Outdoor Rental LED Display: Make Your Event Shine in the Most Effective Way

Getting daunted by the astronomical price tag for purchasing a LED display for your event?

Don’t worry. You can now light up your event and spellbind your audience most effectively with NSELED LED Rentals that fits right within your budget with supreme visual quality.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

What’s the Outdoor Rental LED Display?

Outdoor Rental LED Display, or outdoor LED Rentals refers to the LED screens used for visual expression at the outdoor stage performance. And since those LED screens can be so big, it would be more economical for the event organizer to rent the screens for that specific event.

Outdoor Rental LED Display is versatile and budget-friendly to make your next event successful. Outdoor Rental LED Displays can be used for many occasions such as concerts, political rallies, or just about any other type of event that you can think of. Outdoor rental led displays are becoming more and more popular because they offer an affordable option without compromising quality. Outdoor rental led display rentals are with many features that other LED displays do not offer at the same price point!

Outdoor Rental LED Display VS Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Display

Unlike the Outdoor Rental LED Displays, fixed installation led displays are permanent fixtures that cannot be moved easily. Let’s look at the differences in detail.

Display Effect

Unlike the Fixed Installation LED Display which usually is expected to present images and video content on the screen, Outdoor Rental LED Display has a higher demand for image quality since most often, the live event will be videotaped by the high-definition cameras and live-streamed simultaneously on the LED rental screen. So, it means the outdoor rental LED screen has to come with great parameters in refresh rate, color gamut, etc. so that it can meet the scrutinization of high-definition cameras.
With Outdoor Rental LED Display, your event will be better than you imagined it to be with crisp clear images at any angle and anywhere of the event arena.

Outdoor Rental LED Display VS Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Display


Because Outdoor Rental LED Display is used in stage performance, it uses lighter-weight cabinets than Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Display. The former is frequently transported, assembled before the show, and disassembled afterward. And the key to that lies in a lightweight, thin design of the cabinet, usually made of die-casting aluminum.
On the other hand, Outdoor Fixed installation led display is not designed to be moved around, perfect for permanent installations where you want the screen at a specific location without changing it often, so its cabinet is much heavier.

Installation & Locking System

Installation & Locking System

The modules of the stage rental screens are fixed to the cabinet by fast locking system to allow for super-quick installation of the screen in any size, and this locking system allows for a more creative way of splicing modules.
Besides, the frame of the screen is specially designed to bring more convenience to assemble and dissemble. Outdoor Rentals are designed to have a quick setup, install & dismantle process so you get your next event or presentation up and running in no time at all!
For the outdoor fixed installation LED screen, more screws are used for installation to make the screen stable and firmly fixed, so naturally, it takes longer to assemble and dissemble than Outdoor Rental LED Display.

Installation & Locking System



From the above, we know that the outdoor rental LED screen is expected to meet higher demand for image quality and structural design and it’s more costly to manufacture, which makes it less affordable than the outdoor fixed installation LED display of the same model.
For events that don’t last long, renting an LED display is more cost-effective. Renting rather than purchasing will help you save money while enjoying a higher-quality LED display.

The Categories of LED Rentals offered by NSELED

NSELED Rental Screen falls into two types, namely Digital LED Poster utilizing standard LED modules of 250*250mm in size, and Stage LED Rentals of splicing 500*500mm or 500*1000mm panels for various applications.

NSELED LED Poster includes indoor and outdoor series. For outdoor use, it can be used as a form of outdoor advertising to promote products or services on the streets for pedestrians passing by with dynamic display information which is perfect for branding.

Categories of LED Rentals offered by NSELED

For indoor use, the trade fair attendees enjoy having their products highlighted and their brand promoted while also making their booth stand out with the NSELED LED Poster.

NSELED Stage LED Rentals are used for various events and activities on stage for product launches, fashion shows, live shows, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and conventions, weddings, and many more.


If you want your event to be magnificent, or if you want to market your business, the LED Rentals provided by NSELED will certainly light up your event and have an impact.
Make your brand and your event shine!






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