NSELED is a leading LED display manufacturer and LED display solution provider, focusing on the development, production, sales, and service of LED displays, LED modules, and LED control systems, leading the way in LED display technology and innovation.


Why choose NSELED led display?

● NSELED is an independent brand of LED displays. We have our own LED display factory with a production and office area of 4000 square meters. Its headquarter is located in Shenzhen, and its registered full name is Shenzhen NSELED Electronics Co., Ltd.
The NSELED team focuses on the development and manufacturing of LED displays, and has been specialized in one-stop solutions for LED displays for more than 12 years. We provide complete solutions for NovastarLinsnColorlightXixunHuidu LED control systems.
● NSELED is a professional LED display manufacturer with 12 years of experience in LED display production and development. The LED control system has passed CE, FCC, and RoHs certification. For all LED display products, we provide a 2-year warranty and 2% spare parts.
NSELED strictly manages the quality control of LED display screens. For example, we are equipped with high-quality LED chips, driver ICs, LED modules and LED cabinets (we have our own cabinet factory, so we can support cabinet customization services) and our LED display panels to achieve the best effect of the LED display and LED display control system solutions.
● The company has a wide range of products, mainly producing and selling all kinds of LED products, including:
Car Top LED displayLED digital Poster, Cube LED displayCircle LED display, Ultra-High-Definition Small Pixel LED displaysRental LED displaysFixed LED displaysOutdoor LED displaysindoor LED displaysCreative LED displaysSports Peripherals LED displayAdvertising LED displayFront service LED displayTransparent LED display, etc.

These applications can be diverse, such as commercial plazasstadiumsshopping malls and transportation facilities.


The Cases of NSE in the U.S.

● Front Service Outdoor LED display- On School in America

The biggest feature of front maintenance is to save space. For outdoor installation structures, the space is extremely expensive, so there will not be too many places as maintenance channels.
Therefore, the front maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display screen structure, which can not only integrate well with the surrounding building environment, but also save space while ensuring the effect.
However, this structure has very high requirements on the heat dissipation function of the device. The front-maintenance display screen is thin, does not occupy space, saves materials, is light in weight, and is easy to install. It is suitable for installing outdoor screens and can be directly hung on the wall for easy maintenance.

 Indoor and outdoor LED Fixed Installation Display- On school Competition in America

The application field of LED display is more and more extensive;
On the one hand, due to the far-reaching influence of modern media, advertising is particularly important;
On the other hand, the maturity of LED display technology, many forms and functions of LED display have emerged at the historic moment, making it possible to use in multiple occasions.
LED display has also become an indispensable configuration in stadiums and competitions.
With excellent brightness, color, lifespan, application flexibility and other advantages, LED display has been widely used in many sports events at home and abroad, including opening and closing ceremonies, inside/outside information display screens, display screens around the stadium, etc. Including application cases are becoming more abundant.
More and more LED displays made in China and smart are used in large-scale competitions at home and abroad, laying a solid foundation for the establishment of a national brand.
Due to the special environment of the stadium, the use and manufacture of LED displays are also different from other displays.
Stadium LED display products are designed for various outdoor large-scale sports fields and competition fields to meet the needs of installation methods of fences, hoisting, and stacking. It is not only necessary to display the timing and scoring of the game in real time, but also to achieve a clear display effect and achieve high-definition broadcast.

Indoor and outdoor LED Fixed Installation Display- On school Competition in America

 Transparent LED display in Jewelry store

The design plan of the jewelry store is mainly focused on the sense of beauty and fashion, and the window display The display cannot of course be obscured. Installing a transparent LED display can not only display jewelry products, but also promote and plan well-known brands.
When the led transparent display is not lit, you can find that it is not completely transparent. The LED lamp bead is encapsulated inside the screen. But after it is lit, you will find that its penetrating power is very good and powerful. Basically, the side where you see the screen will not be blocked, and the content of the screen is also very high-definition.
The main uses of LED transparent display are common, including financial institutions, telecommunications networks, oil supply shops, home furnishing centers, large shopping malls, airports, high-speed trains stations, auto stores, jewelry stores, luxury goods stores, beauty salons, etc.
The fully transparent LED display can also be used for stage design to light up 3D rendering, and the future LED transparent screen will be more intelligent.

