What Is The Advantage Of Transparent Screen?

The LED transparent screen is characterized by “transparency”, so is it completely transparent? In fact, it is not. Its permeability can generally reach 65%~90%.


High transparency, high light transmittance:

● The screen module looks like a louver composed of a group of linear LED lights. Each LED light bar is only 2mm thick, and the gaps between the light bars are parallel to form a transparent effect.

● The design greatly reduces the line of sight of structural components. The obstruction of the glass curtain wall guarantees the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall and maximizes the perspective effect.

● Transparent led display is currently the display device with the highest clarity and the best perspective effect. It is generally installed on the inside of the glass curtain wall of a commercial building which completely breaks the limitations of traditional LED displays on glass.

● It is transparent, bright, and gorgeous, and the super-high refresh rate display is floating, imaginary, and attracting people’s attention.

● The most common LED transparent screens are in some high-rise buildings, shopping malls and other glass curtain walls, and it cannot be seen from the outside. But when the screen is lit, the audience stands at the ideal distance to watch the picture. It’s like floating above glass. And it will not affect the lighting and ventilation of high-rise buildings and shopping malls.

Simple structure and light weight:

● What is the advantage of transparent screen compared with fixed led display?

▸ The LED transparent display adopts a hollow strip design. Compared with the traditional LED display cabinet, it is lighter in weight and smaller in space.

▸ The thickness of the main panel is only about 10m, and the weight of the transparent screen is only about 12kg per square. Aluminum profile structure with a transparent PC panel, the appearance is stylish and beautiful. Its structure is more flexible, and the box size can be customized according to the specific size of the glass to better fit the glass curtain wall and reduce the load-bearing pressure.

▸ Because the it has transparent lighting, no additional heat dissipation equipment is needed, and there is no centralized layout of cabinet accessories. The weight of the same area size is more than 50% lighter than the traditional display.

● Is it easy to install?

Transparent led display install save the cost of steel structure, SMD conventional display screen is about 42kg per square meter. When the screen area is too large, it will be a big challenge to the steel structure of the screen body and the original building structure.

▸ The LED transparent display has a flexible structure, light weight and quick installation. Transparent LED screen can be installed independently without glass. If it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, it can be directly attached to the steel structure of the curtain wall, and the load on the steel structure is very low.

advantage of transparent screen

advantage of transparent screen

It can present a better display effect:

● What is the display effect of transparent led display?

▸ Unique display effect, because the display background is transparent, it can make the advertising screen feel like floating on the glass curtain wall. It shows a good advertising effect and artistic effect.

▸ The adjustable range of brightness reaches 800-1200CD, with a large viewing angle of 160°/150°, and the images seen from the left and right sides of the screen and up and down are clearer and more uniform. With extremely high color consistency, there will be no local distortion, lack of brightness and other phenomena. 16bit grayscale, high contrast, high refresh rate, fine smooth and high-fidelity picture quality.

▸ Multi-combination of playback information can provide exquisite display screens and rich information customized content. Creative materials-videos, image advertisements, Flash, subtitles, and other elements are displayed on a transparent screen in partitions.

▸ The flexible control mode supports remote control of the Web network, and the screen display content is updated automatically and regularly. Plug and play and support U disk to update the material in real-time, which is convenient and quick.


Fast installation and easy maintenance:

● How to maintain the transparent LED display?

▸ When a certain LED light bar is damaged, only the single light bar needs to be replaced, and the entire module does not need to be replaced. The maintenance can done indoors with high efficiency and low cost.

▸ For maintenance and cleaning, you can buy a better quality cleaning kit. The general cleaning solution includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, antistatic solution, etc. It can effectively clean the dust and other dirt marks on the transparent screen of the LED.

● The general cleaning steps are:

▸ The first step: VACUUMING. First, suck off the dirt and dust on the surface of the transparent screen cover of the light-emitting diode.

▸ The second step: WET WASHING. Use water spray and steam humidification to spray the display cover, and scrub the lamp cover with the soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to remove dirt;

▸ The third step: DRING. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry and wet the water droplets and watermarks left behind to ensure that the display mask is clean and dust-free.

● Attention should be paid to cleaning:

1. Unplug the power cord before cleaning.

2. Choose cleaning fluid, including electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, antistatic fluid, etc. The selected should be of good quality in order to effectively clean the dust and other dirt marks on the LED transparent screen.

Green energy saving, good heat dissipation performance:

●  The LED transparent display does not need any auxiliary heat dissipation equipment because of its high transparency, noiselessness, low power consumption, and other good performance, which can let the wind naturally dissipate heat.

●  When it plays a video advertisement, the part of the content that is displayed is illuminated, and the rest of the content stops working.

●  It saves more than 30% of energy than the conventional LED display. This playback method can also reduce energy consumption and light pollution, responding to the national energy saving and emission reduction Call.


Save the cost of building lighting:

● If the LED transparent display is installed, a large part of the lighting lamps on the exterior wall can be saved. At the same time, the LED screen is more absorbent, which can save costs and have advertising benefits.

● The LED transparent screen is energy-saving and environmentally friendly: its own power consumption is small, and the average power consumption is less than about 280W/㎡, without the need for traditional refrigeration systems and air conditioning heat dissipation.


Simple operation and strong controllability:

 It can be connected to a computer, a graphics card, and a remote transceiver through a network cable, or it can be controlled by a remote cluster wirelessly to change the content in the display at any time.

A wide range of applications:

 The buildings are generally based on glass curtain walls, which need to be beautiful and light. The LED transparent wall hardly affects the day-lighting or aesthetics. It can be perfectly compatible with glass curtain walls and play video advertisements on it.

 In jewelry stores:

Is the jewelry store firstly use the transparent LED Display. The environment of the jewelry store is superior. The shop windows must display products without blocking the sight of passers-by to see jewelry of all kinds lined up in the store. The emergence of display transparent screens has just solved this problem, and shops such as gold jewelry stores are more commonly used now.

● The studio center:

The LED transparent screen fire and the Korean Winter Olympics, 8 minutes in Beijing directed by Zhang Yimou. The LED transparent wall on the field shows the beauty of science and technology, let the world know that this transparent screen is produced in China. We also know that the original LED transparent screen is OK in this way, since then, LED transparent screens have also been used in studios, performing arts stages, and other places, and the effect is very perfect!

 Shopping malls:

The shopping malls are also very high-end places, and advertising must be exquisite. In the atrium of the shopping mall, hoisting a transparent LED screen will make your brand and your advertisement attractive.

● Science and technology museum:

The transparent LED screen itself has a sense of science and technology, of course there can be many solutions in the science and technology museum.

● In airport terminals:

LED transparent screens can be used not only as information display, but also as advertising media. In airport terminals, hotels, bars, KTV, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings, office buildings and other places with visual requirements, LED transparent screens are undoubtedly the best choice.


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