New Product-Outdoor Trailer LED Rental Screen

With the strong growth in demand in the domestic and foreign advertising markets, the continued penetration of vehicle-mounted advertising has led to a period of rapid growth for vehicle-mounted LED displays. In a highly competitive market, keeping up with technological trends, getting closer to our customers, solving their needs face-to-face, and showing them our products, NSELED 2023 will be held at the Rossignol Fairgrounds in Milan from October 4th to 6th At the 2018 Viscom Italia exhibition, we launched our new product – outdoor trailer rental LED display. Undoubtedly, due to the huge screen area, size, and cool display effect of our outdoor trailer screen, this new product has attracted the attention of exhibitors from all over the world, who are flocking to it and constantly asking our team members for details about the product. This screen successfully became the focus of this exhibition.

A brief introduction to the trailer screen:

Mobile LED screen trailers are a ready-made solution for LED screen rental professionals. This low and stable platform can be used as a small stage or platform. In this display, we combine the LED rental screen developed and designed by the company, which has advantages in packaging, structure, humanized design, etc., with a mobile trailer. The screen size is 5*4 m and consists of 40 500*1000mm rental screen cabinets.
Trailer LED screens are a great tool to attract more customers and increase their visibility. The trailer is unique at the exhibition, attracting many exhibitors to take photos with the trailer. The trailer is highly maneuverable and equipped with a wheeled base that can be easily moved on the ground. The trailer is highly maneuverable and features a wheeled base that allows it to be easily moved on the ground. It is also height-adjustable, which makes it stand out in outdoor environments. All equipment is mounted on the trailer, ready to go, and can respond very quickly. Of course, NSE supports size and resolution customization, and there are different types of trailer styles and mounts, from rental models with small trailer screens to atmospheric and premium styles. This product adopts an ultra-clear and ultra-thin box design, which can be quickly, conveniently, and wirelessly hardwired. It is safer and more beautiful. You don’t have to worry about the safety of the wires even outdoors. It also comes with remote control, automatic rotation and folding, wind sensor, and sound system, etc.
In addition, static calculations and structural analysis of this screen were performed by engineers from Kaunas Technical University. The NSELED trailer can accommodate up to 28 square meters of LED screens, has a tent on top for transportation, and can withstand wind speeds of 15 meters per second. The mobile LED screen trailer is available with 3 different power options: the standard set has 16A or 32A power sockets and includes powering the screen and hydraulic mast. Or we can add a super silent diesel generator. Alternatively, you can choose to add a battery to the mobile LED screen trailer, which is enough to power the screen for a few hours. With these features, LED trailers can work in remote areas.

New Product-Outdoor Trailer LED Rental Screen
What are the advantages of trailer LED screens?

1. Mobile media has stronger dissemination, wider coverage, and better effects. Compared with other LED displays, trailer screen LEDs are always in motion. Advertising information can be played on the road at any time with the car, which has stronger communication capabilities and a larger coverage area than fixed advertising platforms.
2. Easy to move: Our mobile LED video trailer is easy to transport – just attach the tow bar to the vehicle and it’s essentially a mobile billboard.
3. One-person operating system: It only requires one person to operate – towing the trailer, setting up the LED screen, and operating the screen. It is very convenient to change information and play videos whether using a computer or mobile phone.
4. The platform included – 15 minutes of setup: Additionally, there is no LED screen required to set up the platform. Because of this, our mobile LED trailer solutions save money and time.
5. High brightness, strong adaptability, and all-weather playback. Using ultra-high brightness LED, it can still be seen from a long distance under the sun. From south to north, from east to west, it can adapt to cold, hot, dry, and wet environments.
6. Modular design, reliable performance, and easy maintenance. The display, control, and power supply are designed separately and form a self-contained module, which is more stable and easy to maintain.
Our rental trailer screens have gradually become one of the most attractive LED display formats. As its popularity continues to grow, there will surely be more to it that deserves our attention. If you would like these screens installed at your location (regardless of industry) please contact us. We can help you provide the right solution and get the right screen for your application today!

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