What is the LED Car Rear Window Digital display?

LED Car Rear Window Digital display

● With the increasing maturity of domestic LED technology, transparent advertising media on the rear window of vehicles have appeared one after another. It is a powerful supplement and excavation to the LED advertising market, and has a very obvious advantage in the field of mobile advertising.
● LED car rear window digital display refers to the display screen installed on buses, taxi, modified vans, and other vehicles. The main installation forms are buses and taxi rear windows.
● Conventional car led display screens can often be seen, but traditional led display screens are opaque, resulting in obstruction of external light, and the dim light inside the car makes the environment more depressing.
● The people in the car are obstructed from seeing the outside, and cannot see what is going on outside. The car led transparent screen seems to be very necessary. Outdoor light can shine into the car, and people in the car are basically unrestricted to watch the outside situation.

● The transparent rear window screen can form a mobile advertising space in the streets and alleys, as a mobile advertising medium. The effect of flashing the transparent screen on the rear window of the car is very attractive, and the exposure rate of the advertisement is high.
● The batch input cost is low, and the power consumption is as small as a dozen watts. The materials are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional advertising, the effect is better and the price is more affordable.
● Intelligent management system, efficient operation of group sending management, GPS positioning function, real-time data tracking analysis, and other functions to save management costs. It is a very effective operation strategy for advertising operations.
● It seamlessly connects with the Internet and uses the mobile phone to control the background to send advertising information. Real-time monitoring of the trajectory of the car, everything is under control.

What are the features of the LED car rear window display?

● Ultra-thin design, easy to disassemble and install: reduce the space occupation of the car LED display.
● Aluminum alloy material cabinet: reduce the weight of the car LED display to reduce the weight of the car body.
● Electrostatic protection measures: prevent damage to the LED lights and driver IC.
● Wide voltage design: prevent the car from damaging the display screen by generating high pulse voltage when starting, braking and stopping.
● With high refresh rate and high gray, the LED display screen is more realistic. It has the function of point-by-point correction of brightness and color, which makes the display effect of the LED display more abundant and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use.
● Advertisement content can be changed at any time, showing different advertisements for different customers around the clock.
● Support network control function, enabling you to control the display screens of several cities in one place, and change the content you want to play at any time.
● With our multi-function card, it can be switched on and off at any time by software timing or manually to realize the unattended function.

What is the advantage of green led car rear window digital display?

 ● Light transmittance:
Light transmittance can be said to be a very obvious advantage, which solves the great shortcomings of traditional screens that do not transmit light.

The indoor light is basically unobstructed, and the vision of the passengers or the driver in the car is wider, which will not affect the visual depth of the driver, can easily see the sight of the rear window, will not affect the reversing, and also reduce a lot of potential safety hazards.
The light transmittance of the vehicle-mounted transparent screen can reach more than 70%.

 Display effect:
The brightness of the car led transparent screen can reach about 5000CD, and the dot pitch is generally P3.91. The pitch is smaller than other outdoor products, and the resolution of the car screen of the same size is also higher, and the display effect is naturally better.

The effect can be clearly seen when viewing at a distance of 20-30 meters away, and at the same time, it can meet the viewing needs of the rear window with a large tilt angle.

● The high protection capability can cope with the aerosol problems generated in winter and summer, and effectively solve the problem of dead lights when the pins of traditional SMD technology package devices get damp.

 Can meet all-weather advertising broadcast.

Under 4000nit brightness during the day, it can be more energy-saving and electricity-saving to achieve efficient advertising operations.

The brightness is automatically set and adjusted to the comfort level of human eyes at night to avoid light pollution and achieve good advertising effects.

● The screen body has the ability to bend flexibly, and it can be firmly pasted on the curved rear window glass with nano transparent glass glue.

The installation is convenient and fast, does not occupy passenger space, and has a strong sense of comfort and safety.

 Light weight:

LED transparent screen is famous for its high permeability and lightweight. The car transparent screen inherits these advantages, and the weight of a single cabinet is only about 4KG.

● Mobile media has the advantages of strong communication ability, good communication effect, and wide coverage.

