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What is the Curtain LED display?

● LED screen display is also called LED light bar screen, LED curtain wall screen, LED transparent screen, LED hollow screen, LED grid screen. Because of its strip shape, hollow, transparent, and does not affect the ventilation and lighting product form.

● Usually used in outdoor landmark buildings, outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, but also outdoor high-rise buildings, sightseeing elevators, stage LED rental displays, etc

● Usually used in outdoor landmark buildings, outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, but also outdoor high-rise buildings, sightseeing elevators, stage LED rental displays, etc

It is a new generation of high-end LED display products, breaking through the many limitations of traditional LED screens on building walls, making the project more flexible, more selective, and easier to manage.

Currently enjoys a high reputation in the international arena. In the landmark buildings of domestic first-tier cities, LED curtain displays also play an important role.

● The traditional LED display adopts a modular design. The cabinet structure is like a black wall, which will seriously affect the visual effect of the building facade and cannot meet the needs of various creative appearance displays of these buildings.

The LED grid screen has the characteristics of high transparency, modularity, and flexible installation, just like a thin transparent silk fabric hanging on the exterior of the building so that the grid screen can be perfectly integrated with the landmark building.

● With the outdoor media market development, people’s demand for LED curtain screes will also soar. When the LED screen area is too large, it poses a big challenge to the steel structure of the screen and the load-bearing capacity of the original building structure.

Due to its lightweight, small wind load, and flexible installation, LED curtain screens have become the first choice for outdoor media to build large screens.

● Since traditional LED displays cannot be used on large-area glass curtain walls, the market in this field has not yet been well developed.
When the permeability of the glass curtain wall can reach the installation, when the product stability and price can be comparable to the traditional LED display, the LED grid screen will usher in greater development.

feature and advertage of the curtain LED display

What is the feature and advantage of the curtain LED display?

● High transparent design40%-50% light transmittance does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the rear of the screen, has strong wind resistance, effectively reduces wind load, and further reduces the strength and weight of the LED display basic structure. It can also be installed in the glass curtain wall of the building.

● Lightweight: the weight of the LED Curtain screen is only about 20 kilograms/㎡, which is one-fifth of the weight of the traditional LED display box, which is very popular with customers.

● Without steel structure: the LED curtain display adopts the principle of module assembly large screen, without any steel structure construction, a single module can complete the disassembly and assembly of the large screen, and realize the fastest installation according to the customer’s customized size.

● No air conditioner is needed: Insufficient heat dissipation of traditional LED display screens will cause the screen to malfunction. In the application of LED curtain screens, similar problems can be avoided, because of the advantages of permeability, and it can be normal in extreme cold weather such as Russia.

● Energy-saving and environmental protection: no need for auxiliary heat dissipation equipment, no noise, low power consumption, the module composed of each LED light bar is made of environmentally friendly materials, and the surroundings are transparent.
Therefore, good self-dissipation heat can be realized. At the same time, the power supply, control, etc. are isolated from the luminescent material, and there is no need to build a heat dissipation system like traditional LED screens.

● The high degree of protection: brushed aluminum shell, the front side adopts imported silica gel secondary potting plus light bar cover, imported high and low-temperature waterproof wire, professional waterproof connector, to create a fully sealed waterproof structure.
The LED light bar part can achieve the highest protection level IP68, which is especially suitable for display screens built on the riverside and seaside.

similarities and differences between LED Curtain display and transparent screens

The similarities and differences between LED Curtain display and transparent screens?

The same point of LED transparent screen and curtain screen

● Design principle: LED transparent screen and LED curtain screen are both hollowed out on the basis of conventional LED screens. Redundant parts are removed. The hollow structure between the light bars reduces the weight of these two displays. , There is also a certain degree of permeability.

● Application fieldBoth can be installed in the position with glass curtain wall. The main purpose is to take advantage of the high permeability characteristics of the two without affecting indoor lighting. At the same time, the weight is lighter than conventional screens and does not require high curtain wall structure.

The difference between LED transparent screen and grid screen

● LED lamp beads are differentLED curtain screen has a larger dot pitch and less dot density, which is a high-brightness product that needs to be used in an outdoor environment.

The LED transparent screen is installed indoors for viewing, and the dot density is relatively large. There are usually many models with small dot spacing and higher picture quality.

● The installation environment is different: The LED curtain screen is installed in an outdoor environment, while the LED transparent screen is installed in an indoor environment.

● Different waterproof grades: The LED curtain screen is safe to be outdoors, it must be waterproof and dustproof, and the protection grade must reach IP65.
The LED transparent screen is installed indoors, and the protection level is not high, generally IP34.

● The weight is different: because the LED grid screen needs to provide a protection level, the use of glue-filled waterproof technology will increase the weight of the light bar itself. Because the light bar itself is heavy, cold-rolled steel plate or die-cast aluminum is used to make the box body, which will cause the weight of the whole screen to be heavier, and the weight is generally about 20KG/square meter.
This technology does not exist for LED transparent screens. The light bar is a thinner, frameless design, and the screen body is lighter, and the weight is as light as 7KG/m2.

At present, LED curtain screens have limitations. The transmittance rate is lower than that of LED transparent screens, and the requirements for the installation environment are relatively strict. The service life is between 3-5 years, which is shorter than that of LED transparent screens.
As an outdoor LED advertising screen, it needs to withstand the wind and sun for a long time, so the tolerance has become an important element to test the curtain screen. The open structure makes it difficult for the curtain screen to be as convincing as the conventional LED outdoor screen in terms of waterproofing, etc., which also limits the wide application of the LED grid screen.
With the continuous development and maturity of LED transparent screens, application advantages will be highlighted.

What need to be concern when you install the LED curtain display?

Outdoor curtain screen installation location selection:

● Detect the quality of the wall where the LED curtain screen is installed on the building body, and investigate whether the wall of the building body can bear the weight of the screen structure;
The installation location should avoid the display area being blocked by other buildings or trees, so as not to affect people’s visual viewing.

Confirmation of outdoor LED curtain screen structure:

For the curtain screen installed on the wall of the building body, the type, size, and location of the building and root structure should be described in detail when the structural drawings are designed in the early stage. And analyze it to ensure its good running performance.

Key points of installation and construction of LED curtain screen:

During the construction, keep in touch with the construction unit at any time to keep abreast of the progress of the curtain screen installation.
The construction site should be inspected as far as possible, so as not to find and adjust the problem in time when the construction and planning are different, to ensure that the outdoor curtain screen can be successfully installed

What is the development prospect of LED curtain Display?

● With the continuous development and progress of display technology, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor advertising media. On the one hand, traditional advertising light boxes, posters and other media can no longer meet the needs of all people for the development of new advertising.

Under such a background, outdoor curtain display stands out and begins to gradually occupy the market demand, especially in the field of glass curtain wall applications, occupying an increasingly important position.

● Although the curtain LED screen is in a period of development, people in the industry are generally optimistic about its future development prospects.

● With the maturity and improvement of technology, the enrichment of products, and the improvement of market acceptance, the pace of curtain display expansion will gradually accelerate, and more and more application fields will be discovered in the future.
As for how large the market can grow, it is impossible to draw conclusions.

● Generally speaking, with the acceleration of urbanization, people have higher and higher requirements for fashion, beauty and modernity of display products, and curtain LED screens are becoming more and more popular with the public.
Its many advantages such as transparency also cater to the needs of contemporary consumers. Therefore, the market development prospect of curtain LED screen is very broad, and its future development potential is unlimited.




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