Modular LED Screen Manufacturer in China

Modular LED Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE is a leading manufacturer of modular LED screens that allow to creation of any screen size or configuration. It is available in a variety of pixel pitches and sizes.

  • Have the ability to produce digital video walls
  • Has auto-adjustable brightness
  • Easy to use and installs
  • Widely used for indoor and outdoor

NSE Modular LED Screen

The modular LED screen is perfect for different industries to impress audiences and customers. It is designed to use for outdoor and indoor events, digital signage, decorating exteriors, and more. It has a sleek design to make inner and outer curved shapes for up to 5 degrees. Aside from that, this can provide high brightness and contrast to deliver quality video and images.

We manufactured modular LED screens that passed the ISO 9001, CE, ROHS, and FCC to deliver great quality and the best performance for your business needs. NSE can offer customized services in different sizes, designs, and thicknesses. We assure to provide quality assurance, and after-sales service, together at a reasonable price.

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Giant Modular LED Screen for Advertising

We provide a Giant Modular LED Screen for Advertising that can be controlled using a computer or smartphone. It is available in RGB colors.

HD Modular LED Screen for Indoor

The DH modular LED screen suitable for indoor applications, with amazing clarity. Also, it is very easy to use and install.

Modular LED Screen for Nightclub

NSE provides modular LED screens that are used for nightclubs to advertise, display dishes, welcome displays, etc. It offers a lifespan of up to 100000 hours.

HD SMD Modular Led Screen Display

Our HD Smd modular led screen display can stand for up to 60-degree working temperatures. It is widely used for advertising publishing, retail stores, subways, and more.

HD SMD Modular Led Screen Display

We offer full colors modular LED screens that the cabinet is made from aluminum materials. It is also used for led posters and led video walls.

mini rental led display

The modular LED screen for concerts is available in 500x500mm/500X1000mm cabinet size. It is available in different designs, colors, life spans, and sizes.

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Why Choose NSE as Your Trusted Supplier of Modular LED Screen

Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions

Aside from standard modular LED screens, we also provide customized solutions to meet your needs.

Excellent Customer Services
Excellent Customer Services

NSE will provide excellent customer service with professional sales responses and after-sales services.

Full Certifications
Full Certifications

All our modular LED screens have passed ETL, FCC, EMC, CCC, RoHS, CE, and more international standards.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

We manufacture modular LED screens using our in-house and advanced technology to ensure fast shipping.

Modular LED Screen Applications

NSE offers modular LED screens that are suitable for the following applications:

    • Events
    • Festivals
    • Concerts
    • Custom projects
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
Modular LED Screen Applications
Features of Modular LED Screens

Features of Modular LED Screens

Our modular LED screens have the following features:

    • Has a simple and lean design for easy installations
    • Quick services
    • Floor installation
    • Curved shape available
    • Modular designs
    • One man installation
    • The cabinet is lightweight for easy to handle
    • Available in wide selections of pixel

Modular LED Screen Parts

The modular LED Screen is well equipped with different parts such as:

    • Module handle
    • Frame
    • Side lock
    • Powerbox
    • PSU
    • HUB
    • Connecting Pins
    • Module
    • Handle
    • Top lock
    • Powerbox handle
Modular LED Screen Parts
Different Size of Modular LED Screen

Different Sizes of Modular LED Screen

The modular LED screen is available in different sizes that are determined by its pixel pitch. It varies from 2mm upwards sizes. Some of these are following below:

  • 3mm pixel, it has module sizes of 192mm by 192mm
  • 4mmpixel, the module size is 256mm by 128mm or 128mm by 128 mm
  • 5mm pixel, it has module sizes of 160 mm by 160mm

Furthermore, the LED comes in a wide range of pixel sizes that use for long-distance or up-close viewing. This means that the higher resolutions, the smaller the pixel pitch.

Benefits of Using Modular LED Screen

Our modular LED Screen offers a lot of benefits:

  • Stable operations
  • Sleek designs
  • Can help to save money
  • Provides efficient operations
  • Versatility
  • Sturdy constructions
  • Have reliable data and power management and more.
Stable and High Performance Operations

Our modular LED screen offers stable and high-performance operation especially for:

  • Image Processing. For the broadcasting industry, the modular LED screen offers high standards for a signal and images to broadcast new, programs, etc.
  • Image quality. Our modular LED screen designs provide high-quality images due to their adjustable brightness from 0 up to 800nits. It has a high grayscale and more colors dept.

NSE Modular LED Screen Advantages

Seamless Curve

The modular LED screen has a perfect locking system that delivers great combinations of good handling experience, seamless connections, and reasonable prices. The two-set curable side lock is designed to ensure solid connections. Aside from the accuracy machine is able to deliver seamless connections up to 5 convex degrees at 2.9mm.

Quick Maintenance

Our modular screens are designed which is easy to maintain in both outdoor and indoor applications. In outdoor applications, the modular LED screen can use four screws per model, and magnets for convenience use, safety, and flatness. For indoor applications, magnetic module designs enable quick rear and front maintenance service.

P3 Indoor Fixed Installation LED Screen

The memory module on the modular LED screen has a function to integrate into designs on the wall models such as HVL PRO TOUR SERIES. Aside from that, it is used for easy configurations, especially when replacing modules.

Super Lightweight

NSE manufactured this type of modular LED screen that is super lightweight to provide high performance during operations. Some of our modular LED screen panels are available in 13kg for outdoor applications. Our outdoor series can still reach up to 5,000 nits brightness with superior flatness.

Easy to Install

Our modular LED screen can be installed by a single person for stocking or even hanging. It has the quickest top lock ever due to its simple click self-lock. Aside from that, it has also a clear click feel as well as visibility which is designed to indicate the lock status and avoid missed operations. This means that the lock is easy enough to even for a one-man to install and uninstalls.

First Class Design

This modular LED Screen has a unique design cabinet frame that is produced by NSE, the leading supplier of die-cast frames and well known for industry that provides reliable quality control. We assure you that you to experience proven quality modular LED screens for your business needs.

Modular Design

NSE is able to provide highly standardized modular designs in different models or series. It can share the same cabinet frames and power box that is used to manage spares and services. The identical modules for HVL PRO TOUR SERIES are suitable for any position on the cabinet with no hassle or confusion.

What is module LED screen?

The module-led screen is composed of cables, connectors, LEDs, resistors, screws, etc. The LED panel for an LED screen is known as a small circuit that integrates LEDs and electronics to make videos or images.

What are the main used of module LED screen?

The main used of module LED screens are for digital signage, outdoor events, decorating exteriors, advertising, and more.

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