Compared with other LED display screens, vehicle-mounted LEDs are always in motion. Advertising information can be broadcast at any time along with the car on the road, which has a stronger dissemination capability and a larger coverage area than fixed advertising screens.

● The operation is simple and easy to use. Whether you are using a computer or a mobile phone, it is very convenient to change information and play videos.

 LED car rear window digital display

 LED car rear window digital display

What to look for when you purchase a car rear LED transparent display?

● LED transparent screen lamp beads selection

LED lamp beads are one of the most important parts of the car rear transparent display, be sure to choose the well-known domestic or foreign lamp brand manufacturers: such as National star, Kinglight, and other first-line brands.”

● Outdoor installation, it is necessary to choose a high brightness display for better display effect under the sunshine.

● Electrostatic capacity

LED transparent screen is a semiconductor device, sensitive to static electricity and very easy to cause static failure. Therefore, the anti-static ability is essential to the life of the display.
In general, the LED transparent screen of the human body static mode test failure voltage should not be less than 2000V.

● Viewing angle

In general, the viewing angle of car rear LED transparent screen is 140 °, if the viewing angle is too small, the experience of visual effects will also be correspondingly worse.

● LED transparent screen will naturally focus on its transparency, which can not affect the driver to observe the rear traffic situation.

● Driver IC

LED car rear transparent screen special driver chip refers to the LED light-emitting characteristics and is designed specifically for LED display driver chip. Like the central nerve of the human brain, in charge of the body’s physical actions and the operation of the brain thinking consciousness, so the choice of the driver is also very important

● Power consumption

LED car back transparent screen is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, their own power consumption is small, the average power consumption is less than 280W / ㎡, without the traditional cooling system and air conditioning cooling

What are the applications of the car rear LED transparent screen?

● The transparent car rear window LED display can be applied to all types of car windows by using different brackets. More flexible in installing on the different vehicles

● BUS LED display:
Bus good image plays an important role, you can get timely news, weather forecasts, advertising, and other information through wireless. It can synchronize the display of station information and other comprehensive information.

 Taxi LED display:
Transparent car back window LED display is an in-vehicle Portable LED Sign. Comparing to traditional LED screens, the transparent LED screen is more creative in displaying content. As the vehicle moving on the road, the advertising will be appreciated potentially. It won’t block out light or the view on both sides.

What are the prospects for the development of the car back LED transparent display?

● At the beginning of the LED car screen, it is mainly used for bus and taxi service information display and advertising content, which can be used to put commercial advertising, broadcast news, forecast weather, film and television information, stock market quotes, sports information, site introduction, service introduction, etc…
While providing convenience for the public, it can also earn advertising fees. Due to various advantages, bus LED car screen and cab LED car screen began to be used in the city on a large scale, has become a mobile city “business card”, but also for the city traffic injected new vitality.

● The wireless transmission and cluster release of car screen. Through mutual perception and interaction, information transmission, and collaborative work between individual car screens, we can accomplish a variety of complex tasks at a low cost in a treacherous environment.

With the progress of science and technology, the development of intelligent clustering systems for car rear LED displays has become an important development direction for information transmission.
Through close collaboration, the car back window screen clustering system can embody superior coordination, intelligence, and autonomy than traditional manual systems.

Therefore, from the application style point of view, the application style of car back screens gradually develops from single platform to a multi-platform “cluster” direction. From the technical point of view, the R&D hotspot of the displays gradually develops from single-screen control to multi-screen cooperation and the formation of network direction.

● With the widespread use of smart cars, the demand for more content to show will also be increasing, more content needs a larger area of the screen to carry. Therefore, the large size of the intelligent car LED display, will become a breakthrough in the car LED screen enterprises to break the status quo of the industry.

The new market demand has injected vitality into the development of LED car display industry and provided new ideas for the development of LED car display companies.

In terms of application, LED car screen still has a vast blue ocean market has not been developed.

With the gradual integration and development of future industries such as the Internet industry, information technology industry, tourism industry, and digital industry, LED car screen market will gradually open up and market demand can promote the maturity of intelligent LED car display technology and product improvement and push the development of LED car display to another stage.

LED car display is a new medium that will surely attract the attention of the whole market.

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