Flexible LED Screen – Make Your Space One of A Kind

How could LED screen possibly be flexible, or even foldable? Would you just be amazed by how strange this combination of LED screen with flexibility is?
Well, actually, LED screen can be flexible, and now Flexible LED Screen is quite common and trendy.

What’s Flexible LED Screen?

  • Flexible LED Screen or Creative LED Screen refers to an electronic LED screen that can be very flexible and creative in design, uniquely shaped to fit into its surroundings.
  • The magic for molding the LED screen into irregular eye-catching shapes lies in the special PCB(printed circuit board) adopted by Flexible LED Panel. Unlike traditional LED displays with glass fiber PCB which can be very hard and fragile, Flexible LED Display adopts FCB( flexible circuit board) made of bendable polyimide or polyester, protected by pliable rubber-made frames.
  • With specially designed magnetic locks and link devices, each diode is well fitted onto the FCB and would not break when the soft module LED screen gets twisted and turned to achieve the unparalleled design.

What are the features of Creative LED Display?

● Super lightweight & Thin
A flexible LED Screen is revolutionarily lightweight because it gets rid of the component required by traditional LED screens with no need for the shader, perforations nor heavy metal cabinet, making it thin and compact enough. Besides, the materials of its FCB and the frame are lightweight by themselves

So, the shipping cost would be greatly reduced. Each container can accommodate more Flexible LED Display since it’s bendable and compact, which saves a lot of room. You can save about 50% on shipping and installation costs.

● Front Maintenance

The front maintenance design of flexible LED display allows for fast replacement of faulty LED modules from the front, without affecting the other working modules. Within one minute, you’re able to get the fix done.

Flexible LED screens are designed to be connected by magnets. Individual soft modules can be pieced together by magnets, and they can be attached to virtually any surface via magnets. This type of locking system requires no additional help from tools. You can assemble them with your hand. This magnetic suction allows for super easy installation and disassembling.

● Custom Design

Flexible LED displays can be tailor-made to fit in any space and captivate audiences. For spaces not so regular, Traditional LED screens are not meant to be a match since they can’t fit in. Because of the flexibility of soft module LED screens, they can be bent, trimmed in any way you want to suit the space which you want to highlight.

Dimensions can be customized and different pixel pitches are available depending on your needs.

Flexible LED Screen


● Extra Creative & Aesthetic value.
  • Traditional LED displays, either LED Walls, or posters, are often rigid, rectangular in shape, resembling each other greatly, or just duplicates of one mold, which allows no room for creativity and individualism.
  • For anyone calling for an artistic expression of his uniqueness while capturing attention, a Flexible LED screen would serve that purpose 100%. The high pliability of the Flexible LED display allows it to take up the space you want to renovate with your vision.
  • That’s why the flexible LED screen is named Creative LED display. It brings your vision and genuine creativity to light and reality.

What Are the Applications for LED Screens?

● Hotel Lobby.
  • Soft Module LED screens are often set in the hotel lobby in cylindrical design, fitting seamlessly as a decorative element to the hotel lobby, adding to the magnificence of the lobby.
  • At the same time, it serves well as a screen informing guests about world time, date, real-time interest rate, bringing convenience to the guests, or as a medium selling the hotel’s offers like featured services, promotions and etc.
  • It can serve other commercial and recreational purposes too. The hotel can be paid by displaying quality commercial ads for some products targeting high-end groups, which means extra revenue for the hotel. Besides, the flexible LED screen can be entertaining for guests in the lobby waiting to check in or out, helping them kill time.

Applications for LED Screens

● Shopping Centers
  • Big shopping centers with swarms of people are always favored by all types of advertisers. And for architectural structure reasons, there are always load-bearing pillars either in cylinder or cuboid shape, which occupy lots of space and are less pleasant to the eyes.
  • Flexible LED screens shaped into these forms can be perfectly attached to the surface of the pillar, transforming this less advantageous space into an ideal location to grab visitors’ attention.
  • With the vivid presentation of products and offers on the cylindrical screen, the vibe of the shopping malls is lifted, while for retailers in the shopping center, visitation traffic and conversion rate will also be boosted, the revenue as well.
● Halls for Exhibitions and Museums

Usually, museums and exhibition centers call for more aesthetic value than any other type of arena since they are places designated to present artworks from ancient to modern times in the first place. So, flexible led screens excel more than any other type of display screen in helping museums and exhibition centers highlight their theme while fueling aesthetic sense.

