What is a Curtain LED display?

The video LED curtain screen is a display device composed of an LED dot matrix, which displays text, displays pictures at any time, content can be replaced, various components, animations, and video contents displayed through the light of different color lamp beads. The creative design of the LED Curtain Display breaks through many limitations of the traditional advertising LED display.

With the continuous increase of the outdoor advertising market and the improvement of energy-saving and environmental protection requirements. And the application of LED curtains will become more and more extensive. This article will introduce curtain LED displays to you from 4 parts.

Curtain LED display

What are the features of Curtain LED displays?

The main features of outdoor curtain LED displays are light, thin, transparent, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. They are mainly installed on glass building walls. The curtain-led wall can display video, pictures, and text information in a large area.

● High brightness: 5000nits high brightness configuration, even in direct sunlight, the image is still clearly visible.

● High transparency: Transparency up to 75% provides full stereoscopic visual effects.

 Ultra-light and thin: Weight <=18kg/m2, easy to install and transport. The ultra-thin design makes the whole screen more beautiful.

● Removable: Remove the rope directly from the front flexible frame for quick, trouble-free maintenance.

● Flexible design: No complex framing is required when fixing huge media grids on building facades.

Below are some outdoor curtain LED display parameters of 1 product for your reference( Here are some other different specification products surely):

The applications of Curtain LED displays:

The applications of Curtain LED displays

Curtain LED displays are widely used in LED advertising applications for large-screen glass curtain walls. Module size can be adjusted according to the glass size.
As long as there is a glass curtain wall, this product can be applied. Such as banks, shopping malls, commercial streets, public chain stores, hotels, municipal buildings, landmark buildings, etc. For example:

● Commercial retail window: Outdoor advertising is the main battlefield of LED display, and as advertisers pay more and more attention to the audience’s feelings, outdoor curtain led display has strongly occupied the frontier market of outdoor advertising.

● Architectural glass curtain wall: According to statistics, the global structural glass wall market size will reach USD 84,491 million in 2026, which is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising, and with the rapid development of architectural media technology, this will be a breakthrough in LED display. A new blue ocean of the outdoor advertising market.

● Community media: The community can roll out the weather, urban emergency information, public service advertisements, commercial advertisements, life services and other community life information in real time through the LED Video curtain, providing convenience to residents and disseminating valuable information at the same time. With the maturity of technology and the further decline of price, the application of LED display in community media is also increasing.

● Shopping center: As one of the places with the largest flow of people, the shopping center has become the most popular choice for outdoor promotion. Curtain LED display solves the problem of city image caused by the flooding of LED displays. With its lightness and thinness, no need for steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability, Outdoor curtain LED display can be said to be a hit with glass curtain wall and can be applied to glass curtain wall. Not only is there no sense of disobedience, but also because of its fashion, beauty, modernity and technology, it adds a special aesthetic to urban architecture.

● Stage: Curtain led display enables the performance stage to achieve a splendid dynamic, adding color to the performance. And at the same time allows audiences who are far from the stage to watch the stage clearly.

The Difference Between Curtain LED Displays and Transparent Screen

What is the difference between Curtain LED displays and transparent screen?

For people who do not know much about the LED industry, it is easy to mistakenly think that the LED transparent screen and the Curtain LED display are the same product, but it is not, they are completely two different product. These two products are very different in terms of working principle, installation method, and maintenance, etc. The following will explain the difference between this two product from several aspects.

● Working principle: The working principle of the LED video curtain is the reform and innovation of the light bar screen, and the improvement of the SMD manufacturing process, the lamp bead packaging and the control system. In addition, the hollow design structure reduces the impact of structural components on the line of sight and greatly improves the perspective effect. To make it blend in with the environment.
The transparent LED glass screen is electronica glass that applies transparent conductive technology to glue the LED (light emitting diode) structural layer between two layers of glass. According to the application requirements, the LED can be designed into various arrangements such as star, matrix, text, pattern, pattern and so on. LED glass display is a kind of bright screen.

● Installation method:
Curtain led display: Outdoor curtain LED display can be applied to most glass curtain walls of buildings, and can be designed to be compatible with any.
The transparent screen needs to intervene in the design of the reserved electric control slot before the building design, and the architectural glass is installed to the glass frame. It is impossible to install the existing glass curtain wall buildings.

● Product weight:
The LED transparent display does not take up space and is light in weight, the weight per square meter is less than 18kg. However, the LED glass display needs to design luminous glass when designing the building, and the glass itself weighs more than 30kg/㎡.

● Maintenance:
LED video curtain maintenance is convenient and fast, saving manpower and material resources.
The transparent LED display is almost impossible to maintain, the building structure needs to be demolished, and the entire glass screen needs to be replaced.

The Difference Between Curtain LED Displays and Transparent Screen

In conclusion:

In the increasingly demanding of advertising market requirements. The demand for LED display screens is also increasing, but at the same time, it also brings many negative problems, just like affecting the beauty of the city. Outdoor curtain LED displays has been solve this problem perfectly, with its lightness and thinness, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability and other characteristics, it can be said to be a hit with glass curtain wall. It not only has no sense of inconsistency when applied to glass curtain wall, but also because of its fashion, beauty and modernity, and the atmosphere of science and technology adds a special beauty to urban architecture.

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