New Advertising Display-NSELED Digital LED Poster

Digital LED Poster is one of the star products of NSE. The smart LED poster is a great choice to make your shop and trade show booth more visually attractive and visible.

LED displays also belong to the electronics family, there is a large range of product types used in different areas of life. Such as indoor and outdoor LED displaysfixed and rental LED displays, etc. As digital signage continues to see growth, more and more LED electronic display screens are used in shopping malls, chain stores, information centers, etc. LED Display becomes the go-to solution to expand brand influence and attract customers to come and see.

With the high brightness and color contrast. the messages and stories you determine to deliver can be effectively received by the target audience. You can upload videos and images to smart LED poster via WIFI, USB, Lan cable, and HDMI, it supports playing all common file formats. such as JPG, GIF, DOC, DOCX, AVI, MP4, etc. the software is easy to learn and there is no complicated setting or configuration.

As people say, where is the demand, there is the market. After launching the standard version indoor P3 LED poster and P2.5 subsequently.

In recent years, the main development trends of LED display are small pixel pitch, lighter weight, and thinner frame. As technology advances, the audience requires for higher resolution display to achieve a better visual effect. NSE starts to P2 HD LED poster display to meet the requirement of those who seeking for HD portable LED display. HD LED display is usually used in all kinds of conference rooms and chain stores such as luxury stores, cosmetic shops, and clothing stores. It’s also a high-end choice for the stage background. The viewing distance of the indoor LED display is relatively near, therefore the image quality will be an important factor to concern when choosing a LED display. Due to the clear image quality HD LED display can achieve, it’s favored by more than more clients nowadays. The great visual experience HD LED display delivers to the audience will surely extend your brand influence.

Besides, the digital led panel can be connected to a video processor with an HDMI cable for live performance, and realize the synchronization function to display the content on your computer. Meanwhile, you can use one unit or more 10 units to display any advertising content. Our led poster is a plug-and-play digital signage. Simply connect the LED screen to your laptop with an HDMI cable, whether you want to use it to live broadcast or play the video to the screen. It can meet all your display needs. That’s one of the reasons why our digital led signage is a hot selling product in recent years.

New advertising display-NSELED Digital LED Poster

LED poster display has various installation schemes, easy operation, high brightness, low power consumption, ultra-thin body, and other characteristics. No matter you are targeting to build a LED wall inside of your store to make the environment more lively, or need an advertising board to promote your product, the NSE digital poster display is able to meet well your requirement.
The design of this product integrates the traditional concept of rental and fixed LED displays, both rental and fixed installation available. Client can choose one of the installation methods, like hanging, standing, wall-mounted to meet different environment requirement. With unique appearance, stable performance, and ultra thin frame, it stands out from the crowd since its launch, It can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, government agencies, hospitals, and other places.

You may be surprised why more and more printing banners are being replaced by LED posters, that’s because the linkable LED poster can be reused in different places. Comparatively speaking, LED poster display is more environmentally friendly, because it is not a single-use product. In addition, digital LED poster has no complex software operations and does not require a structure to be built to use, making it more flexible in its application, also perfectly suit for end customers.

NSE is a Chinese LED display manufacturer integrating design, R&D, production, and sales. Quality and innovation are what we always pursue. After years of improvement and development, our LED poster displays have achieved great success worldwide. We have successfully provided LED display solutions to hundreds of clients by using Digital LED Poster, you can see our product almost in every continent.
Your advice on our products is valuable for us. If you have any good ideas on improving our current model, please feel free to discuss with us.

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