Take You To Understand NSE Patented Product——Taxi LED Display

China–May 13, 2021——Frankly speaking, taxi has become a common means of transportation and the best tool for outdoor advertising. In North America and Asia Pacific, many traditional taxi light boxes are being replaced by taxi rooftop LED display signs.

New Type LED Advertising Display

At the same time, we already have more than 500 taxi signs in operation in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. As you can see, taxi roof screens have become one of the most popular outdoor mobile ads.

As with new markets in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, trucks and trailers are often used for outdoor advertising. Compared to taxi LED display, they are old-fashioned and the quantity is not compatible with taxi LED signs. The advertising effect is far less than the growth of LED taxi signs. Therefore, the taxi roof advertisement will become the first choice of outdoor mobile signs.

As a new generation of outdoor advertising LED billboards, the brightness of taxi rooftop screen is also a major concern for many customers. In fact, taxi LED display is a high-brightness outdoor mobile advertising screen. Its brightness up to 5500nits, allowing images to be clearly displayed even in direct sunlight.

In addition to the display of static text and pictures. The car top LED display will be able to display videos while the driver is driving, and the ads will potentially be appreciated. With the maturity of LED display technology and superior advertising effect. The car top signs are gaining popularity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, for example, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Georgia.

Take you to understand NSE patented product——Taxi LED Display

NSE as a leading supplier of LED displays has been in the industry for 6 years. We’re still doing research and development. We have a unique P3.33 taxi top LED display. For those looking for a more energy-efficient solution. Another smaller type version P3 taxi LED display may be a good choice. In recent years, LED screens with small spacing pixels are becoming more and more popular. Follow and lead the trend, we have developed the HD P2.5 taxi LED display as an option for high-end car models. It meets the higher resolution requirements of users. From outdoor P5 car roof LED screen to P2.5. Achieving the highest contrast and brightness. Our outdoor P2.5 car roof sign has a brightness of up to 5500nits

P3.33 VS P2.5

Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the display image, the fewer pixels it contains, and the sharper the image. Actually, our P3.33 taxi LED screen has a resolution of 288*96 dotsThe P5 display is 192*64dot, which means that P3.33 has a higher resolution than P5But the P5 is brighter than the P3.33 taxi top screenThe brightness of the P3.33 is only 5000nits, the P5 has a 5500nits screen. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, it can show the image clearly and vividly. In addition, our HD P2.5 taxi top display has a resolution of 384*128dot. This is the highest resolution option of outdoor taxi roof screen.

P5 Series

NSE–Patent Product

After a few market research, we launched these three type of versions of taxi led display. For beginners and users on a budget, P5 taxi top LED display would be a good place to start. 960*320mm screen size, not only high brightness, and then the P2.5 screen cost-effective. But if you still need a high-resolution taxi screen, the P2.5 taxi screen is perfect for you. At the same time, our P2.5 is an ultra-thin, lightweight design for a taxi display. Also, if you want an LED display with HD performance but on a tight budget. Our popular type P3.33 taxi screen is your best choice.

Take you to understand NSE patented product——Taxi LED Display

Take you to understand NSE patented product——Taxi LED Display

In recent years, in South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific region, such as the United States, Canada, Spain, Japan, etc., the taxi list market is growing. Through the taxi screen, advertisements can be entertained in various forms. For example, advertising agencies use images and videos to promote the products. Besides, our taxi screens have integrated GPS location tracking / 4G/WIFI control card options.

Since the launch of the taxi top led display, we have attached great importance to intellectual property issues. As a result, we applied for the patent for the taxi top screen, and NSE currently has more than 10 invention patents. Looking back, 2021 will be the sixth year we’ve been making digital signage for taxis. We know the product, so we can do better in the performance and appearance of the product. As any taxi screen supplier will probably tell you, the product is CE, RoHS, and FCC certified. But our CE, RoHS and FCC certificates are for the entire equipment, not just the parts we use.

Take you to understand NSE patented product——Taxi LED Display

All our taxi led displays are subjected to a series of quality tests, including vibration test, waterproof test, 72-hour aging test, etc., to ensure that all the LED lights are intact and do not affect the playback of videos or pictures. At the same time, the NSE taxi screen has been awarded an IP65 waterproof rating certificate, and has passed standard vibration tests. In addition, the LED module uses glue filling technology, even when used in rainy weather, the screen is not affected.

As is known to all, taxi rooftop screens were initially popular in the United States, such as Uber. Since then, the market demand for taxi advertising screen is growing day by day. Especially in South America and the Asia-Pacific region. With the emergence of taxi advertising solutions, the demand for taxi services is growing rapidly. Unique design and high brightness, solve the design and visual presentation problems of many advertising agencies. It indicates that the taxi top LED display market will skyrocket in the near future.

After 7 years of development, NSE LED has grown into a professional LED display solution supplier. This car roof sign is widely used in activities, concerts, advertising media, conference halls, stages, stadiums, and other related indoor and outdoor venues. If you need to deal with similar projects, please leave your comment below. Our sales will get back to you as soon as possible.

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