New Product Release- Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screen

Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screen Environmental protection has become a major theme in today’s era, and all walks of life are advocating energy-saving and environmental protection and caring for our homes.

LED display screens have been widely used in various streets of the city, and have become a unique symbol to enhance the image of the city. Especially for outdoor LED displays, the brightness is generally required to be relatively high, so the power consumption is relatively large.

There is plenty of natural light during the day, which is very bright and dazzling. The LED screen with a brightness adjustment function can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the ambient light, which not only reduces light pollution but also reduces energy consumption.

Outdoor LED Display

Secondly, the larger the volume and size of the LED screen, the more heat will be dissipated. After working for a long time, it will release a lot of heat. If it cannot be dissipated in time, it will cause a certain degree of damage to itself. The display bottom shell made of aluminum shell has strong heat dissipation properties, which can not only better protect components but also be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The more efficient the power supply, the more power it will save. Therefore, the use of an energy-saving power supply can also effectively improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of outdoor led displays.

Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screen is used in outdoor media, exhibition displays, billboards, information displays, building advertisements, stations, airports, and other fields. NSE LED usually uses energy-saving chips, and the average power consumption is more than 70% lower than that of traditional cabinets, which effectively reduces the cost of the product’s life cycle. In order to save daily expenses, NSE LED’s energy-saving demand for display screens is also a key direction of design and development.

Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screen

At present, we can use the following 5 points of Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screens:
  • By using high-efficiency LEDs, the light-emitting chips do not cut corners;
  • High-efficiency switching power supply is adopted to greatly improve the power conversion efficiency;
  • Carry out excellent screen heat dissipation design to reduce fan power consumption;
  • Design a scientific overall circuit scheme to reduce the power consumption of internal circuits;
  • Automatically adjust the brightness of the outdoor display screen according to changes in the external environment, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction;

Using energy-saving chips, the average power consumption is reduced by more than 70% compared with traditional cabinets, effectively reducing product life cycle costs.

Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screen 5 Features
  • Common-cathode drive, common-cathode energy saving–R/GB are powered separately to eliminate useless power consumption of red.
  • Energy-saving IC, dynamic energy-saving-according to the actual display screen, eliminate useless power consumption, black screen energy-saving-standby sleep mode can save more than 50% power, low turning point energy-saving-4 adjustable constant current inflection point voltage.
  • Circuit design, optimized PCB circuit layout, and more reasonable wiring.
  • Structural design, the power supply is fully fitted for heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation efficiency of the box is improved.
  • High-efficiency chips, using high-efficiency LED light-emitting chips, high brightness and low temperature, and higher quality.

Energy-Saving Outdoor LED Screen 5 Features

What is the difference between a led display and an LCD display?

(1). From the perspective of power consumption
The LED display is quite convincing in terms of energy saving. It can display all the images, or only turn on some pixels, with low power consumption and more energy-saving; while the LCD display is just the opposite, with high power consumption, because the LCD display High power consumption, can only be fully or fully off.

(2). Judging from the display effect
The led display is a combination of diodes, which can emit light by itself, and the display effect will be very full, and the led display can also adjust the brightness, and the brightness can be adjusted in time according to different environments.
The LCD display is composed of liquid crystals, which emit light with the help of refracted light, so the display effect is not so natural, and the color saturation is also lacking.

(3). Waterproof and sunscreen
The structure of the led display has a waterproof and sunscreen function and is not affected by bad weather, so we will find that there will be led displays both indoors and outdoors; while the LCD display is relatively lacking in this aspect, so the LCD display is more indoors Use, which can also help it avoid some risks.

(4). Judging from the difficulty of the seams
The LED display is a unit board, and there will be different sizes and spacing of lamp beads on the unit board. It is relatively simple to splice large screens, and there is no splicing obstacle. The LCD splicing display needs to consider the problem of piecing together the frame, which is relatively difficult.

(5). From the perspective of the application field
LED display screens are generally used for outdoor publicity and indoor display (such as some conferences, conferences, command, and dispatch), etc., and have many application fields; LCD displays are generally used indoors, especially for some scenes that require close viewing, such as corporate Exhibition hall, small conference room, etc.

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