Rental LED Screen – What Makes You a Wise Event Organiser

Want to have an awesome event but is stuck with a limited budget?

You should avail yourself of LED rental displays, which can give you exactly what you want for a sensational and successful event at a fraction of the price of purchasing LED screens. Here are what you should know about LED screen rentals for your next event:

Rental LED Screen

What’s Rental LED Screen?


LED Screen Rental refers to the activity of renting screens for advertising and promotion. And LED screens rented to individuals or companies for a short period of time are called Rental LED Screens. It has been popular in recent years.

Why go for Rental LED screens instead of purchasing?


Like in the housing market, there are always needs for renting rather than buying an apartment and people would check in a hotel room rather than buy a house if they travel to a place for one day or two. It’s the same for LED screens. The benefits of renting are obvious.

▶ Tremendously cost-saving.


● For an event that’s going to last only several days, it’s much wiser to rent than to purchase, especially if you need a large LED screen that’s going to cost a huge sum of money, which could otherwise be invested in a more needed way. And for start-ups aiming to have a strong visual impact and attract more customers, they might find it cheaper to rent LED screens rather than purchasing and taking the risks of bad returns.

● Even for big corporates wealthy enough to afford to buy an LED screen for the company use, it’s worth considering renting an LED screen if it’s not for frequent use. Once they purchase an LED screen for one-time use, it’s going to be a liability rather than an asset since you have to devote more labor costs to the maintenance.

● For one-time events or short-term projects, renting is a more cost-effective option.

▶ More Flexible in terms of size and configuration


● Renting also allows flexibility in terms of size and configuration. LED screens are available in a variety of sizes, so whether you need a small or large screen, there will be one that’s perfect for your event or project. In addition, rental companies can often provide custom configurations to meet your specific needs.

● This is beneficial because it means that you don’t have to compromise on your desired screen size or configuration. You can have the exact setup that you need and make your event or project an incredible success.

▶ Ease of use and setup


● Renting LED screens is very easy and straightforward. Most rental companies will deliver and set up the screens for you, so there’s no need to worry about any technical difficulties or how to set them up. They can also usually provide technical support if you have any problems with the LED screens, so your team won’t need to worry about this at all.

What are the applications for the Rental LED Screen?


There are various occasions where the Rental LED Screen could be applied, for example:

▶ Advertising or promotion campaigns


● The Rental LED Screen can be used for outdoor and indoor advertising or promotion campaigns. They are especially favored by advertising campaign managers who deploy them at street corners, shopping malls, supermarkets where there are high foot traffics to attract attention and make a statement.


The applications for the Rental LED Screen

▶ Sports events


● The Rental LED Screen can also be used at indoor or outdoor sports events such as football matches, tennis championships, and marathons where LED Wall Rentals are utilized for broadcasting match results, athlete information, advertisements.


 Sports events

▶ Music concerts


● Another area of application is music concerts. The Video Wall Rentals could be set up on the stage to deliver videos relating to the concert or behind the performers as a visual backdrop.


Music concerts

▶ Live show or performance

● Another area of application is music concerts. The Video Wall Rentals could be set up on the stage to deliver videos relating to the concert or behind the performers as a visual backdrop.


Live show or performance

▶ Trade show or exhibition


● Trade show or Exhibition is another area of application for the Rental LED Screen. They can be set up in a booth to exhibit and promote your brand and products, attract customers’ attention.

Other applications include wedding receptions, annual general meetings, and more which benefit from having high-impact visuals.



LED screens are becoming more and more popular for use in a variety of events and applications. If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to get the most out of your visual displays, renting an LED screen is the perfect option. For more information or to discuss your specific needs, contact us at sales@nseled.

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