Indoor LED Video Wall-What Brings Joy, Luxury and Revenue

How to add fun to your life and turn your TV room into a theater when you’re confined to home during this pandemic?
Indoor LED Video Wall is what can help to achieve that by bringing you joy and luxury living.

Indoor LED Video Wall

What’s Indoor LED Video Wall?

An indoor LED video wall can be defined as a multiple panel display mounted on the wall indoors, designed to present unified visuals with the stunning visual impact of a large screen. They are typically used in commercial settings for advertising, promotion, or entertainment purposes. Like outdoor LED screens, they have been gaining popularity amongst consumers and businesses alike due to their advantages compared with traditional television screens and monitors.

What are the advantages of Indoor LED Video Walls?

Ultra-slim design

NSE Indoor LED Video Wall features an ultra-thin design with a thickness of 55mm of the screen, decorating your wall aesthetically while taking up minimum space, adding to the luxury of your place with supreme visual enjoyment.

All the power components are accommodated within the cabinet to optimize space usage, while all other cables are hidden cleverly in between modules to give a neat look. So you get to enjoy an orderly setup for your place.

Modular design

NSE Indoor LED Video Wall is a perfect combination of beauty and function. It comes with a modular design for easy installation and high performance.
NSE Indoor LED Video Walls are divided into two series. One of them has a module size of 320*160mm, corresponding to the cabinet size of 640*640mm, 640*480mm, and the other is with a module size of 250*250mm, which can fit the cabinets with sizes in 1000*250mm, 500*500mm, 500*250mm.

Seamless splicing

Panels of the indoor LED Video Wall are modularly made, clean-cut and neat, so they can be spliced neatly and seamlessly into a video wall of any size you want, presenting perfect visuals without interruption to images.

Uniform brightness & wide color gamut

The backlight of each module consists of high-quality SMD LEDs, which ensures uniform brightness and color performance. The color gamut is wider than other traditional video walls, which expands your color collection for a more vivid visual experience.

Indoor LED Video Wall

Front maintenance & space-saving

The front maintenance design of the NSE Indoor LED Video Wall enables the modules to be opened and closed easily from the front, enabling easy cleaning and replacement. The simple open-close structure saves space and increases convenience.

Fast installation & cost-saving

NSE Indoor LED Video Wall features a mounting system with no need for the extra supporting frame of steel and metal, which enables you to install it quickly and easily, saving you time and effort. You don’t need to have any special installation tools for this LED video wall.
The design of straight edges is available.
The NSE Indoor LED Video Wall does not require any specific installation bracket, saving your cost on that.

Flexible Installation

Special design can be made to the NSE video wall so it can fit right into the corner of the room seamlessly and allows for perfect and smooth image transitions without distortion across walls at the same time. Just tell us your plan and we can work it out, either with a 90° or any other angle.


We offer you customization service for the NSE Indoor LED Video Wall, including size, resolution, color, etc. to meet your requirements.
Besides the two standard modular sizes of 320*160mm and 250*250mm, we offer you customization of any other size to meet your requirements for wall space.

What video walls can be used for?

NSE Indoor LED Video Wall can be easily installed in any place: meeting room, indoor advertising display, showroom, gymnasiums, or entertainment venues – anywhere you want to add visual feast. You can apply it on your walls or even project it on the floor for decoration, advertising, promotion, communication, and recreation.


The NSE Indoor LED Video Wall is a perfect fit for decorating your place. The ultra-slim design helps it blend into different places seamlessly, while the front maintenance enables you to clean it easily and quickly, helping maintain a neat look for your indoor wall at all times.


NSE Indoor LED Video Wall is a great way to liven up a room and give you a superior home theater visual experience. Also, with it, you can create the ultimate fun and atmosphere for your party display of infinite colors, patterns, and images.


It can be used as an advertisement tool, attracting customers’ attention to products vividly, and display ads from advertisers effectively to promote brands.


The LED wall definitely helps corporate in brand reinforcing and in massage delivering. The large video wall is a grand statement in itself, adding strength to the corporate image. Besides, corporates can present their values and histories to the public through the LED display screens in an effective way.
Also, the LED video wall in the meeting room could hugely facilitate communication and corporations between departments located at different places. It will help grab the attention of participants easily and deliver your messages in a more noticeable way.


Since Indoor LED Video Wall displays are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and resolutions- they can be used for various purposes. You can use them anywhere from an office conference room to a sports bar’s lobby or even set your home theater with it.
The possibilities with NSE Indoor Video Walls are endless.

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