● Bars and Nightclubs

For nightclubs and bars, visual and sound stimuli should be coordinated to help build a vibe in which people could relax and enjoy themselves. Flexible LED screens can help with that aim, shaped into curves or waves, presenting energizing visual content which engage everyone present.

Creative LED Display NSELED

What Creative LED Display NSELED Offers?

As a high-tech enterprise founded in 2011, NSE is a leading manufacturer of Mobile LED displays, Commercial LED displays and Creative LED displays. We provide the one-stop solution for the global market with our R&D, production, marketing, and after-sales service well-integrated.

NSE offers diverse Creative LED display products of the best quality.

Curved LED Display

Your vision of the layout of a certain space could be realized by splicing seamless convex or concave curvy LED panels to make it an artwork dazzling to the eyes.

Space-efficient & Lighter weight. This flexible curved LED wall is 20% lighter than other led screens with metal cabinets. NSELED flexible curved LED panel only weighs 4lb per sq. ft, far less than average.

It’s possible for a curved LED screen to display an image or a video using less brightness than other screens and, as a consequence, less power.

Magic Cube LED Display

Smart designs with different display dimensions, 4-sided or 5-sided displays.
Pixel pitches of 2.5mm and 3mm are available, capable of presenting both static and HD dynamic video content.

The outdoor magic cube-led display is made all weather-proof with Ingress Protection 65. It’s strongly wind-resistant and waterproof.

Smart modular design secures each panel in place with no need for a frame, easy to install, remove and maintain. You can have an innovative way to install it. It can be wall-mounted, hanging, or standing.

Magic Cube LED Display

A circle LED display is an LED screen in a round shape, composed of several fan-shaped LED modules. It’s double-sided in design, making it visible from both sides, very effective in displaying logos and promoting brands.

The diameter of the circle led display is 600mm, the ideal size for most chain stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and clubs, etc to display logos. Pixel pitches of 4mm and 8mm are available, allowing for logo display with enhanced clarity, which helps businesses build a brand and increase revenue.

  • And also, it can display dynamic contents of videos and pictures other than the continents of the earth, either for educational or commercial purposes in the conference room, corporate showrooms, exhibition halls, and commercial shopping malls.
  • Sphere LED Display allows for a 360°Viewing Angle with no distortion to the image presented, which is enabled by the specially made PCB. Both synchronous and asynchronous control is available for sphere LED ball.
  • But if you aim to stand out from competitors and captivate the attention of the maximum crowd, Full-color LED Pharmacy Cross would be a better choice by differentiating your store.
  • Pharmacy LED is LED products specially designed to be located in front of pharmacy stores. Since the cross shape is closely associated with saving people’s life and medical-related things, pharmacy LED Display is often shaped into a cross and are widely adopted by pharmacy stores, hospitals, and churches to make themself visible to people in need.
  • LED Pharmacy Cross Signs can be classified into three types. The traditional green cross allows only text messages. The multi-colored LED Pharmacy Cross can display colors more than green. And the full-colored LED Pharmacy Cross Sign is empowered to play HD full-motion videos.
  • NSELED pharmacy LED display is designed to be double-sided. Passers-by from both directions would not miss the content displayed and be attracted to the store.
  • Both mono-color pharmacy displays and multi-color pharmacy displays are very cost-effective in helping the store deliver messages.
  • But if you aim to stand out from competitors and captivate the attention of the maximum crowd, Full-color LED Pharmacy Cross would be a better choice by differentiating your store.

We now know what’s behind the pliability of Soft Module LED panels, and how miraculously they can help you bring your unique vision of a certain space into reality.NSELED lends wings to your vision by offering you the best Flexible LED Display with supreme quality, which lasts long in service span while requiring minimum support and maintenance. You’ll see NSELED Flexible LED Display will not disappoint you in giving you that surreal experience.

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