What do you want to know about P1.875 Small pixel pitch led display?

LED displays are widely used in our daily life. Basically, it can be said that you can’t see your eyes when you look up. We will often see a led display poster, whether it is a storefront on the street, a concert scene, or the surrounding real estate and restaurants are equipped with led electronic display screens, but most of them are traditional large-scale LED display screens-Pitch led display.

The emergence of small-pitch LED displays has ushered in a wider development for the use of LED displays. Whether it is a large-pitch LED display or a small-pitch LED display, the application rate in daily life is very high. With the improvement of small-pitch LED display technology, LED display manufacturers have also set their sights on a wider indoor high-definition full-color small-pitch LED display application market. This article will help you know why P1.875 small pixel pitch led display is so popular now.

P1.875 small pixel pitch led display

What is a P1.875 small pixel pitch led display?

A small pitch LED display, as the name suggests, is an LED display with a small distance between the lamp cores. Mainly include: P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.875, P1.667, P1.5, P1.25, P1.0 etc. LED display products.

NSE LED’s small pixel pitch display is mainly a cost-effective small pixel pitch led display of P1.875. Small-pitch LED display is a general term for a complete set of systems, including an LED display system, high-definition display control system, and heat dissipation system. The small-pitch LED display adopts pixel-level point control technology to realize the state control of the brightness, color restoration, and uniformity of the display pixel unit.

What are the features of a small pixel pitch led display?


The small-pitch LED display adopts a seamless design. Compared with the ordinary LED display, it satisfies the influence of the physical frame for customers during use, making the picture more complete.

High brightness, intelligently adjustable

The LED screen itself has high brightness. In order to meet the comfortable viewing effect for the viewer in the strong light environment and the dark light environment, and avoid visual fatigue, the brightness can be adjusted with the light-sensing system.

Higher gray levels for better color performance

The grayscale performance of the small-pitch LED display is also quite great at low brightness. The small-pitch LED display has a very good picture layering, Making the display image more vivid. which is much higher than that of the traditional display. At the same time, it can also show more image details without information loss.

High contrast, faster response speed, high refresh rate

The small pitch LED screen achieves a high refresh rate through high-frequency scanning of the image on the screen, making the displayed image more stable, the edge of the image is clear, and the true information of the image is accurately restored. On the contrary, it will cause problems such as image flickering and jittering. At the same time, it will cause visual fatigue for the viewer.

Natural color reproduction

Adopt the world’s leading point-by-point correction technology, use the principle of LED light-emitting, preserve the integrity and authenticity of the color, avoid the disadvantages of other display technologies such as the color loss and deviation caused by the shortcomings of the material of the backlight projection, and realize the color reproduction to a great extent.

Stereoscopic experience

When the customer chooses to use the 3D playback mode, the small pitch display screen can present ultra-high-definition images. Whether it is TV studio, exhibition, or outdoor video advertising, it can vividly interpret the wonderful vision, allowing the audience to enjoy an extraordinary visual experience.

pixel pitch led display

What should you consider when you choose a small pixel pitch led display?

Size and resolution of pixel pitch

The size and resolution of the pixel pitch is a critical factor when people buyThe smaller the pixel pitch of LED small-pitch display products, the higher the resolution also with the higher the price. Therefore, when purchasing a small pitch LED display, you should fully consider your application environment and program budget, and avoid spending a lot of money without achieving the desired effect.

Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of LED small-pitch display products will also be higher than that of ordinary displays. In use, the larger the screen size, the more complicated the maintenance process and the corresponding increase in maintenance costs. In addition, the power consumption of small spacing is not easy to reduce, and the operating cost of large-size LED small spacing displays is usually higher.


The compatibility of LED small-pitch signal transmission is a factor that many users often overlook when purchasing small-pitch screens, but it is also a very important factor: the indoor signal access of LED small-pitch displays has the characteristics of diversification, the large number, and scattered locations.

Therefore, for efficient application, signal transmission equipment must not be taken lightly. When choosing a product, don’t just focus on the resolution of the product. Whether the existing signal equipment supports the corresponding video signal and after-sales service are also factors that must be considered when purchasing products.

Three suggestions for you to choose a small pixel pitch led display:

“low light and high grayscale” is the premise

As the terminal of the display, the small-pitch LED screen should take the comfort of viewers into first consideration. Therefore, when you choose a small pixel pitch LED display, the primary concern is the brightness. Relevant studies have shown that in terms of the sensitivity of the human eye, as an active light source, LED brightness is twice as bright as passive light sources (projectors and liquid crystal displays). And if want to ensure the viewer’s eye comfort, the brightness range can only be between 100 cd/m2-300 cd/m2.

Choose the point spacing, pay attention to the balance of “effect and technology

In order to achieve good visual effects for conventional LED screens, the viewing distance needs to be fully considered, and the same is true for small-pitch LED screens. Users can make simple calculations through visual distance=dot spacing/0.3~0.8. And the best viewing distance of P.1875 small-pitch LED screen is about 2 meters away.

Select the resolution, pay attention to the matching with “front-end signal transmission equipment”

The smaller the pixel pitch of LED screen, the higher the resolution and the higher the clarity of the picture. In actual operation, when concerned to the resolution of the screen, the combination with the front-end signal transmission products should also be taken into consideration, if users want to build a good small-pitch LED display system.

applications of small pixel pitch led display

What are the applications of small pixel pitch led display?

Indoor small pitch LED displays have gradually been popularized in command monitoring, smart conferences, radio and television broadcasting, exhibitions, information services, and other scenarios. Excellent features such as no black screen are widely used in many industries such as national public management, public safety, public transportation, energy, finance, IT, broadcasting, and education.

Conference room

Because of the seamless splicing design of the small-pitch display, the faces of the characters will not be divided during remote meetings. When displaying Word, Excel, PPT, and other files, there will be no confusion between seams and table dividing lines, resulting in a misreading of the content. In addition, small-pitch LED screens usually have a wide viewing angle of nearly 180°, which can meet the needs of large conference rooms, long-distance and side viewing.

Enterprise showroom

Small-pitch LED displays to belong to indoor LED displays, and the module spacing is usually below P2, which is very suitable for viewing in a short distance, and can get a seamless display effect on a large screen. The wide viewing angle display of the small-pitch LED display is more in line with the application of modern large-scale exhibition hall platforms, and it is perfectly integrated with the interior decoration design. Whether it is visual enjoyment or the first impression, it is incomparable with other display products.

TV broadcast room

The video background application in the TV studio is most typical of the anchor background video wall. The technical indicators such as color temperature, brightness, grayscale, viewing angle, contrast ratio, refresh rate and other technical indicators of the display panel in the studio are quite strict. The small pitch screen can easily meet the application of such scenes in various technical indicators, and because the LED display has no seams and small unit size, it can easily meet the inner arc dance design, and it is better in terms of contrast and color than other panels. Therefore, radio and television applications will be an important territory for high-definition LEDs.

In conclusion

After years of development, LED small-pitch display technology has been rapidly improved, and the application field has also been widely expanded. We cannot deny that the LED display industry has a very large amount of small pitch LED display use. However, because the cost of small pitch LED screens is relatively high, the price will be higher than that of ordinary LED displays. NSELED’s P1.875 small pitch screen relatively achieves a good balance between cost and clarity and is loved by many customers.

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