● Transparent LED display in Jewelry store

● Digital LED Poster in USA Exhibitions

In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the diversification of market demand, the extension of LED displays to various market segments is constantly accelerating.
It is worth noting that after LED posters have gained a firm foothold in the retail display market, LED posters have begun to move towards commercial, education, exhibitions, shops and other fields with a deeper market capacity.
The birth of the LED poster screen is aimed at the application needs of traditional static posters, with features such as replaceable content and strong dynamic display visual impact.
Nowadays, there have been a large number of application cases in shopping mallssupermarketsspecialty storesoffice buildingsexhibition hallsmuseumscorporate halls, business management halls, educational institutions, performance venues, etc.
When it comes to LED poster screens, there are many advantages. The first is that compared with traditional static posters, the content can be changed at will without the need to reprint each time the content is changed, which is convenient, fast, and environmentally friendly.
The replacement method is also very simple, whether it is to insert a USB storage device, or use a mobile device such as a mobile phone, a tablet computer, etc., it is very convenient. Even remote control can be realized, and the convenience is self-evident.

Digital LED Poster in USA Exhibitions

NSE provides the following led products for you to choose from!

● Car LED Display

Buses and taxis are important means of transportation in the city, with a large number and a wide range of routes, and their penetration in the bustling sections of the city is unparalleled.
The main point of the selection of advertising tools is to focus on the size of the audience rate and the scope of communication. At the same time, buses and taxis are good carriers for showing the image of the city.
Install LED electronic display screens on the bus body(front, rear), the roof of the taxi or rear window as a platform for information release, which can beautify the city’s appearance, do a good job in the image project of city lighting, and make the city’s economy take off.
Content: The screen has a large amount of information storage, which can appeal to the public through electronic screens such as daily advertisements, news, policies and regulations, public information (weather information, calendar time), urban culture, and traffic.
Merchants use bus and taxi platforms to advertise, relying on public transportation and taxis to have the mobility that radio, television, newspapers, and magazines do not have, and compulsorily let passers-by, passengers, and traffic participants see the advertising content;
The height of the vehicle-mounted advertisement is equal to that of people’s sight, and the advertisement content can be disseminated to the public at close range to achieve the greatest visual opportunity and the highest arrival rate.
Vehicle-mounted LED advertising displays are the most brand-new media, which will attract great attention from the entire market, have the opportunity to create a sensational effect, and can obtain unexpectedly huge communication value for enterprises.

● LED Digital Poster

LED Poster is a smart and advanced screen that helps display your advertising message more intuitively and directly. It is a beneficial tool for businesses to attract customers and a moving image or video is more compelling compared to a printed image, isn’t it?
The smart LED poster replacing the traditional printed screen is an inevitable revolution in the market. It is well known that the most attention-grabbing images are usually HD videos.

● LED Street Light Pole Screen

LED street light pole screen is a kind of LED display that acts on street light poles, designed for street light scenario applications.

The LED light pole screen not only enables remote management and content switching for playback, but also allows the use of the product’s own intelligent monitoring, environmental monitoring, and intelligent display functions for traffic, security, pedestrian flow, temperature and humidity, PM2.5 monitoring values and other real-time data. And through the background integration, it is broadcasted on the screen in real-time.

The widespread layout of LED light pole displays in the city not only enables the comprehensive use of street light poles and makes the roads no longer monotonous, but also displays colorful advertising ideas according to different festivals.

● Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Outdoor LED display: The area is generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger, high brightness, large viewing angle, can work in the sun, with certain wind, rain, and waterproof functions. Mainly used in outdoor advertising, stations, squares, shopping malls, etc.
Outdoor LED displays usually appear in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the advertising information media installed on the roofs of major buildings, commercial areas, roadsides, and other outdoor places. The main forms include road LED display, LED electronic display, LED full-color screen, and so on.
Outdoor LED electronic screen media is the development trend of the advertising industry in the 21st century. It is an indoor and outdoor advertising display device with audio and video functions. It is an international leading high-tech product.

