Creative LED Display—Circular LED Display / Round led display

What is a circle LED display?

● The circle screen is a customized special-shaped LED display for displaying logos, text, pictures, videos, and other information. It is used in various shops, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, beverage shops, ice cream shops, and other shops.

● According to requirements, it can be made into outdoor and indoor full-color screens. LED displays with different dot pitches have different display effects. The higher the pixel density, the clearer the picture details.

● Circular LED display application products have begun to be applied more and more widely, and product design schemes have become more and more mature. There are more products for users to choose from to meet the requirements of different use occasions for product design structures.

● Comparing to traditional LED display, messages on high definition round LED display naturally attracts more attention. The combination of round LED sign’s brightness and changing message make the sign an outstanding medium to advertise. Due to the changing message, the LED logo sign has great news value, which further strengthens passers-bys’ awareness of the circle LED signs and their message.

Features of the LED logo Sign

What are the Features of the LED logo Sign?

  • Lightweight and convenient

Round LED display is composed of several cabinets in different specifications, can be used outdoor and its size can be customized. Our signs display is highly appraised for its beautiful appearance, good presentation effect thin structure, water-proof, lightweight, reliable quality, and high installation precision features.

  • Easy Installation

The Logo LED display has a thin frame and is lightweight(8KG only). The features enable a fast installation. The short support arm between wall mounts and round LED display, as well as the side support wings make the screen strong enough to against wind. Power cable comes out from the backside of the lower support mount and can be easily connected to the electrical outlet.

  • Circle Shape Design

As a new type of shop signboard. The LED logo sign can satisfy most logo display requirements. It’s made for displaying retail advertising. Restaurants, coffee shops, and chain stores are where the LED logo sign usually applies to. Except for displaying the logo and commercial advertising.

This Unique LED round display screen can be used as an artistic decoration, clock, and date display.

Fashion design with a creative round shape makes the brand LED logo sign more attractive in appearance. The product’s diameter is 600mm, which is suitable for most stores and shops. The double-sided cabinet will maximize the display effect, therefore increase sales for the store owners.

  • Support Multiple Playback Formats

The circle LED display screen uses an asynchronous control card, which supports all kinds of video and picture formats, such as MP4, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.
The screen is basically a plug-and-play device using a USB. LED signs screen also has a 4G/5G optional controller, sending programs remotely will be a piece of cake.

  • Multiple Control Method

LED circle LED display is not only available to be controlled by a mobile phone App but computer software(recommended for setting only). Media file upload can be easily done by using WIFI as well.
Besides, the LED logo sign screen comes with a 4GB video storage capacity, supporting extra USB extending storage. LED round display is a good alternative to traditional acrylic LED logo sign and lightbox.

  • IP65 Waterproof

The LED sign display has good anti-static, water-proof, dust-proof, lightning protection, and anti-weathering ability. With a water-proof tap around the modules and PVC board on the surface.
The LED circle LED display is able to prevent the rain and dust efficiently.

What’s the applications of the LED circle Display?

Nowadays led logo sign is becoming one the most popular media for Starbucks coffee stores, MacDonald stores, Kentucky stores, other retail chain stores, drug chain stores, etc.

The logo LED screen is widely used ad advertising display, which will be mounted to the indoor wall or in front of the gate, towards the potential clients.

Attracting and eye-catching design, which can improve the level and provide a real focal point to the store.

With double-sided, we trust it is your best choice for coffee shop, top screen in mall.

1. Wedding sand photography, family decoration painting;
2. Indoor and outdoor signs;
3. Large-scale exhibition project or event exhibition display;
4. Promotion of wall decoration in shopping malls, banks, hotels, hotels, etc.;
5. Advertising media such as airportssubways, stations, bus platforms, etc.;
6. Craft gifts;
7. Mobile billboards.

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