NSE Outdoor Freestanding LED Poster For Advertising

Are you tired of that basic LED display screens and you’re looking for a better and more advanced digital advertising option for your business? NSE Outdoor freestanding LED Poster is a ideal choice for you.

The reason why outdoor LED poster is the best ideal choice for advertising as followed.

First of all, outdoor mirror LED poster is an ultra-slim & unique design advertising led poster, can easily catch your potential audience’s attention. With the high brightness ( up to 5000nits), this makes sure your message on the screen effectively delivered no matter it’s a sunny day or cloudy day. Secondly, the pixel pith of NSE outdoor freestanding led poster is only P3mm, which provide high-definition images or videos even if viewed at short distances.

 outdoor LED poster

In addition, outdoor ultra-thin led posters use acrylic protective masks to prevent dust, water, and attack. In order to achieve waterproof, the outdoor LED poster screen uses a high-quality outdoor led module, there are conformal coating paint and a rubber loop to prevent the water from leaking in. The best part of these outdoor poster displays is that portable & moveable. Wheels at the bottom can be easily moved in any location. Moreover, the outdoor smart LED poster is basically a plug-and-play device, you can upload the programs through WIFI, USB, LAN Cable, and HDMI connection, you can use either smartphone or computer to send videos, images, and text, etc. Meanwhile, you also can adjust the working time of these screens via the software, making sure when it needs to pause and when it should run without keeping your eyes on it.

Above is some basic characteristics of our outdoor portable led poster, would you like to try? Maybe the next amazing outdoor advertising that generates buzz is yours.

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