● LED Traffic Signage

As the “eyes” of drivers on highways, LED traffic guidance screens play a very important role.
It can inform the driver of the road condition in advance, so that the driver can avoid the congestion point as much as possible. The real-time video of the monitoring center is helpful to traffic administrators. Discover and deal with emergencies as soon as possible.
The LED traffic guidance screen plays a major role. The traffic flow data collected on-site provides a scientific decision-making basis for municipal experts to transform the road network, or the LED traffic guidance screen realizes this basic publicity.
At present, the construction of road monitoring centers in various cities in my country has been basically completed.
At the same time, the real-time broadcast and release system of urban road traffic information will be opened up. LED traffic guidance screens have become a major military “idea” to eliminate traffic jams in major cities.

● Toll Station LED display

With the rapid improvement of informatization in the transportation industry, the digital information release system has become an important platform for informatization.
High-speed toll stations are the entrances and exits of expressways, and the traffic volume is relatively large and the driving speed is relatively slow. This is also the inherent advantage of toll stations using the information release system for advertising.
Compared with traditional high-speed advertising, the LED advertising machine information release system can display the content to the drivers and passengers more vividly and is more attractive.
The high-speed toll station information release system is based on the computer system as the core, adopts centralized control and unified management to transmit audio and video signals, pictures, text, and other multimedia information to the LED advertising machine display terminal through the network, and broadcast it with high-definition digital signals.
Multimedia dynamic advertising, static advertising, online advertising, and other advertising methods are combined to quickly obtain important information and more advertising information for drivers or passengers.
Under abnormal conditions such as highway congestion, traffic accidents, etc., provide dynamic emergency evacuation prompts, and quickly display news, announcements, weather forecasts and other real-time information to different regions and different audience groups, and release information in a targeted manner.

● Shelf LED display

Nowadays, supermarkets are a global industry, and people’s livelihood is the only way for all large, medium, and small cities across the country.
We look at the many cards on the supermarket shelves with product descriptions, details, and barcodes written on them. Every time the goods are changed or adjusted, the barcode of the goods needs to be reprinted and replaced! The workload is large and heavy, which wastes manpower and time.
Now there is a kind of LED display screen suitable for shelves, an LED shelf display screen, which solves this tedious work and liberates more labor and time. Can show product details, dynamic and gorgeous video animation, stimulate consumption. It also played a role in advertising.

What are the advantages of cooperating with NSE?

● Over 12 Years Experience:

Rich experience enables us to provide you with perfect LED display solutions in an effective way.

● 120+ National Solutions:

NSE has served about 10,000 LED display projects and has accumulated rich experience and reputation.

● 4000㎡ Factory Area:

NSE has advanced production equipment, professional testing equipment, and strict quality.

● 7/24 Hours Service:

NSE adheres to a customer-centric corporate culture and attitude, and provides you with one-stop service from installation to training and maintenance.

● 2 Years Warranty, 3% Spare Parts:

The 2-year warranty period guarantees you a rest assured user experience. We always care about your satisfaction.

● 2 Years Warranty, 3% Spare Parts:

The 2-year warranty period guarantees you a rest assured user experience. We always care about your satisfaction.

We have the perfect equipment and processes such as raw material inspection, SMT production optical inspection, calibration equipment, vibration measurement, and a professional clean testing room to provide our customers with high-quality products that bring you a clear and pleasant visual experience.
We are committed to sourcing all materials from reputable business partners such as Nichia, Cree, Epistar LED, Nationstar to ensure the functionality and effectiveness of our products.
With a well-equipped and professional testing room, our LED screen modules can provide high-quality products that bring you a clear and pleasant visual experience.
With a group of efficient production lines and effective staff, we are always committed to cost-effective products and bringing a satisfying customer experience.
The 72-hour aging test makes NSE display modules stable in performance, and there is a strict aging test process for all products.
Through the cooperation of our sales, technical and logistics departments, we provide quality pre-sales and after-sales services to our customers.
In terms of packaging and transportation, we will do our best to carefully pack and transport your LED display modules.


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