NSELEDCLOUD Wishes You A Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival has crept upon us. In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a very traditional festival that means family reunion. Most people who work outside will return home during this holiday to spend this wonderful festival with their families.
On this day, we usually hold activities such as tasting moon cakes, enjoying the moon, guessing lantern riddles, and viewing lanterns. This is a time to pray for good health and family union, and for those who have not returned home, to express their feelings of longing.

NSELEDCLOUD wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival

The seriousness of the global epidemic is also slowly improving with the vaccination. Events, fairs, music festivals, and other events are slowly coming back. Our hot selling product, the Digital LED poster, has recently received many inquiries and orders and is nearly sold out of stock. Sales of the Car top LED display have also been on the rise.

NSELEDCLOUD wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Our holiday starts on the 19th and ends on the 21st of September. Although we are on holiday, if you have any interest, questions or need help with our products, please do not hesitate to contact us and our international sales representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
All of us at NSELED wish you and your family good health and togetherness forever.
Best wishes!


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