● What is LED Poster?

  1. Floor standing LED Poster is a smart and advanced screen to help display your advertising information more visually and directly. It is an advantageous tool for a business to attract its customers, compared to the printed picture, a moving picture or video is more eye-catching, isn’t it?
  2. It’s an unavoidable revolution for market to replace the traditional printed screen with smart LED Posters mostly. As we know, the fastest image to draw one’s attention usually is a video with high definition.
  3. Floor standing LED Poster also named LED Banner, Roll up led display, Digital LED Poster…

● How popular is led poster video display?

  1. LED poster video display is a hit now and has been found everywhere, in recent years, LED poster has become a star product in the global LED display market owing to its features of portable, moveable, and higher resolution. Perfect for advertising, shopping mall, conference room, and even rental…etc

● How that floor standing led display work for advertising?

  1. LED Poster video is a competitive and efficient way to appeal to your potential customer, every time you enter into the shopping mall, the beautiful and bright LED Poster video display is playing their commercial advertisement, the direct and visual video can stimulate people’s desire to purchase and try.
  2. The way to use a LED Poster video display with high definition makes your brands more advanced which help establish a brand image.
  3. On some occasions, LED Poster video display foil a special atmosphere, like a dance party, or a bar performance which plays a key role in creating a specific ambience for the target clients.

● What is the charm of Floor-standing LED poster?

1. Light-weight & Ultra-slim Frame

The standard specification of our floor standing LED Poster is P3, 576*1920mm with 35Kg and 45mm thickness, base with wheels, which make LED Poster easy to move, even one person can control it and thus achieve to save time and cost.

2. Usage: Easy control

It’s convenient for end-users to control our LED Poster, we provide free software to help send the programs that clients like to LED Poster, WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI is available to our LED Poster. More conveniently, our guide video will also be sent to help understand the usage of LED Poster.

3. High definition and easy Joint& Split

  •  For our Led Poster, You can use a single unit alone or splice several units together on different occasions.
    For instance, 6pcs smart led poster joint to be a 16:9 golden ratio screen for a small banquet.
  • Connecting 10pcs digital signage stand can be an HD 1080P background video wall for a medium banquet.
    The size of 6pcs led posters can be up to 3.5*2m, suitable for stage background performance. Linking 10pcs smart led poster can be a large screen ( around 5.8*2m).

4. Multiple methods for installation

To meet different installation conditions, NSE LED poster provides multiple installation methods, for example, The outdoor slim LED poster supports free-standing, wall-mounted, hanging, and creative splicing installation. There must be the right one for you!

5. Real-time Monitor

If clients need, our LED Poster allows you to return the information and need a Video Processor, to achieve real-time monitoring.

6. Easy back maintenance

Maintenance is really a headache for most clients, however, for our NSE LED Poster repairing, you only need a simple screwdriver to detect and replace the LED module, wire, you only need to open 9 screws to remove any module, in the whole repairing process, which is very simple and fast for end-users.

Floor standing LED Poster

Floor standing LED Poster

● How to choose the right floor-standing LED Poster?

It’s not complicated to choose a suitable led poster screen if you know where and how do you plan to use your led poster display. you can read the following steps for reference:

  •  Step 1. The first point we need to consider is where do we use it, indoor or outdoor? because outdoor LED Posters requires higher materials against water, wind, thunder, and so on,
    which also means higher cost.
  •  Step 2. Once you confirm your place, we can decide the Pixel and pixel pitch and screen size according to your viewing distance.
  • Step 3. Then you can determine your installation method based on your installations conditions and your place features, for example, hanging installation is suitable for intensive space, like supermarket, hanging type is good for saving space, and also provide a good viewing distance for the customers.
  • Step 4. More importantly, you need to think about if your budget can meet the requirements above, if not, your should find out another way to make your cost is suitable for budget, if your budget is enough, you may try several units together to achieve higher definition and more visual impact or try some more creative LED screen to be different from other competitors.
  • Step 5.Finally, if you need a private design, common design is not suit you, you could contact the professional consultant of LED Poster to help you, NSE LED sales are always here to give our customers professional advice and help choose the best smart LED display.

● What is the advantage of LED Poster compared to LCD?

  1. The Brightness:
    The brightness of the LED display is 3 times that of the LCD display
  2. Viewing Angle:
    The horizontal viewing angle of the LED display is 160°; the LCD display is 120°
  3. Easy Maintenance:
    The maintenance of the LED display only needs to replace the LED lamp beads and the power supply/wire accessories; the maintenance operation is much simpler than the LCD display.
  4. Refresh Rate:
    LED Poster can reach a refresh rate of 2880Hz, and the color reproduction is more realistic than the LCD screen.

● What are the features of the 5 kinds of common installation methods?

1. Hanging installation:

√  This installation method is mostly used indoors and semi-outdoors

  Generally used at the entrance of passages and corridors, or at the entrances of stations, train stations, subways, etc.

  It is used for traffic guidance on roads, railways, and expressways.

  The screen body design generally adopts integrated cabinet design or hoisting structure design

2. Floor standing installation:

  Small display area
  It is suitable for indoor small dot pitch screens
  Integrated cabinet design
  Suitable for roof installation

3. Inlaid installation method

  The entire LED display is embedded in the wall, and the display plane is on the same horizontal plane as the wall
  Generally, adopt a simple cabinet design
  Generally, adopt front maintenance (front maintenance design)
  This installation method can be used indoors and outdoors, but it is generally used for screens with small spacing and small display area
  Generally used in building entrances, building halls, etc.

4. Wall-mounted installation:

√  This installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoors
√  The display area of the screen is small, and there is generally no maintenance access space. The whole screen can be removed for maintenance, or it can be made into a folding integrated frame
√  The screen area is slightly larger, and generally adopts the front maintenance design (that is, the front maintenance design, usually using column assembly).

● Why Choose NSE LED for the floor standing LED Poster?

√ For the qualification, we have possessed the certificates of CE/ROHS/FCC, which can make sure our product quality is reliable and trustworthy, at the same time, our product is energy-saving and friendly for environment, and it is designed and suitable for the USA and European countries.

√ Target: we aim to launch cost-effective, creative, and market-oriented LED display products forever.

√ Our team: we are an industry and trade integrated LED supplier with two subsidiaries in the USA and Italy to provide technical support.

√ Patent design Product: Motion LED display, commercial LED display, and slim type Taxi Top LED display product is our Patent design product.

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