright colors and strong three-dimensionality, which are as static as an oil painting and moving like a movie.

Widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education systems, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, and industrial enterprise management And other public places.

introduction of Outdoor Advertisement LED display

introduction of Outdoor Advertisement LED display

About introduction of Traffic Message sign

  • As the “eyes” of the drivers on the highway, the LED traffic guidance screen plays a very important role.
  • It can inform the driver of the road conditions ahead in advance, so as to facilitate the driver to avoid the congestion point as much as possible. The live video of the monitoring center helps the traffic manager. Discover emergencies the first time and deal with them in time.
  • The LED traffic guidance screen plays a major role. The traffic flow data collected on-site provides a scientific decision basis for municipal experts to transform the road network, or the LED traffic guidance screen realizes the publicization of this basis.
  • At present, the construction of road monitoring centers in various cities in my country has been basically completed.
  • At the same time, a real-time broadcast and release system for urban road traffic information has been opened. LED traffic guidance screens have become the main military “ideas” for the removal of traffic jams in major cities.
  • Has the following advantages:

High brightness, reasonable viewing angle
The release of road traffic information is mainly for road travelers and does not require high viewing angles. The display screen works 24 hours a day, and the display content should be clearly visible under the direct sunlight on the surface of the display screen, so higher brightness is required.

The brightness of the display is automatically adjustable
It is necessary to ensure that the display screen is clearly visible at the maximum ambient illuminance during the day, and to avoid the “glare” phenomenon on rainy days and at night. The brightness of the screen body needs to be automatically adjusted according to the environmental illuminance. Generally, the automatic brightness adjustment should be above 8 levels.

Workaround the clock, with complicated environmental conditions
Complete outdoor environment, the power supply environment is complicated, and the external working environment has high requirements in terms of temperature, rain, moisture, corrosion, and lightning protection, and special targeted measures need to be taken.

Remote control, intelligent detection
The installation positions of the display screens are distributed in a large area and controlled remotely by the center. The daily maintenance and inspection of the display screen are difficult, so it must have the corresponding remote control and inspection functions.

Public attention, high requirements for safety, real-time, accuracy, and reliability
Traffic guidance information is released to the public, with high requirements for real-time, accuracy, and reliability.
In order to ensure the working stability and reliability of the LED traffic guidance display, the choice of LED traffic guidance display control board, software, LED pixel tube, integrated circuit, etc. should be stable and reliable. Generally work in a network environment, public information release, and high-security requirements.

introduction of Traffic Message sign

About introduction of Advertising LED display in petrol station.

  • With the upgrading and improvement of outdoor small-pitch LED products, many sub-industry applications have shown good application prospects, and gas station billboard applications are one of them.
  • As an outdoor media window, gas stations have unique advantages. First, benefit from its huge audience coverage. According to data from 2011, about 3.39 billion vehicles entered Sinopec gas stations throughout the year. With 2 people per vehicle, the annual audience can reach 6.78 billion people, which is quite impressive.
  • Secondly, car owners are mostly groups with higher average incomes. This group of people is also the main consumer group of high-end social consumer goods. They have great consumption potential for fashion consumer goods such as automobiles, insurance, finance, cosmetics, fashion, and electronic products. It is the target audience of such consumer brands.
  • Furthermore, the gas station provides advertisements for car owners when refueling, which not only alleviates the anxiety of car owners waiting, but also achieves the purpose of brand promotion.
  • Moreover, it is different from the situation where consumers can only attract their attention for a few seconds when passing by a shop window in a short time. The stay time required for refueling is relatively long so that advertisers can create richer and fuller promotional content and achieve better promotional effects.
  • At present, some LED display companies in my country, from upstream components to downstream packaging, have invested in the R&D and production of outdoor small-pitch LED displays, and some products already have mass production capabilities.
  • In addition, in the field of outdoor advertising, in the competition with LCD commercial displays, although the current price of outdoor small-pitch LEDs is relatively high and does not have advantages, they have unique application advantages in the fields of brightness, seams, and special-shaped displays.
  • Therefore, with the advancement of outdoor small-pitch LED display technology and the maturity of the industry, the application of small-pitch LEDs in emerging outdoor advertising fields such as gas stations is also very promising.

About introduction of Toll Gate LED display

  • With the rapid increase in the degree of informatization in the transportation industry, the digital information release system has become an important platform for informatization dissemination.
  • The high-speed toll station is the entrance and exit of the expressway, where the traffic volume is more and the driving speed is slow. This is also the inherent advantage of the toll station using the information release system to spread advertising. Compared with the traditional high-speed advertising, the LED advertising machine information release system can the content is more vividly displayed to the driver and passengers, and it is also more attractive.
  • The high-speed toll station information release system is a computer system as the core, which adopts centralized control and unified management to transmit audio and video signals, pictures, text, and other multimedia information to the LED advertising machine display terminal through the network, with high-definition digital signals Broadcast.
  • Multimedia dynamic advertisingstatic advertisingonline advertising, a combination of multiple advertising methods, for drivers or passengers, to quickly obtain important information, as well as more advertising information.
  • In abnormal situations such as highway congestion or traffic accidents, dynamic emergency evacuation prompts are provided, and real-time information such as news, announcements, and weather forecasts can be quickly displayed to different regions and audience groups, so that information can be released in a targeted manner.

