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What’s for America Digital Signage Market?

● The Market Size of America Digital Signage

America is a booming market for digital signage as business owners are craving to find the best way to draw customers’ attention to beat their rivals. Among all, LED display technology, with its apparent advantages, is favored by both retailers and big corporate. Today, we are going to find out what America LED display solutions are in the digital signage market for business owners to excel.

● Market Share of America Digital Signage Market by Display Technology

Three types of display technology dominated the market, namely LCDLED, and Projection. LCD matched LED in digital signage market share in 2019, and Projection had a market share far less than the former two.
While LCD technology is still one of the most intensively adopted ways of advertising and is expected to maintain its growth, the LED segment is what yielded the biggest revenue share in 2020 and continues to seize bigger market share.

What Enables the Rise of LED Display?

● Ultra-thin

The LED display is realized when the electric current passes through the light-emitting diode. For a full-color LED display, each pixel consists of three light-emitting diodes in red, blue, and green respectively.
In the case of LCD, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display, it can not be luminous by itself without an outer source (neon tubes) for light. So for LCD, a complicated light path design is required, which makes it much thicker than the LED display.

● More Energy-saving

LCD needs an outer source for light, which has to be luminous all the time for the image to be displayed. That’s not the case for LED displays, for which only specific pixels have to be lighted to display colors. So, LED display could be much more energy-efficient, about 1/10 of the LCD display in energy consumption.

● Wider Viewing Angle

While the LCD display’s viewing angle is restricted, LED can Provide a viewing angle of up to 160°, which adds to its competitive edge.

● Longer Service Life

LED display screen can generally be made to work no less than 100,000 hours under normal circumstances, which means it can be used for decades, longer than that of the LCD display.

● Superior Image Quality

LED display is superior in color gamut, gray level, and detailed presentation than LCD counterpart with the perfect flatness of the screen and wider viewing angle.

What America LED Display Solutions Are in the Market?

There are variable America LED display solutions in the market, catering for different application scenarios for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

● America LED Wall

The LED wall is most often associated with Cinema and other entertainment displays. It’s incorporated into concerts and some other big stage performances. But now, with its high brightness, fine pixel pitch which guarantees a perfect image quality, the LED wall has a wider application into control rooms, corporate events, and experience centers.

The LED wall can be installed seamlessly. Unlike LCD display, each LED module doesn’t have a bezel, so when all the panels are assembled together to make a big LED wall, there’s no gap between each panel, which allows no interruption to the display of images, numbers.

● Mini LED Display

LED display with the distance between a pixel pitch to its neighboring pixel no bigger than 0.2mm can be classified as the Mini LED display, which can achieve better resolution, higher brightness, and contrast of color, as well as a wider color gamut. The disadvantage for Mini LED is that it’s relatively pricier to manufacture, so most often, it’s been deployed as a screen for TV, laptop, and the tablet.

● Transparent LED Display

Based on the traditional LED display, the Transparent LED display adopts an aluminum box and ultra-thin PCB board as the supporting structure where light bars are arranged horizontally like louvers. Between each LED bar there’s the gap where lights get through, and that’s why it can be transparent.

● America LED Poster

For retail and hospitality sectors to compete for customers’ attention, America LED poster is an ideal medium to realize that. The retail and hospitality business is fast-paced in nature. Retail stores might have different products franchised for different seasons. And with fast innovation in technology, the new version of any product is launched quicker than ever. The advertisement of the latest products with the retailer’s logo in visual form brings an on-brand experience to customers, which boosts brand awareness.

The America Digital LED Poster from NSE

America digital LED poster manufactured by NSE, the world-leading LED manufacturer and LED solution provider, allows retailers to instantly adjust their advertising content and to catch the trend.

With NSE’s digital LED poster, your store can swiftly and smartly switch your media content from advertisement promoting your brand and products to TV sports broadcasting, like FIFA WORLD CUP, creating a more engaging experience for your customer. Here are the cases of application of NSE’s digital LED poster.

Digital LED Poster from America

Digital LED Poster from America

The live broadcast app comes from the U.S. case

The live broadcast app comes from the U.S. case

Why Does NSE Digital LED Poster Excel in Europe and America?

● Stable performance& High Resolution

All our products have been certified by CE, ROHS, and FCC, with proven excellency and stable performance, and NSE offers LED posters of high resolution with pixel pitches from 2mm to 3mm, allowing for superior image quality.

● Smart Control & Plug and Play

NSE LED poster supports WIFI, USB, HDMI, and Network cable connection. So, with your laptop or smartphone, you’re able to maneuver it freely. It has a built-in synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode media player to achieve real-time zoom in, without the need for a video processor.

NSE LED poster comes with 8 GB memory and supports USB expansion. No need to worry about program size.

