Front Service LED Display

Are you struggling with what option to go for? Front Service LED Display or Rear Maintenance LED Display?
Don’t worry, you’ll find your answer here.

Front Service LED Display, or Front Maintenance LED Display, is the type of LED display that can be accessed and repaired from the front, contrary to Rear Maintenance LED Display.

Front Service LED Display

What Are the Types of Front Service LED Display?

In terms of how each module are fixed to the cabinet to make a complete screen and how the faulty module is going to be removed, front service LED display can be classified into three types.

“Lock” Connection

Front Maintenance LED modules of the “Lock” Type are connected to the cabinet structure by a lock system. By inserting the “key-like” tool into the hole reserved in the module, you can unlock it and then take off the faulty module needed to be repaired.

Screw Connection
This type of front service LED module are fixed to the cabinet with multiple screws from the front, which allows for a safe and reliable installation but is much more time and labor-consuming to install. For repair, you have to unscrew each one by one, which takes more time than the other two types.

Magnetic Connection
The third type of front service LED screen adopts a magnetic locking system, which makes installation super easy without need for tools. Just by matching the magnets between the module and the cabinet, the strong magnetic force makes the module closely attached to the cabinet.

LED module of this type can be made into smaller sizes. When something is wrong with one module, what you have to do is to use a tool to suck the faulty module out, or you can remove it with your hand. The repair could be done within seconds. And smaller-sized module makes the replacement less costly, no wonder that the magnetic locking system is now vogue for front access LED screens.

Features of NSELED Front Maintenance LED Display

What Are the Features of NSELED Front Maintenance LED Display?

NSELED is a leading manufacturer of LED display, offering you comprehensive LED products of the best quality. P3, P4, P5, P6, P8 and P10 models

Ultra-high Brightness & IP 65

The brightness of over 6000nits and Ingress Protection 65 allow NSELED front service LED display to outperform with the maximum visibility in any weather conditions, no matter it’s a storm, a blizzard or a bright summer day.

Self-adjusting Brightness

Unlike rear service LED screen which requires ample space behind the screen to allow for an aisle for repair job to be done by the maintenance crew, there’s no need for space reserved for the front service LED screen.

Besides, the front maintenance LED module requires less thick cabinet, which is lighter weight and space-saving by itself, less burdensome to the wall or building facade when attached.

Easy assemble and Maintenance

NSELED Front Service LED Screen is engineered with a powerful magnetic locking system, so it can be super fast to install and maintain. Your job will be made much easier.

With the magnetic locks, the modules can be completely seamlessly spliced to make a screen of any size preferred.

Front Service LED Screen VS Back Service LED Screen

Front Service LED Screen VS Back Service LED Screen

Front maintenance is featured by its space-saving and great convenience for repair. For indoors without ample room reserved for the maintenance crew to do the repair job, and for cases like wall-mount, a wall-embedded installation where it would be impossible to have space behind the screen, a front service LED screen would be ideal. With its thin design, it fits well into the surroundings, non-intrusive and pleasant to look at. However, since it’s compact and there’s no room behind the screen for airflow to cool the device, the device should be designed with good heat-dissipation itself.

The rear service LED screen is accessed from the back of the screen for maintenance, and there are door-like openings allowing you to approach the internal parts with the key. For outdoor with no shortage of space, a rear service LED screen can be a good choice since it’s more affordable. But you know the disadvantage. It’s way more laborious to do the repair job than the front service LED screen.

So, have you figured out which one you prefer?

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