  • Application advantages of information release system:

    1. Wide coverage
    High-speed toll stations deep in the city do not necessarily exist in separate spaces. For example, the various toll stations of some city’s Expressway are located beside the city’s main roads. The LED advertising screens of the toll stations can not only cover the vehicles entering and exiting the highway, but also drive the surrounding area. Advertised in vehicles and passing people.
    2. High media value
    Compared with high-speed big-name advertisements, the information release system of high-speed toll stations has the same visual effects and dynamic attributes, which can increase the possibility of active viewing by the audience. The video format also has more creative space for brand advertisements and can express The content is also richer.
    3. Low launch price
    The high-speed toll station information release system is cheaper than traditional printing methods, and can be updated at any time with a one-time investment, reducing the production cost due to updated content.
    The toll station information release system has become a more important delivery vehicle at the moment, which is more efficient and more flexible than traditional marketing methods.

 Outdoor Digital LED Signage

About introduction of Outdoor Digital LED Signage

  • Digital signage, as the name suggests, is an application method that uses digital information system as a sign. Most of them use LED display systems to display public information in public places.
  • The application of the digital signage system has played an important role in the informatization of hotels and shopping malls that cannot be ignored. In all areas of hotels and shopping malls, customers can enjoy the high-quality services brought by digital signage.
  • In today’s society, advertisements are overwhelming, and the audience’s acceptance is not considered at all, which will cause the audience’s aesthetic fatigue.
  • The most important feature of digital signage is to provide the audience with relevant and necessary information on the spot. This information is what the audience wants to know and understand. Or in-depth intellectual or artistic propaganda.
  • For example, indicating the location of the floor in the shopping mall, indicating the ordering information in the restaurant, and providing the information of booking transportation in the hotel. These information are all information required by a specific group of people in a specific occasion. Targeted. Instead of overwhelming messy information


About introduction of Door Head LED display

  • The LED door head screen has a long strip shape. All over the country, everyone is accustomed to commonly known as LED door head screens, mostly referring to various shops, shops, and pedestrian streets, etc. The LED advertising screens hung on the store, also known as LED store advertising screens.
  • According to the use environment, it is divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. The indoor screen area generally ranges from less than 1 square meter to more than ten square meters. The dot density is high. It is used in non-direct sunlight or lighting environment. The viewing distance is a few meters away. The body does not have the ability to seal and waterproof.
  • The outdoor screen area generally ranges from a few square meters to tens or even hundreds of square meters, the dot density is relatively sparse, and the luminous brightness is 3000-6000cd/square meter (different orientations, different brightness requirements). It can be used under direct sunlight, the viewing distance is tens of meters away, and the screen has good wind and rain resistance and lightning protection capabilities.
  • The semi-outdoor screen is located between the outdoor and the indoor, and has a high luminous brightness. It can be used outdoors in non-direct sunlight. The screen is sealed to a certain extent, usually under the eaves or in the window.

Outdoor Digital LED Signage

Door Head LED display

About introduction of Shelf LED display

  • Nowadays, supermarkets are global industries, and involving people’s livelihoods is a must-have industry in all large, medium, and small cities across the country.
  • We look at the many cards on the shelves in the supermarket that say, the introduction of the goods, the details, and the barcode. Every time to change or adjust the goods, you need to reprint the barcode of the goods and replace it! The workload is large and cumbersome, waste of labor and time.
  • Now there is a kind of LED screen suitable for the shelfLED shelf screen, which solves this tedious work and frees up more labor and time. It can display product details, dynamic and gorgeous video animation, and stimulate consumption. It also played a role in advertising.

  • Features of shelf screen:

    1. Universal installation structure, suitable for supermarket/sales/warehouse shelf screen installation;
    2. Add a new protective panel, no tool maintenance, and add protective covers on both sides to prevent damage to the light panel during transportation and handling;
    3. Asynchronous/synchronous control, rich sockets, plug and play, easy to change the playback content;
    4. The buckle is helpful to prevent the wire from loosening and ensure the stability of the product

Shelf LED display

A smart city cannot do without the addition of smart signs. Use your network of screens to display information of interest to the public: traffic information, alerts, detours or delays for roadworks, parking availability and any other information relevant to improving the functioning of your city.

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