A Container of NSE LED Display Shipped to Italy

On this new brand week, we received a piece of good news that a container of NSE LED Display has successfully arrived at the Italian office. Below is some picture may for your reference.

You may be interested in what products we have in our Italian office, so I will introduce to you one by one:

Container of NSE LED Display

1. Indoor/Outdoor Digital LED Poster

Digital LED Poster is NSE hot-selling products, it has indoor & outdoor options, widely used for displaying advertising information.

For indoor digital led posters, we have products in this series with a pixel pitch of 2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm, while for outdoor digital led LED banners, we have pixel pitch of 3mm for you to choose from.

NSE Digital LED Poster is a kind of plug & play device, designed to be spliced together to make a big screen or single-use. You can use one unit or daisy chain up to 10 units to show any pictures or videos. Multi-control methods such as WIFI, USB, HDMI, and Network cable connection are supported, and both Mobile Phone & Laptop smart control available. Images or videos can be uploaded to the screen at any time. It’s widely used in stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, trade shows, events, restaurants, hotels, bars, and schools.

In addition to the Indoor/Outdoor Digital LED poster, we also have the P3 double-sided LED poster (screen size: 576*1920mm ). With the dual-side design, it is ideal for a showcase performance. You can display your product content or some promotional advertisements to attract potential customers to your store, which greatly increases your sales. Meanwhile, digital posters also can be used for exhibitions to display your products, as the unique design and high brightness can not be ignored.

Indoor/Outdoor Digital LED Poster

2. Outdoor Magic Cube LED Display

NSE Outdoor Magic Cube LED display is designed with different dimensions in 4-sides or 5-sides. It has a high HD performance and can be used for both static displays and dynamic video displays, providing a magic 3D visual effect. We have a pixel pitch of P2.5mm / P3mm options. The best-selling model is P3mm, screen size: 384*384mm, 5-sided. Plug & play device, support WIFI& USB smart control, it can be used in chain stores, airports, hotels, clubs, and trade shows, etc.

As the Christmas holidays approach, if you have such a project that needs our LED Display, or would like to prepare stock in advance for your upcoming projects, just feel free to contact us for more detailed information. NSE Sales Team will provide you the best solution within 24 hours.

Outdoor Magic Cube LED Display

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