● Light Weight & Ultra-thin Frame

NSE smart LED poster is lightweight. Take the model indoor P3 smart LED poster as an example. It weighs only 35kg. With the wheels on the stand, it can be easily moved around just by one person. Easily portable and cost-effective in that respect.

NSE LED poster has a thin frame with a thickness of only 45mm (about 1.77 inches). The ultra-thin frame ensures a narrower gap between each individual smart LED poster after multiple units splicing, allowing a nearly seamless bigger screen.

● Smartly Designed & Multiple-unit Cascade

NSE LED poster is smartly designed. In addition to on-floor standing, NSE LED poster also supports wall-mounted, hanging, and creative splicing installation. You can place the poster LED Display vertically or horizontally to meet your requirements. One device for multiple uses.

Besides, the posters LED Display can be chained up to 10 units to play videos, images, and text on a bigger screen. You can adjust the screen size by adding up different numbers of LED posters as you wish. Also, the installation can be customized as you can splice the poster into different shapes.

What Other Top-selling LED Display Products Can NSE Provide?

● Taxi Top LED Display

NSE Taxi Top LED display has been patented and a best-seller worldwide since 2014 and upgraded to the 4th generation.

It comes with high resolution and high brightness, molded into a smart LED panel with a double-sided display. NSE’s best-in-class smart taxi screen supports HD content video or pictures. And the Taxi Top LED display NSE provides ranges from 5mm to the current 1.83mm in pixel pitch, leading the trend of taxi digital signage.

NSE Taxi Top LED Display is loaded with a smart asynchronous controller system, Group Intelligent Control(GIC System), Location Precise Advertising, the Advertising Management System, 3G/4G/WIFI/USB control, as well as GPS real-time monitoring. You can access the LED display easily with your computer or phone. NSE Taxi Top LED display is sure to redefine outdoor advertising with full-motion creativity.

● Creative LED Display

NSE also offers creative LED display solutions of Flexible LED screen, Circle, Sphere LED, and Magic Cube LED.

NSE Flexible LED display gives perfect visual enjoyment with its unique and artistic design, available in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and 4mm resolutions, which offers a better quality image with suitable brightness, enhancing contrast, color uniformity and superior black levels.

It’s compact and slim, which makes it space-efficient and lighter weight, about 20% lighter than other cabinet LED screens. Our flexible LED panel could weigh 4lb per sq. ft, way less than the average LED screen. The soft LED panel saves 83% shipping and installation costs.

NSE Flexible LED display is energy-saving. Due to the fact they have a high vibrancy capacity, the flexible LED panel doesn’t need the maximum brightness to display the best-quality image. Its RGB LED diodes, which are dotted into the flexible circuit boards, allows it to present an image or a video using less brightness than other screens, and, as a consequence, using less power.

NSE Circle LED Display is ultra-slim and light-weight designed, easy to install. It can be used for outdoor, waterproof, and dust-proof, and is highly appraised for its double-sided display, high resolution, and brightness. You can maneuver it remotely in multiple and easy ways by computer or APP through Wi-Fi.

Also, it’s accessible by USB disk and can play back automatically. Besides, the Circle LED Display is with 4GB video storage capacity, and it supports additional USB expansion storage. It’s an ideal substitute device for traditional acrylic LED logos and lightboxes.

NSE Magic Cube LED is smartly designed with different dimensions in 4-sides or 5-sides display. It’s with high HD performance for both static display and dynamic video show to present magic 3D performance.

Easy to control via WIFI or just plug a USB 4G remote control.

About NSE

We’re a leading supplier and manufacturer of LED displays, providing solutions for motion LED display and Commercial LED display around the globe, with our R&D and design integrated to facilitate more creative, custom products of the best quality.

In addition to our LED motion display, including our Taxi Top LED display, which is patented and a best-seller worldwide, and the Car Back Window display, we offer creative solutions from Flexible LED display to Magic Tube for different application scenarios. We also offer Digital LED Poster and Banner, LED Curtain and Rental LED displays for varied commercial and educational purposes. And we’re now continuing our effort in optimizing the production line while developing new products.

● Over 12 Years Experience:

Rich experience enables us to provide you with perfect LED display solutions in an effective way.

● 120+ Nation’s Solutions:

NSE has conducted about 10,000 LED display projects and gained rich experience and reputation.

● 4000㎡ Factory:

NSE has advanced production equipment, professional testing equipment, and strict quality check.

● 24/7 Customer Service

NSE adheres to a customer-oriented corporate culture and attitude, and provides you with one-stop service from installation to training and maintenance.

● 2 Years Warranty, 3% Spare Parts:

The 2-year warranty period guarantees you a rest assured user experience.


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