The Practical Benefits Of Stadium LED Display

The perimeter LED display board can run along the edge of the football field, balcony, or tennis court. Instead of the original printed sponsor logo, they use videos and animations to display vibrant advertisements. These videos and animations can be used to display numerous advertisements in a single game, can easily change their information so that a new sponsor concept can be created.

As followed some practical benefits of NSE outdoor stadium LED Display:

① High brightness and waterproof

Outdoor perimeter LED display is popular in sports events, which is effective to show continuous advertising messages on the LED displays throughout the perimeter. Considering that this is a type of outdoor LED Display, the outdoor stadium led displays are made of high quality and high brightness LED components with suitable brightness adjustable for outdoor day and night 5500-8000 CD brightness. Meanwhile, the Perimeter LED cabinet passed IP65 protection grade, makes the screen work in all outdoor weather conditions.

② More presentable and professional

Secondly, if you want the media reporters to broadcast football matches from your stadium, then installing stadium LED displays is a must. The clarity and intensity of the LED lights will make the entire event clearer and more realistic. Even in the broadcast recording, the ball will be more prominent, and the faces of the players and fans would be visible if the stadium is fitted with the football LED display. There is no doubt that football stadiums equipped with LED displays will be more attractive.

benefits of stadium LED Display

benefits of stadium LED Display

③ An extra way to do advertising

Furthermore, during the halftime of a football match, the football LED display can play the greatest role in advertising. The LED display surrounds the entire stadium with high resolution and high brightness. If advertised, it will cover all the spectators at halftime. It’s a profitable choice for both football stadium owners and advertisers.

If you are looking for a stadium LED display for your football field, do not hesitate to contact NSE Group for a further talk!

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