NSELED Inventory List

As the NSELED office is going to be closed in observance of the Chinese New Year, we’d like to report on our inventory of LED displays that are currently available for purchase in case there are any interested parties among our readers.

Attached is the inventory list.

NSELED Inventory List

P3 Digital LED Poster(Indoor)

P3 Digital LED Poster of 3mm in pixel pitch is smart-looking in design with outstanding stability in performance. The poster is perfect for indoor use with superior image quality enhanced by 3840Hz (optional) refresh rate. It can be used in various locations such as shopping malls, airports, hotels, banks, and hospitals.

P2.5 Digital LED Poster(Indoor)

With a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm, P2.5 Indoor LED Posters offer stunning HD images and videos with incredible detail and color saturation. The product can be applied to various applications such as digital signage, information display, branding and promotion for retailer stores, etc. And multiple Digital LED posters can be spliced together to form a seamless video wall of larger size with the capacity for extra clarity and more stunning visuals.

P3 Outdoor Slim LED Poster

P3 Outdoor Slim LED Poster is an outdoor solution for digital signage with excellent image quality. The slim and lightweight aluminum structure allows it to be robust and stylish. Together with IP65 coating treatment and brightness of over 5500nits, it fits into any outdoor environment with long-lasting reliability, displaying vivid and clear images even in open and wet locations such as stadiums, shopping malls, exhibition centers, or water parks.

P2.5 Outdoor Taxi LED Display

Replacing the traditional taxi signage, the P2.5 Taxi LED Display on top of vehicles is an effective DOOH advertising tool with unparalleled color diversity and image clarity and a wider coverage brought by the incomparable mobility of cars and taxies. It’s a cost-effective solution for business owners urgent to capture attention and increase sales.

P3.33 Outdoor Taxi LED Display

Packed with features including weatherproofing, an IR remote control, and a modular design for easy installation and maintenance, P3.33 Taxi LED Displays are perfect for any outdoor advertising application.

P8 Outdoor Circle LED Display

Currently, the Outdoor Circle LED Display in stock is of pixel pitch 8mm. Double-sided in design and IP65 rated, it’s perfect for outdoor logo display, and is also a preferred choice for advertisers’ outdoor advertising campaigns.

P3 Outdoor Cube LED Display

P3 Outdoor Cube LED Display with its four or five sides each capable of displaying different contents separately or all the four or five sides jointly presenting one content, attracts more eyeballs of passers-by. With its high brightness and wide viewing angle, the Outdoor Cube LED Display is suitable for advertising and branding at outdoor storefronts as well as to be applied at stations such as airports, bus terminals, etc.

P2.5 Indoor Cube LED Display

P2.5 Indoor Cube LED Display comes with 2.5mm pixel pitch, which delivers dynamic HD visuals and vivid images, is favored for various indoor applications, including shopping malls, banks, hotels, and conference centers.

P3.9-7.8 Indoor Transparent Circle LED Display

The Indoor Transparent Circle LED Displays are with pixel pitches from 3.9mm to 7.8mm, designed for indoor use. With its unique and chic appearance, the Indoor Transparent Circle LED Display is the new star in the LED display family..

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us at sales@nseled.com. We’ll be happy to help.

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