Transparent LED Banner VS Transparent LED Display VS Transparent LED Circle

If you are in the market for a transparent led screen, you might be very confused by the name Transparent LED Banner, Transparent LED Display and Transparent LED Circle. What are they? And how are you going to pick the right one for you? What about the transparent led display price?

What are Transparent LED Banner, Transparent LED Display, and Transparent LED Circle respectively?

Transparent LED Banner VS Transparent LED Display VS Transparent LED Circle

● A Transparent LED Display is made up of small transparent LED lights arranged in light bars which are fixed to the frame like louvers. So this LED screen can admit light while texts, images, and videos displayed on it seem to float in the air.

● A Transparent LED Banner is a type of LED display with high transparency designed to be banner-like and an unbeatable replacement to traditional paper posters and banners.

● The Transparent LED Circle adopts transparent led technology so it can achieve high transparency as well. Shaped into a circle, this transparent led screen is perfect for product promotion.

What do Transparent LED Banner, Transparent LED Display, and Transparent LED Circle have in common?

Judging from the name of these three types of LED display, we know they are all LED transparent screens.

● High-transparency

All three LED screens can achieve unrivaled transparency of up to 80%, which allows natural light to pass through and that’s why they are also called see-through screens. Without obstructing the view from both sides, the screens are barely visible from a distance, and what you could see are just the images floating in the air and the layouts of the interior of stores. Sounds magic, doesn’t it?

● Unmatched brightness for window display

All these three LED displays are ideal for window display because they have unmatched brightness of up to 5500nits, perfect for businesses that want to make an impression on passersby. The brightness of the LEDs will ensure that your display is visible from a long distance away, no matter what time of the day, what season of the year it is.

● Light-weight & thin

All three transparent LED screens are super lightweight and thin, enabled by their smart designs without cabinets made of metal usually attached to other types of LED screens. They are not only more portable but also easily attached without the need for extra support beams or stands made of metal that can get in the way and be unsightly while setting up your event space.

Transparent LED Banner VS Transparent LED Display VS Transparent LED Circle

● 3D visual effects

The three transparent LED screens are all favored for jewelry showcases because of their detailed presentation of jewels in all angles with glass-free 3D visual effects. 3D visual effects are the unique selling point of 3 transparent LED screens. Transparent LED screens can also be used as a window display for fashion shows and other events, captivating attention with 3D visual effects.

● Easy maintenance

One of the benefits that come with using transparent LED displays is easy maintenance. When there’s a repair needed to be done, what you have to do is take the faulty LEDs bar out and replace the malfunctioning diode with a new one. The process is simple and straightforward.

● Excellent heat-dissipation & long service life

Due to the gaps between each LEDs bar, there is a lot of space for air to pass through. This means the transparent LED displays have excellent heat dissipation and thus longer service life, which can last up to more than 100,000 hours.

What are the differences between Transparent LED Banner, Transparent LED Display, and Transparent LED Circle?

The most distinct difference between these three transparent screens lies in their design.

Circle Transparent LED is a circular led display that’s rare and novel to see in the market, high-end and sci-fi in appearance.

Banner Transparent LED is sleek in design, which resembles an iPhone, less angular around the four corners. It’s very popular in the market as it’s an innovative replacement for traditional paper banners and posters.

The Transparent flexible LED display is elegant and neat in design. The standard cabinet size is 500*500mm/500*1000mm. The most notable difference between the transparent LED display and the former two is that the transparent LED display can be spliced to make a large transparent video wall, enabled by its modular design and fast locking system.

As to the different transparent led display prices, it depends on the size of your projects, so the answer is non-conclusive.
Now have you been clarified the differences among these three transparent LED displays? If not, please feel free to contact us for more specific information. We are always happy to help.

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