Indoor Fast Installation LED Videowall

LED displays are extremely popular these days in the world of the LED screen market. Hundreds of thousands of advertisers across the globe prefer front maintenance LED screens for a few common benefits.

Do you know what are the features of the NSE front maintenance LED Display?

Seamless splicing

Seamless splicing

NSE front service LED Display adopts breakthrough technology to achieve the real seamless splicing with various pixel pitches for you to choose, like P1.86mm/ P2mm / P2.5mm. The splicing large-screen display technology can not avoid the influence of the physical frame when it meets the needs of customers to the maximum. And the advantages of seamless splicing of high-density and small-pitch LEDs can be highlighted.

Ultra-thin & Lightweight design

Compared with traditional rear front maintenance LED display, NSE front serviceable LED display uses thinner cabinets. The weight is only 7kg/pc, and the thickness is only 59mm. Not only reduce the burden on the wall or building surfaces, but also be more aesthetically pleasing in appearance.

High-definition & high refresh rate

Another advantage of the front LED display is high-definition & high refresh rate. By using high-quality black LED lights with a black mask, with a contrast ratio of up to 3000:1, making the picture clearer and more delicate.

Easy installation & maintenance

Easy installation & maintenance

This LED display has a lock design on the back, which enables it to be fixed to the cabinet structure by using a simple tool. There are no screws between the LED module and cabinet, it’s very easy to disassembly and assembly. Only takes a few seconds to remove the LED module from the cabinet, which greatly increases efficiency. Most importantly, the LED modules are designed with magnetic suction. Just use a vacuum tool to remove the led modules, then you can maintain receiving card and power supply, which greatly saves time and maintenance costs.

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